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America the Gullible

America The Gullible

To all my writing friends blog Diva’s blog and Blog Homies and all my fanatical out of control mega-maniacs all over the country on Instagram blowing up all my motivational quotes. Streetology, the quote book soon to come with all of you guys loving my quotes gave me the idea for the book thank you so very much! All right let me drop this on you so I can get back to working on my next street banger masterpiece. I call this one America the Gullible we will believe anything that comes on TV or the internet.

This is the land of free enterprise and you can sell a product that people need or what people really desire once they see it on TV or on the internet. They do this with very slick made enticing commercials if your losing your hair want to lose weight get rich quick they hit all the right notes playing all of you like play station on steroids.

Now a days and even in the past these people who know that people are so gullible remember when they had that speed reading junk out? For some of you who are too young to remember it was a so called program you buy that will show you how to read a book in a matter of minutes. I can’t lie when I seen it I believed it myself but I was skeptical about it. When it came out to be a scam I said to myself if its too good to be true it’s a scam to get your money. Just think if it really worked how many books you could read and you can have so much knowledge to be had. These unscrupulous people play on what people want and need in their life having more knowledge is one of them. Then it’s the penis enhancement pills remember that one? They had all kinds of big name celebrities selling that crap to men saying you will get bigger over night now tell me even if you’re a nice size man any way. You tell me one man that don’t want to be bigger than what he is? When I seen this I did not go for this one because if you were not blessed with a big one, a nice size manhood or you were small I knew damn well a pill could not make you into a porn size player in the game. I know so many people that were close to me who got taken on this scam and they were really a shame once they found out that the pills did not work. And to make matters worse the company was still taking money out of their bank account.

See, I blame that one on Viagra once they found out that a man with problems keeping a erection for a long time came up with the magic blue pill by accident and it made a man get hard for hours no matter how old they were, they know they had a gold mind. Once they found out that it really worked the scammers came to cash in on people who did not know any better. Yet, still to this day another version of them pills is back out making them same claims and people are going for it too. PT Barnum said it’s a sucker born every minute and he did not lie about that one. What about people who want to lose weight this is a multimillion dollar scam that goes on and the FDA can’t seem to stop all of these people pushing this junk making claims so people can feel better about them self. But everybody in America wants the easy way to lose weight. Remember that Sensa diet mess? You just sprinkling it on your food and you lose weight.

My wife fell for that junk and I told her it was a scam from the door. Plus, I told her you don’t know what’s in that mess and your putting it on your food everyday. I told her don’t put it on my food I knew better. Well it did not take long for that to come out that it was taking people money making them think your going to lose weight just sprinkling something on your food and your going to drop some pounds, yeah right. I seen that one coming from the door. They had to pay 26.5 Million dollars just to settle their case against them. What about the belts that supposed to shake off all the fat from your waste? It did not take that long to come out as a scam but just like the penis enhancement pills they still sell them and make the same old claims knowing that it do not work at all of this is crazy to me. This is America the land of the new ways to get your money and you will be happy to give it to them without them sticking a gun in your face. Now all the con artists and scammers are everywhere like this company called Point Break just like the movie they tell you they will help you get listed on Google and Bing for two hundred fifty dollars this is a scam don’t go for it they got a lot people I know who write books They call you up and know your running a small business and know your trying to get out there to be known as someone who is trying to get your book out to as many people as you can but they are a fraud and Con artist.

We have a Con man in the white house for all of you Trump university graduates in the house know what I’m talking about . Now take Elizabeth Holmes scammed company’s with her blood testing device for billions of dollars. She was celebrated as the new age genius and it took them three years to find out she was a fraud A new version of Miss Cleo is going on with the California psychics they take all major credit cards and cash app as well, I’m not a psychic but I can tell you that a fool and their money will soon part very quickly. And don’t get me started on all of them money scammers on Instagram, I love Instagram but I have to say this about these people for real. If your on Instagram you seen all the video’s with people showing you all this money they have in large stacks holding up to their heads.

They tossing it around like its nothing as if there in a hip hop video all hundred dollar bills too. You can flip 300 dollars and make it 3,000 dollars and you say people are not that dumb right?Yes,they are they show you all this money they have shuffling thousands of dollars right in your face and you see this and say damn,I could use that kind of money right about now. They tell you how easy it is to get it too and they say it's 100% legit, That’s a lie and you will find out when you send them your money. You will not get any of your money back or the money they said your going to get neither!

Well ,it’s you boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. aka Deeluciano the Don if you liked or enjoyed what I dropped in this newsletter. You can hit me up on my website Dartanyaawilliamssr.com or on Social Media Facebook Dartanya A. Williams Sr. authors page. Twitter @Dartanyasr and on Instagram Dartanyasr. My new street banger is dropping this month Almasi aka Glock Mommy it's going to be fire trust me!

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