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America Is Gun Crazy!

Okay, a Mwaka Mpya (a new year) and some Mpya Shit (new shit)! The mad blogger is back 2022 with something brand new and open the eyes of all these lost souls Dickheads and straight up squares who don’t have a fucking clue. And specially look out for them January 6th Donald Trump Hillbilly zombie QAnon ass holes jumping out on you from out of the blue.

If you're new to my literary madness all are welcomed but you better buckle in for a very bumpy ride. Put all the bullshit to the side because the Don is going to give it to you raw dog with no type of lies. Now, before I drop it on your dome like a ton of bricks from on top of Skilli-man-jaro. I have to give a mad shout out to all my blog Divas, blog Homies, and all of my crazy ass down by law Megalomaniacs and Cyberpunks who always hold me down all year round.

Check it, Grasshopper in 2021 in Philadelphia it was 559 murders most of them were gun related murders of Black people. Philadelphia has the highest murder rate per capita among the country 10 largest cities. What makes me really upset when I see the police commissioner, community leaders and politicians lay the burden of this chaos and carnage at the Black community’s feet. Even the FBI are all a bunch of talking heads and lips service when Black death and confusion is jobs and money in their pockets. When you don’t hear any of them going to the big gun manufactures about the production of pistols shotgun and rifles.

Over 7 million licensed US firearms in 2019 pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns were made just think about how many slipped out illegally? Did you know 81.4 million adult Americans own a gun? Could you imagine how many illegal handguns and machine guns are flowing around in every major city. Or being sold on the black market?

New Hampshire and Florida 64% of the revolvers were made in 2019. Rifle production 2 million in 2019. New Hampshire, North Carolina, Mississippi and right next to Philly New Jersey made 58% of rifles in 2019 made Weapons of war. I don’t have all the answers, but you don’t hear any of these cops, politicians or community leaders talk about stopping or slowing down the making of these guns and weapons of war because it is about money and jobs the American way.

It's better to blame it on people of color for the crazy gun culture of America.

Just the other day I heard the police commissioner of Philadelphia Danielle Outlaw lay the blame of too many shootings of cops and people on the poor and disenfranchised community saying, “all of this must stop”. When she knows for a fact, she can do more to stop the flow of guns than any poor person of color could do by keeping track of straw purchases that’s guns sold to people legally and they sell them illegally to someone else. And as you know this goes on all day everyday around the country.

How about checking all the gun shows, gun dealers and shipment of guns coming inside of Philadelphia or other cities like Chicago with 800 homicide deaths in 2021 and Detroit with 309 homicide deaths in 2021?

Who also has a big gun problem and stepping to the big gun manufacturers cutting down production? And what about the suburban gun dealers in the areas of these big cities who are selling the guns to people legally and illegally. How about hooking up with ATF and the FBI to find the origin of where all the Ghost guns are coming from? If they can find out where drugs come from Columbia or Mexico, they can find out where the Ghost guns are coming from if they want too.

That will never happen. It's too easy to blame people with no power to do anything.

What about the bullets that go into the guns? The top manufacturers of bullets are Thor Industries Inc in Jackson center Ohio with a revenue growth of 58.6, Align Technologies Inc in San Jose California with a 36.44 growth. Pilgrim Pride corporation in Pittsburg Texas with a 35.77 growth. So, it’s not so easy to blame video games, movies, Rap music, the War on Drugs and gangs and thugs when it is more complicated than a slogan and a lot of tough talk when so many people are making money and making a living.

I tell people all the time America is about making money and that’s the bottom line. It really piss me off when I hear people say these young Black people are all out killing themselves. Yeah,but they are getting a lot of help doing it too. As far as I know I don’t know any Black people who don't own any boats, trains, trucks or planes bringing it into a hood near you.

Five states accounted for the licensed firearms of any type produced in New Hampshire, Missouri, Florida, Mississippi and North Carolina. Did you know it’s been 693 mass shooting in 2021 and it’s been over two-thirds more homicides in 2021 than in 2020. Here is a real sad fact I found out it’s been more suicides make up the majority of gun violence death in America. In closing, I agree that something must be done about all the death that is happening in our communities. But blaming it on people of color is the same old shit people have been doing for years in America. We already know what’s the root of all this violence and death and its poverty, ignorance and greed. But locking people up and throwing away the key is not the answer either. You don’t hear any of the people in authority talk about job training or about people's mental health. There is no one size fit all solution to this very severe problem in our communities.

The sad part of this all is as long as illegal guns sellers’ cops; judges, district attorney’s and prisons have jobs. And making money off of our souls don’t look for the problem to go away anytime soon.

It's your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr the underground super star aka Deeluciano the Don dropping more bombs than they did in Vietnam in 2022. If you like what I just drop on that ass come check me out on my author's page on Facebook Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m on Twitter @Dartanyasr and I’m also on Instagram @Dartanyasr. I’m a crime fiction writer Filmmaker and blogger.

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