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401 Seasons of Discontent

Karibu (Swahili for Welcome) for all of my new blog readers and for all of my Ndugu(Brothers) & Dada(Sisters) from all different nationalities down with my Tribe. Kicking it all the way live. To all of my writing friends, blog Divas, blog homies and my down by law megalomaniacs. I love you so much because you are with me no matter what thank you y’all! (Y’all make me write my best Bohemian Cashew lol )!

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Now to the subject at hand what do I mean by 401 seasons of discontent? Well, I made it a little Shakespearean but just imagine no matter what you say or do somebody hates you no matter what. 401 years of being beat, hung, burned, shot, unfairly imprisoned and made a scapegoat to all the country problems. The media for years became the biggest helper in this monster propaganda machine. Along with films, books deeply plugged into hyper sensationalizing of white supremacy. A system that is still designed to keep people of color shut out of financial and cultural success or any kind of quality of life. With the coronavirus decimating all sports and other distractions in this huge Americana circus on steroids all the so-called conspiracy theories became real opening people's eyes that were once closed to the facts.

The carnage of people grows every day with a deadly pandemic ravaging this country along with its ignorance and disdain for all people of color sowed in the fabric of America. Gawd knows I saw and have felt it firsthand in my life everyday growing up in Philadelphia. Every black man and woman across the country in every major city ghetto, suburb and hamlet that have been physically and psychologically abused and made to feel it is something wrong with yourself.

Now with the conglomerate soap boxes spewing out a cesspool of hate damaging the underdeveloped minds hooked on the social media drug like crack. The call for real freedom, justice and equality in the redneck echo chamber changes the narrative that Black Lives Matter movement is into lawless thugs, anarchists and scumbags trying to overthrow the country. The pattern is clear: the giant shadow of white supremacy wants to keep its foot on our neck like they did George Floyd. And yes, our government is the part of this oppression never living up to their own words of freedom and pursuit of happiness but not for you because you're Black, Hispanic, Asian, Arab or Native American. Especially the fake words equal protection under the law that’s just for white people. We pay taxes to sit at the back of the bus permanently ignored and abused every day in the system crushing people of color souls. Twenty-four seven around the clock this is the American way with no question.

Now that the world has turned on the lights in the kitchen all the racist will just run and crawl into the woodwork like cockroaches they are. How many times throughout history do we have to be mistreated and told it’s all in our imagination? The land of milk and honey gives everyone a fair shake line. People of color are not into Anti- Americanism. We know that the fairy tale’s told to white people that eats up all that bullshit we already know it's a pack of lies and hyperbole. It is to sell the image of American white goodness. That this country is honest and open-hearted to all immigrants that come to this land. This marketing plan worked for years to the gullible and naive who do not know any better. But once you get here, the lambs are led to the fucking slaughter in the beast's belly feeding off of your soul forever. Their flags, stone ghost, statues of slave owners and slave traders were put there for symbolic reasons, not the season. Tearing them down or having them removed will not change the minds of the men and women who hid and still hide behind them for centuries on end. Manifest Destiny, which is a code word for white supremacy to take away what people of color build up and have done better are destroyed and taken over by white folks to manage like they have done so many times over. Yet, they still are getting away with this shit to this very day.

The real rebels and freedom fighters of the movement and true activists will truly fight on behalf of our people and cultural awareness on the front lines. We can’t concentrate on the fakes and self-exhort media whores that don’t help our cause that tries to hobble and distract all of us from our real objective. And don’t give the haters cannon fodder to feed on and toss in our faces, stay in our lane, keep thriving and maintain. We already know that triumph comes after all the darkness of decades of pain and this devil we deal with every day has no type of shame to his game.

America owes us D.O.A.S. Descendants of American Slaves big time if son and daughters of confederacy received payment then D.O.A.S. should get reparations as well and it's too many years over dude. America built its industrial might and wealth on our backs and our labor but were the ones that labeled as not American. There is a strange sickness in this superpower called America. The tiny house with the shining light and beacon on the hill is really a trap house. Lady Liberty is really a sleazy madam sex trafficking adolescent girls and separating families at the border for more physical and political exploitation for the world to see. Uncle Sam he’s big pimping us all physically and mentally with his trick bag. He got us strung out on that most powerful drug called the American dream.

We all have to keep up the fight no matter who will be inside of the white house. Our fight is bigger than just another white man taking over the reins of power because if we don’t have a seat at the table then were on the Goddamn menu getting ate up. We can all run out and vote but after the vote we can’t relax or celebrate like we lost our minds. We have to make our demands from the door! The new cultural shift is in the air and we have so much work to people of all ages and backgrounds must keep applying pressure to clean up this house of ill repute. Like a hazmat team on a mission and we can start chipping away at our 401 years of discontent into action with the true purpose to help our people for actual change right now in our lifetime as we know it.

Well, it’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. The underground novelist super star I spit truthfully thought- provoking blogs and hot ass books not 16 bars. Aka Deeluciano the Don dropping bombs on that ass like Vietnam. If you like what I just hit you up with you can holla at me on all of my social media do dads like my Facebook Author’s page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m on Twitter @ Dartanyasr. And I’m on Instagram Dartanyasr. You can also go to my banging ass website Dartanyaawilliamsr.com and while you’re there, you can get yourself one of my hot Gangster Angel T-shirts or hoodies. I’m really excited about my new book Almasi 2 and I will need everyone help to take it to another level in the game on Amazon. I want to give a very special shout out to my sister Tamyara Brown for all her hard work and guidance helping me put out another masterpiece and street classic I could have not got it done without you, sis. Thank you so very much!

Until next time, good people! Stay focused, work hard and always be on your grind and never let a hater try to stop your shine!

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