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Bailing America Out Again!!!

Yo, I like to welcome everyone to my literary madness chastisement with love and straight up and down-to-earth speaking truth to power. Whether or not they want to hear it. Now to all my writing friends, blog homies, blog Divas rocking the set, and to all my crazy off the hook megalomaniacs from all over the globe is out of control.

With this blog, I have to sit America down like you’re talking to a woman or man and straighten them out because they’ve been acting the fool just a little too long. Well, in our case people of color and all others who have been disenfranchised. Yes, that means you too, white people who believed in the fairy tales and goo gobs of propaganda. It’s been over 401 years for most of us way overdue for a fireside chat with your good old Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty. They both continue to lie to us and get most of us strung out on the drug of the American dream and telling us we are free. We just made history voting in a new president Joe Biden and Vice president Kamala Harris in record numbers I might add.

In the middle of a pandemic on top of all that shit in 2020, there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I got the news on Saturday morning while I was eating my breakfast, and my wife was overjoyed on a bright sunny day. After I stood in line for two hours to vote in the cold on 11–3–20.Well as you know after celebrating and talking smack that dark cloud, or should I say agent orange gloom and doom appeared of the damage he has done. We thought we just got rid of him with a vengeance a few days later just like the bitch-made person he is. He will not Concede to the newly elected president Joe Biden and Vice president Kamala Harris screaming voluntary fraud. Here we go again! This is one thing none of the TV pundits who make significant money I’m not mad at them, but they did not say that Donald Trump is ending his presidency just like he started it. This is the new bertha conspiracy because most of the votes came from heavily populated cities where people of color reside. Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Philly my hometown pour. I have to say this Philly brought it home for the Biden-Harris ticket!

Here’s why it something supposed to be so nefarious going on because people of color are tired of his bullshit and came out to vote more than any election in American history. Black and Hispanic people did not come out for Hillary Clinton because of so much Black voter’s apathy of Democrats taking our votes for granted. Hillary Clinton thought she had it in the bag just like millions of people in the country. Thinking that Donald Trump could not win he was a joke so why get out and vote. It was not the super predator comment trust me. Now getting back to my fireside chat with good old Uncle Sam who is really our pimp and Lady Liberty who really is a madame influencing our youth on social media to be sex workers in a virtual Cathouse. We as a people have been bailing out America for years blood sweat and too many tears. With little or no reward just lies, and forked tongue promises. From the

American Revolutionary War 1775–1783. Where Black people still were not guaranteed freedom but fought anyway. The Civil War 1861–1865, When we were supposed to have been free with the Emancipation Proclamation in 1861. That was another bailout to get more soldiers to fight to win the war.World War One 1914–1918 with over 9,000 Black soldiers served their country as second-class citizens. World War Two 1939–1945 not only were they fighting as second-class citizens the German soldiers were told by white American soldiers that black people had tails like a monkey. The Vietnam War 1965–1975 with over 100,000 Black soldiers served and did 40% of the combat. Afghanistan 2001-Until now 2020 Were still fighting how many times are, we called for patriotism to this country, but every day of our lives is surrounded by deep hate and suspicion as unAmerican. What makes me laugh is a bunch of yahoo’s running around waving American flags when this country was built on poor black souls making the ultimate sacrifice. You know who they are. How many times Black people bailed out America’s sleazy Uncle Sam and the cyber Ho Lady Liberty? If people of color could afford to take off for one month in every major city it would be a ghost town looking like something from one of the post-apocalypse movies and come to a streaking holt.

The New York Times headlines 11–11–20 election officials found no fraud! But in Georgia, they are going to count over a million mail-in votes by hand.Who’s going to pay for this not Donald Trump and his super spreader camp but the Georgia taxpayer. Don’t get mad when I say this, but white people are crazy.Well, any who Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty have bailed out America again with this election taking our lives into our own hands to do it.

Oh yes, hard-working church-going fast-food eating baseball, basketball, football-loving, patriotic red-blooded American people of all walks of life all at once giving the middle finger to Donald Trump and his ass-kissing cronies saying it really loud at the ballot box you're fired!

My name is Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m a crime writer and a blog provocateur my website is www Dartanyaawilliamssr.com

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