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One more again, I’m back at it to enlighten all my multimedia friends and if you're new to my blogs. You're all welcome to my literary madness, political satire and straight up truth and cutting loose. Now to all my writing friends, blog Homies, blog Divas and my off the hook megalomaniacs from across the crazy globe that’s out of control. Alright let me get right to it all my life.

I’ve been listening to people talk about the problems and social ills of the Black community. The wealth gap, the criminal justice system, poor health care, urban blight, adequate education and a million other things that would make this blog ten pages long. But so-called experts, media pundits, so-called educators, and wealthy authority figures place the blame and burdens at our feet. They all say the same old bullshit about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps line. They are quick to tell you that their ancestors came here without a dime in their pocket and made a way with hard work and the pioneering spirit of the American way. It sounds good like the lie of Johnny Appleseed it makes for great American folklore to tell the kids.

Well, I’m here to destroy all the lies and myths white folks have been spewing like a cow with diarrhea for years now. No matter where you came from Mister and Mrs. White folk you didn’t do it without help and I mean a lot of fucking help too! Oh yes, from gust who the American government food, medicine, protection, land and money! I’m going to call it new settlers, welfare. I still remember when Ronald Reagan was in office how they humiliated millions of Black people and people of color about receiving public assistance and food stamps. Calling them welfare Queen. Too bad people were not American historians like me because the early settlers got way more than some crumbs just to get by in the Ghetto.

The Homestead Act of 1862 160-acres of public land for a small filling fee they gave away land for free they stole from native Americans. 1.6 million homesteaders west of the Mississippi river and as you know they had American troops to watch their backs with angry native Americans who were done wronged. Fast forward to FDR’s New Deal 1933-1939 relief to farmers jobs to the unemployed. Digging ditches fixing roads bridges construction job. And Yes, the New Deal was a success if you ask me, we need a new deal now with this coronavirus that has so many people out of work. Super long lines for the food pantry looks worse than the great depression right now in 2020. What really reeks of white privilege Mister MAGA hat is out golfing didn’t Nero the roman emperor play his violin while Rome burned? Okay here are some more what about after world war two the G.I. Bill in 1944 with good old Uncle Sam gave loans to GI’s and let them go to college and trade schools.

Built new homes for GI’s who served in world war two. I don’t know about that happening for GI’s of color doe, but you get what I’m talking about. Fast forward with me just a little more September 6, 2008 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage corporation bailout cost 317 Billion dollars. You think about that the next time you can’t pay your rent or mortgage payment and your landlord wants to throw you out on the curve in the cold.

That same year 2008 the Emergency Economic Stabilization a whopping 700 billion dollars. Now you think about that when you can’t save a dollar to save your life with your bills piled up to the ceiling, and the bank gets free money. I put this fun fact in my blog Money is their God the 2020 Trump Tax cut The USA Billionaires got 800 billion dollars richer since the pandemic hit. The combined wealth of America’s over 600 billionaires jumped by 792 billion bringing their collective net worth to a staggering 3.7 trillion dollars. So, they need to stop telling them lies that they did it with sheer determination and good old America know how. That’s some bullshit so the next time you hear some super rich so-called captain of industry say that people of color need to pull up by their bootstraps. And if you go for them American lies and myths, you need to know a little more about history. Because people of color got anything that they have by hard work and pure hustle nobody gave us Jack spit. We never got a bailout or a big financial windfall, no golden parachutes Uncle Sam gave to CEO’s of multimillion-dollar companies and most of them never got that forty acres and a mule.

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