• Dartanya A. Williams Sr.

Black Magic City

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Dartanya A Williams SR.

I’m writing this story for some people to try to understand what it really was like back then for people like myself and my husband two Haitian immigrants hunted down for our life. My name is Maria Johnson and my husband’s name is Timothy everybody calls him Timmy or Big Timmy he’s a Houngans that’s what we called a male Voodoo priest where I come from in the slums of Port a Prince. Where he became a very powerful and beloved to all the people in all of the ghettos all over Haiti. But that’s why we had to escape Haiti under the rule of Papa Doc and his brutal rain because of my husband’s powers in Voodoo was outshining Papa Doc to the people in the ghetto slums. We both barely made it out of Haiti alive in 1955 with Papa Doc’s bloodthirsty Tonton Macoute soldiers on are ass. We came to Philadelphia and settled down we worked hard on getting rid of are accent blending in with the locals and changing are names. I changed my name to Mary, and he changed his name to James we paid a good friend of his sister Adel for fake birth certificates and social security cards and we got new identification cards soon after. Everyone assumed we came from down south like everyone else who came to Philadelphia for work in the great black migration from down south. But our story is deeper than that and we had to keep it a close secret or it would have cost us our lives. So, me and my husband came up with a good cover story that we were from Arkansas because we have been there a lot when Timothy sister Adel married this American man name Derail Goodie, he was a very successful peanut farmer making a lot of money and we wanted to do the same. We away said we were going to come to live here in America and become rich like they did because we love it so much but not under the circumstances, we were forced to leave our homeland and we could never go back. But now after all of these years, I can tell my story and I know it will be so unbelievable to many of you who don’t believe in the supernatural powers of VooDoo but it’s my story and I can’t tell any other way but the way it really was through my eyes of truth.

It was a bitter cold winters day in Philadelphia Pennsylvania the year was 1963 inside of John Wanamaker’s I was young and pregnant browsing through the store while two white security guards following me throughout the whole store. I was already was getting strange looks from a lot of the white customers shopping inside of the store looking me up and down like I had two fucking heads or something. Their faces be all twisted up as if they smell something bad their deep hate for black people showing in their eye’s burning like a four-alarm fire. What the two security guards didn't know is my husband came here to America and became the notorious black mob boss named Jimmy the blade. I can see the two men hiding behind the clothing not far from me while I’m browsing trying not to pay them any mine, I didn’t know black people didn’t supposed to be shopping in a place like this. What the fuck did I know I was young and dumb then and I knew that in Philadelphia had a lot of deep prejudices, but I was very naïve because I had a little money from my husband’s illegal businesses he had going on here in the land of milk and honey. I knew people treated you different when you had some money, but I found out fast not when you’re in America you’re just a nigga with a few dollars and that’s all.

After a half an hour I grew tired of all the dirty looks from all the white people in the store and the two men following me around in the whole fucking store like I was a common ass thief. I quickly walked toward the door just as I’m about to step out the door a tall white security guard came running up grabbing me by the arm really hard too. The second security guard he really did not want to grab me, but he joins him backing up his coworker pulling me towards the back-storage area in the back on the left-hand side of the store very forcefully. And I’m not going to lie I when the fuck off on them making a big scene but in hindsight, I should have not did that because it made me look even more guilty to all the white people looking on in the store even doe I have not done shit but look around in there. They took me to this storage area a dark room and a smallholding cell on the right painted gray with the paint chipping off the walls of the holding cell and walls of the very old storage area. The area is very dark and very dull light dusty cluttered with boxes of clothing, cleaning products, mops, buckets and tall footlockers for workers.

It had a musty smell like an old basement or storage locker the tall security guard Billy Watson and his goofy ass partner Tom Mueller quickly tossed me inside the dusty musty holding cell swinging me by my right arm really hard. Snatching my bag out of my hand very violently and swift pushing me hard hurting me while I was yelling and cussing them out. I’m very upset yelling screaming at the two security guards, “ you hurt my arm you, white motherfuckers! I didn't steal anything what the fuck is wrong with y’all!”

Billy Watson a tall not so good looking white male 30 years old a very bitter person still living home with his mother he’s a real loser type he lives his whole life inside of a dive Irish bar with no true friends just drinking buddies who are local drunks who fill him up with hate of other races of people. He quickly slammed my bag on top of his desk tossing all the items from out of my bag on top of the desk cussing. Tom Mueller a short dark hair white dude very smart white male 24 years old Temple law student. He stood there with a puzzled look on his face watching Billy going crazy trying to find something that I suppose have taken in the store.

