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 Alexis Jordan to her friends and enemies alike as the notorious L.E.X. Falsely accused of having something to do with the murders of two of her closest friends Angel and Binky from the 24th street cartel. Lex got the fuck out of dodge. She also jacked 175 keys of cocaine from the gang as her severance pay for being loyal to her crew. For treason, the 24th Cartel wants her dead.

Lex flees to New York only to yet again hook up another gangster, Bony Irons, and become his girlfriend. Five years later she is now working alongside him only to be set up by another heavy hitter inside of the operations with a robbery of drugs and money. Bony her lover green lights for Lex’s head on a platter.

  Lex shifts into high gear using all the skills learned from the gutter of the black underworld and escape the death squad. Now Lex is more determined to get back on some niggas ass because she is unwilling to forgive and forget. Get ready for an explosive, heart-pounding, non-stop bloody ride of sex, drugs, death, and destruction of living on the edge. Buckle in for the thrill of your life as you go on this deep dark twisted excursion with the most dangerous woman on the planet.


Sharonda Miller was just another poor ghetto statistic. She had to step into the parent role at a young age because of her mother’s drug addiction taking care of her little sister Robin. One night from the result of her mother Dotty dirty underhanded dealing with a group of young wild drug dealers. Who was tired of performing sexual acts with Dotty who owed them money for the drugs she been smoking most of the night? Dotty made an unscrupulous decision unlocking her daughter's door and letting the young men loose on Sharonda unknowingly while she was sleeping. The young men raped Sharonda while her mother stood by the door shamelessly. A chain of events thrust Sharonda the victim into self-empowerment finding out who she really is along the way and what she really wants in life. 
Changing her name to Almasi that means Diamond in Swahili set out with a burning desire for revenge for the men who did her wrong. As the drug gang, she was initiated into BSN, The Black Syndicate Nation turned her into a professional female assassin her along with the gang would one day rule the black underworld and the streets of Philly. Her bloody rise to power changed her life forever and the landscape of organized crime in Philadelphia and all over the country. 
After her transformation putting in mad work for the gang she was known as Almasi aka Glock Mommy and she will leave an indelible mark on your senses as she tells, her story in the first person. She will take you on her incredible journey of lost love, death, tragedy destruction and triumph in her life. And after you read it, you will never forget it as long as you live.


Sharonda Miller aka Almasi found out everything in her life was one gigantic lie. She escapes a life sentence in prison by the skin of her teeth. Almasi finds herself trapped into the very game that pulled her up from the very hell most of her family has been stuck in for generations. Surrounded by ignorance, death, and drugs Almasi is smart enough to know that living life at a crazy off the hook blistering pace that your luck can’t last forever. The crown of being the queen of the black underworld has a heavy price on your soul and your mental capabilities. 

Almasi can handle the pressures of the game better than most men, but she can’t handle the betrayal from the very angels that saved her from a life of being trapped into a life of poverty and abuse. How easily the Kings of the game from the mansions to the prison cells can turn on you. The bullets of betrayal and deceit are gunning for Almasi’s soul. On a quest to escape what made her into the Queen of the Streets. Almasi wants to get out of all the bullshit in one piece and live the life she wants to have. This story will take you on a heart-pounding ride into the dark twisted and ultraviolence streets of the Philly underworld having you on the edge of your seat still wanting more.

After Anthony Kilson(AK) is busted for smuggling heroin from Afghanistan into the United States working for a Black bag CIA operation while he was serving his country. Anthony Kilson formed a gang in federal prison awaiting his trial with the help of his well-paid lawyers, his wife Jackie and a well known black CNN reporter helped AK miraculously win his case. Soon after he hit the streets taking down banks to get even with the government and to fund his drug criminal network with ex-marines, navy, and army veterans and training criminals with skills and high potential to join the gang. Soon after the gang grows and become one of the most powerful drug cartels. The Mexican hire them to put in work providing transportation and muscle then chaos ensued all around the gang with jealousy from the Italian mafia and other local drug crews all jockeying for position in the bloody brutal drug trade. Once the gang expands into major cities and drug markets as the gang bulldozes their way to the top of the heap building an empire.



Detective Cassandra Wilson and her partner detective Jason Taylor work homicide in the 17th district in South Philly. After a difficult divorce with her husband detective Lenard Wilson, who has gotten hooked on drugs while working undercover. He began to beat her and she is in the fight of her life all while raising her daughter Kenya who want to become a cop as well coming from a whole family of cops. Cassandra loves to help women in her women in crisis program in South Philly. At the Dickson's house, she wants to do this full time and give up being a cop seeing all the dark side of life in the game. Then her past comes back to haunt her life her being raped when she was young by her mother's boyfriend and some of the young girl's she helped on the street who got killed and she thinks she can save everyone. Her partner Jason is a real cowboy ready for action coming from out the marines in Afghanistan he's Vietnamese and he taught Cassandra all the bad words in Vietnamese he has PTSD but he hides it from her. He knows about her issue but she doesn't know about his but they're both really tight over the five years of working with one another. Cassandra has nightmares all the time about her lost love Tony who was killed by Colombian drug dealers. She finds out that his brother Al had something to do with him getting killed. Cassandra hallucinations seeing a ghost from her past after few too many bazar cases the department makes her go see a psychologist to keep her job but after that things get crazier.