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Wote mnakaribishwa meaning all are welcome in Swahili. For all you newcomers you need to buckle in because I don’t write fluffy sloppy horse shit blogs about celebrity gossip or any other meaningless mindless dumb shit. I like to knock people's heads off with my literary ferocious honesty. It is my job. And for all of you QAnon followers, UFO chasers and goofy ass dudes that’s B.O.B bitchin over bitches. And for all you Trump supporters trying to get your money back after he drained your bank account after making a donation to his fat ass only to find out you got robbed. You can all pull your head out your ass like all of the literary snobs.

Now like I always do with every blog I give a shout out to my blog Divas, blog homies and to the people who hold me down all year around my megalomaniacs from around the globe that’s out of control.

Now if you’re wondering why I call this blog 9:29 is the amount of time that cracker ass cop Derek Chauvin had his knee on top of George Floyd’s neck killing him. Not the 8:49 they told everybody at first. Now that the trial is going on, I've been watching it on Court TV every day and I’m getting really emotional. Seeing all of the videos from every angle just piss me off even more. What the whole world have has witnessed is the modern-day lynching of a Black man in America. We all have been saturated with other videos like watching an officer shoot Jacob Blake seven times in the back with his kids in the car. What is really fucked up he is in jail and the cops who shot him nothing happened to them and were not charged with shit. This is life in America for black people from Emmett Till to George Floyd.

What is a shame is that we don’t have a video of Brianna Taylor getting gunned down in her own home by the police? We are living in a time where nothing has changed for Black people in the last 50 years people say. What I say to people who say that is even to are allies who see the way Black people are being treated that it’s been that way for us for the last 401 years here in America. I’m not trying to sound so militant or super Black in the error of fake ass activism on social media. I was down with the movement before all of these synthetic civil rights phonies popping up everywhere. I Fought Skinhead Nazis on the EL at 15th & Market street station in Philly. I was at the march against racism at 5th & Market street near the Liberty Bell in the 90’s and the KKK did not show up but the Skin Heads did. We kicked their ass too. And the march for the Move 9 and for Mumia Abu -Jamel at City Hall. Let me make this perfectly clear we don’t hate America we hate the way America racist Americans treat people here in America. I remember in 1991 when the cops got off after the Rodney King beating this older white guy on my job said that they should not be rioting. I looked him in the face and said, “when have you ever known about being Black in this country! With the pandemic raging on in 2020 and no sports to distract people, open their eyes of so many white people watching George Floyd get killed before their own eyes. People from around the world started protesting knowing about the ugly little secret America tried to keep people of color known for years.

For years America projected the image of fairness to everyone who comes here to the land of milk and honey. People of color knew the fairy tales they were selling the rest of the world telling them that it is a bunch of propaganda. Or people of color could not ever be satisfied no matter how much they get in this country. What I tell people all the time is it is not the police job to punish people breaking the law. And yes, people of color understand that the police have an extremely dangerous job. But the power of a badge and a gun goes to a lot of these officer’s heads. A lot of these cops know they have the power over someone. The power of life and death they hate or look at us as other Asian, Hispanic or Black. Not a human being and when Derek Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd's neck, he had this smirk on his face knowing he was going to get away with what he was doing. What’s really fucked up is its millions of people of color being killed and there is no video. Even with a video showing the person being killed the cops still walk. The cops after they shoot or beat someone of color to death all they have to do is say the magic words my life was in danger and my fellow officers. Like cops do not lie to save their ass from doing something wrong and it's not just the cops. It is the lying ass D. A.’s District Attorney’s judges the prison industrial system making money off people of color every day and calling it justice. Their so- called justice is some misery and misfortune for people of color. The shame of this whole trial going on is some of them white people on the jury are going to think that the cop was just doing his job.

This anonymous jury thing is going to give them the excuse to give him less time or just walk all together. Shit someone on the jury was falling asleep on one of the biggest trials in America that shows you right there that they don’t really care. And if he gets off and if that happens, I don’t want to hear people saying burning looting in every American city doesn't make no sense. I don’t advocate for violence, but I understand seeing all this crazy shit going on here in this country. I’m not going to front if they find Derek Chauvin guilty, I will jump up and cheer like we did with the O.J. Simpson trial. But if they don’t it's going to be a Rodney King type of riot on steroids in every American city all at the same time. And they ask for it because one thing I like about this new generation they don’t want to hear all that bull shit about marching peacefully.

My name is Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I am a crime writer and a blog writing provocateur. Dartanyaawilliamssr.com

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