Dartanya Williams was born and raised in the very turbulent ultraviolet drug and gang infested part South Philadelphia with his three brothers. By his mid-teenage years, he went from fighting the gangs to joining one but after the tragic death of one of his close friends a transformation occurred in his life.

    Dartanya inherited the gift and continued the tradition of storytelling. Hearing a lot of street tales Dartanya began to write short stories at the age of 12.

   His also began drawing cartoons as well. He went from ex-gang member desiring to fulfill all of his hopes and dreams of becoming musical artist getting involved into the Hip-hop scene as a deejay to make extra money while still holding down a job.

    Dreaming of one day becoming a writer or a famous artist.

He also began deejaying because of his love for hip-hop music.After high school, he studied graphic arts. His talent led him to a high paying job at a graphic art house. While working he continued to build up his skills by writing stories about urban injustice, misfortune, and the joys of living life. Writing stories and working to survive until one day his wife Margaret and family members suggested he should turn his stories into books. It sparked his passion and Dartanya began writing full-length novels. He poured his heart and soul into his books.

    A strange twist of fate, Dartanya suffered an accident on the job getting hit by a car not able to walk for months. He had to learn how to walk again during that period he turned tragedy into triumph completing eight novels and hundreds of short stories from dark gritty street tails that range from odyssey to wild fantasy roller coaster. Adventurous journeys in other worlds to deep introspective tender novels about relationships new love, lost love in this some time happy and unforgiving metropolis we all live work and play. Throughout it all embarking on his literary journey Dartanya is blessed with the knowledge of knowing his purpose.