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35th Anniversary of the bombing of Move- Blatant Injustice in the so-called City of Brotherly Love

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Yo, I’m back at it once again pumping it way past ten and I give it to you raw dog without the bag. To all of my blog Divas bloggers Homies to all my real writing friends. Now just before I drop another bomb on your brain that’s off the chain. I like to thank everyone who is really reading my blogs. I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It really means so much to me for real thank you! Now this blog just might be the most controversial I’ve written to date and knowing me it will not be my last one either.

On Monday, May 13, 1985 at 5:27 P.M. A state police helicopter dropped military C 4 on top of MOVE members' home at 6221 Osage Avenue in the Cobbs Creek area of West Philadelphia. The authorities said they were trying to remove the bunker from on top of the roof. This to me this is a fucking piss poor excuse of trying to remove someone from their home.

What is even more messed up is that they let the fire keep burning that left 250 people homeless 61 homes? Police commissioner Gregore J. Sambor gave the order to drop the bomb and to let the fire keep burning. If you cared nothing about the Move organization after they dropped the bomb on them everybody became a sympathizer for them overnight. The police department have no justification for them doing anything like that to any human being no matter who they are. Everybody knew they did it to them because they were black and nothing else.

It all started back in 1977 when the police under Mayor Frank Rizzo obtained a court order requiring MOVE to vacate their Powelton Village house at 311 North 33rd Street. The police kept harassing them because of their back to nature beliefs and especially the way they look with their Dreadlocks in their hair and the color of their skin. What the police won’t tell you is they killed one of the Move children by stomping on a baby when they stopped and started beating on the Move woman.

The Move organization tried to do things the right way by showing them the remains of the baby that was crushed after the police attacked them. They went to some city officials who came to see the baby. Councilman Lucien Blackwell was one of them. But did not believe them and did not pay them any mind. That’s when MOVE members got more forceful after that confrontation. Now move started protesting in front of their home showing they had guns and will defend their home if anyone will come to do them harm Like any other red blooded, Americans. This became a 14 months standoff with the city where they tried to starve the MOVE members out by cutting off all of their food, utilities, water, gas and electricity. That’s what led to the police putting up a blockade at their home Frank Rizzo with his many off-color remarks said, “He’ll have it so tight a fly can’t even get through. But Rizzo didn’t know that people in the community were helping the Move members with food and information and very few reporters helped them as well. The police did not talk about the cops on horses beating the innocent neighbors with nightsticks who stood by watching the standoff with the police ask anybody that was their go check out the documentary about Move and see it for yourself.

By May 1978 the buildup to the shootout at their Powelton Village home. And way before the Rodney King video the police beat Delbert Africa haft to death, they stomped, kicked and beat him with their nightsticks after he came with his hands up surrendering. What the police did not know was that it was all caught on camera for the entire world to see. The three cops that were charged with the assault on Delbert Africa were all acquitted by a Philadelphia judge. They charged the nine members of MOVE with third-degree murder for officer Ramp the press called them the MOVE Nine. What the police did not tell everybody was that officer James J. Ramp was shot in the back, not in the front where he was facing the house. The police didn’t let that out in their report that their own officers in the precinct may lay that their own cops kill officer Ramp in what they call friendly fire. They tore down the house to cover up the evidence knowing that the police shot first and killed their own officer of the law. Chuck, Delbert, Eddie, Janet, Janine, Merle Michael, Phil and Debbie Africa were all sentenced to a maximum of 100 years in prison. To me it was a one sided, trial just to convict the MOVE members.

They didn’t have to have a trial; they convicted them in the media and the court of public opinion before the trial even started. I was younger but I can’t lie at first; I was not aware of what the police department and city officials were doing to the MOVE organization until after the 1978 shootout my eyes were open. After the way I saw the way they treated them. I was more convinced after May 13th 1985, a day I could never forget as long as I live.

Over the years people tried to sweep the entire thing under the rug and they arrested no one for killing six adults and five children burned to death. Mayor Wilson Goode was forced to take action after the neighbors complained to the city and the Governor about the bullhorn of the MOVE members shouting and cussing all times of the day. So the police converged on the house at 6221 Osage Avenue with water hoses guns and automatic weapons. And they held nobody responsible for this event. Wilson Goode the Mayor at the time said he backed up his people city manager Leo Brooks, Commissioner Gregore J. Sambor and fire Commissioner Bill Richmond who made all the wrong decisions.

When the city had trained negotiators on staff even the news reporters who covered the event said they could have come up with something better than burning them out. This was really inhumane. Commissioner Sambor said, “by dropping the bomb on top of the house said this was the best way to go after they turned on water hoses on to the house.” The police even admit they shot 10,000 rounds of bullets into the house with men, women and children inside the MOVE members did not come out the house. Then they came up with dropping a bomb on the house and letting it burn, they would not let the people inside out by shooting at the MOVE members making them go back inside of a burning house. People stood by in horror while this atrocity was going on. The next day they found the charred remains of the 11 bodies; the officials found two pistols a 22 caliber rifle and one shotgun. The MOVE members had no automatic weapons the police claimed they had. Saying they were shooting at the police with. Two days later after this horrific event the police Commissioner Sambor lied at a press conference saying at first his officers started shooting after MOVE members were shooting at them. Then he came back and said that his officers did not shoot because they did not want to hit the children all lies. Ed Randel the D.A. at the time was part of the news conference with Frank Rizzo grand standing saying he wanted to put them all in the electric chair and he would pull the switch himself. They used the media to target all MOVE members as terrorists so they can do whatever they wanted to do to them. He brainwashed people making them think they were terrible people and a threat to everyone in the city. He said, “They had rats and garbage all around their home. It was all propaganda so they can mistreat these black people who said they were revolutionaries. These people were activists for animals before it was in fashion or a big trend like it is now. Whatever happened to religious freedom here in America not when you're black when you don’t live like people within the system. And if you really think about it, the city of Philadelphia treated no person of color any better.

And I know this shit personally by how the police beat anybody down if you question them why they stopped you. Back in the days we used to call the cops Rizzo’s storm troopers. The commission on Move was a bunch of bullshit because nobody went to jail or were held responsible for this tragedy. They jailed Ramona Africa, one of the few surviving adult members of MOVE and charged her with exciting a riot after the 1985 confrontation she did seven years. To me the police got away with straight up murder if you ask me. After Ramona Africa was released, she sued the city and was rewarded 11 million dollars. To me there was no amount of money they could have given her for what they did to her and the rest of the MOVE members for the city negligence and oppression they did to these people. They made a movie about Waco but what they won’t tell you is that most all the members were in the compound in Waco walked because of the FBI fucking up. As far as I know all the MOVE members from the 1978 shootout at Powelton Village are still in jail and one member died behind bars from suspicious circumstances.

Everything I wrote in this blog is sadly true and anyone can do their own investigation and find that the city of Philadelphia has blood on their hands, and no one should forget or forgive anyone of them who took part in this horrifying event that took place over 35 years ago.

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