“Hey, Billy do you really know if this woman stole anything?” Tom looked over at me in the holding cell feeling bad I’m looking out from the bars the only thing you can see is my eye’s filled with tears. “Well, where I come from all nigga’s are not to be fucking trusted Tom! I know this nigga bitch took something all niggas are no good didn’t you know that shit boy!”

Tom Mueller looked at him in shock his face turns red with shame yelling at him, “ there something wrong with you man!” Billy Watson continued to rumble through my bag not finding any stolen items at the end of the empty bag. His face is blank Tom looks at him with a smirk on his face and said, “what did I tell you just because she's black don’t mean she's a thief you, sick ass son of a bitch I don’t believe you, man! You’re a fucking animal!” With his hands up in the air very upset Tom pointed his finger in Billy's face saying I’m telling Ms. Betty what you did here. Billy yelling back in his face what are you some kind of nigger lover or something boy! Tom blowing out air whatever I'm reporting your ass to Ms. Betty right this minute. Billy quickly grabs him by the arm tugging tight yelling you really can't do this to me I thought you were my friend Tom. Tom looked deep into his eyes very angry saying we were friends what you did is wrong just because this woman is black you want to find some sort of fault with her, I can’t have friends like that I'm sorry! He walks away very quickly towards the door. In the background I’m still yelling at Billy Watson pleading with him to let me go he just sat there not listing to me writing out some kind of fake ass report that I took something. I’m pissed off looking out from the bars crying.

I said to him, “you know you’re wrong you know I didn't steal anything just let me go! And we can forget all about it before it's too late for your cracker ass!” Billy panics looking around in the large storage area. He finds some old clothing in a dusty box he stuffed it inside of my bag very quickly with the rest of the items that were all on top of the desk waiting for Ms. Betty to arrive. He sits at the desk writing out a report talking under his breath and said, “we will see who will win this one nigger!” With his eyes burning with deep hate ten minutes later Ms. Betty the supervisor arrives she's a white woman in her 60s still looking good for a woman her age mix, gray hair a soft gentle voice but knows how to take charge. She walks towards him very slowly saying in her soft gentle voice, “what’s going on here, Billy. Tom tells me you accused this woman of stealing and you found nothing inside of her bag I find all of this very disturbing Billy Explain this to me, please!” Billy sits down at the desk looking up at Ms. Betty saying really fast she did steal something Ms. Betty I’m writing out the report right now! I’m calling the cops I found it in her bag went Tom came to tell you what was going on here. Tom is furious yelling at “Billy you must have put something inside of that woman’s bag! Because there was nothing in her bag when I was standing here, I don't care if she's black what you did was wrong you can't treat people like that!” Ms. Betty turns to Tom and said, “ calm down young man will straighten everything out right now Ms. Betty quickly looks inside the bag. She pulls out all the items inside of the bag on top of the desk right in front of Billy and Tom watching I’m looking on from the bars in the holding cell thinking this white bitch just might go for this bull shit he trying to pull on me. Ms. Betty looks over the items saying these items are from the warehouse I know because I put them there. Billy, you have the release this young lady right away or we will have a big lawsuit on our hands and I want you to apologize to her if she would take your apology just at that time, I started having labor pains sharp and deep.

I’m holding my stomach and I fall back sitting down very fast on the holding cell chair moaning in pain Ms. Betty quickly opens the holding cell with all her keys rattling consoling me and asked, “are you all right, Miss? Do you need me to call for help?” I reply and deep pain holding my stomach rocking back and forth. “Yes, I think the baby is on the way.” Ms. Betty in a very excited voice yelling at Billy and Tom to call for help right away. Tom quickly picks up the phone on the security desk just calling for help Billy stands there looking shame knowing what he did was wrong, and he got caught red-handed trying to set me up. Tom Quickly runs to the holding cell door yelling,” help is on its way Miss please hold on and I’m so sorry about what happened here I’m really sorry.” Ms. Betty continued to console me she looks over at Billy and a very serious voice saying I'm a deal with you later young man. Right now, we have the give this woman some help regardless of what color her skin is what you did was very wrong and shameful cutting her eyes at him acting like he didn’t do shit. Ten minutes later fire and rescue people arrive Billy and Tom guide the two fire rescue workers to the holding cell where I’m moaning loud with labor pain sweating yelling screaming panting gasping for air. Gordon and Dave quickly ran to help me putting me on top of the stretcher swiftly talking nice to me on the way to the fire rescue truck outside in the cold. They rush me to Jefferson Hospital three blocks away a tall light brown skin black nurse named Miss Cookie met them inside the emergency room talking to me asking me. How far apart is, the labor pains honey? I’m sweating and gasping for air yelling out two minutes apart I figure I’m about to have the baby right now on the spot.

Miss Cookie laughing all excited in a high pitch voice saying, “yeah honey your right the baby is on its way inside of this world you're going to be just fine you’re in very good hands here we are the best in the world girl! You’re going to be alright trust, me I got you, okay.” The pain was driving me crazy I was thinking I was going to die. Thirty minutes later I gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy I named him Jamal he’s dark brown skin ahead full of curly hair. Fat cheeks and adorable face that light up the whole room like sunshine in the morning. Unaware of all these events inside of his rundown garage office at 20th and Wharton Street in South Philadelphia my husband Jimmy the blade the number two man in the black mafia he sitting with his boss in front of his desk going over their day-to-day operations. His boss Big Willie is puffing on a big fat cigar the room was filled with smoke has the smell of cigarettes cigars gasoline oil from the cars inside of this old rundown garage by the looks of it you would never know their headquarters ran a multimillion-dollar operation they have their hands in all the rackets numbers, drugs prostitution you name it. Big Willie quickly picks up the phone ringing very loud. He quickly recognized my voice on the other end of the phone saying how are you sweetheart? I say in a very excited voice very quickly, “I'm doing just fine Willie/” I need to speak with my husband Jimmy please. Big Willie laughed while sure he's right here honey hole on.

Jimmy quickly grabs the phone hello how you doing honey is everything all right? I say in a very excited voice I just had the baby! Jimmy jumped up from his chair screaming loud O” my God you did? What hospital are you in? I said it almost out of breath with excitement and joy. Jefferson Hospital I'm fine dear. Jimmy quickly saying I'm on my way right now honey I'll be right there don't you worry about a thing! Jimmy quickly hangs up the phone on his boss's desk jumping up and down in excitement yelling I had a new son and that’s a beautiful thing brother. Big Willie stands up and shakes his hand saying congratulations reaches deep inside of his pocket pulling out a big roll of bills quickly handed it to Jimmy saying you go buy the baby something nice from me his uncle Big Willie. Jimmy quickly hugs Big Willie I really appreciate this thank you, Big Willie, never saying a word sits back in his chair at his desk blowing out thick smoke from his cigar smiling rocking back and forth. Watching Jimmy quickly walk out the door in ecstasy over the arrival of his brand-new son. It only takes Jimmy one hour to arrive at the hospital in his brand-new goal wingtip Cadillac parked inside the emergency ward calls over the fat black security guard hands the man two hundred dollars with a big smile on his dark grill. Saying Look after my car for me please brother I’ll be back in an hour winking his eye at him walking away. The young black security guard was thrilled it took him all week to earn two hundred dollars back then here he's getting it in one-hour time this is easy work and a quick no-brainer. Jimmy quickly walked to the information desk an older white woman looks up at him and saying in a very nice tone can I help you? Jimmy smiles back at her sure I need to know what room Mary Johnson is in. The Older white woman is looks through her big books in front of her very softly saying she's in room 375 you can go right on up Sir. Jimmy quickly turns to the older white woman asking her where is your gift shop at Miss? The Older white woman points to the left saying right over their young man and you have a nice day. Jimmy quickly fixes his suit Jacket walking quickly towards the gift shop Jimmy buys me two dozen roses signing a card I love you so much worse cannot ever describe it. He also buys both the explicit basis for the flowers he quickly rushes to the elevator doors toward my room. His heart is racing filled with joy he reaches my room flowers in hand smiling from ear to ear.

His heart is about to bus with excitement. I looked up and seeing my husband with a handful of flowers the tears from my eyes started to flow I’m so happy. I said loud all these flowers are for me. Jimmy quickly said you’re the one who had my son my queen the love of my life my one and only I love you, baby. Jimmy rushed to my bedside kissing me on both of my cheeks than on my lips with passion overzealous I was loving it. We both finished kissing Jimmy yelling I can't wait to see the baby! Just at that moment the nurse came in with the baby Jimmy was ecstatic the young nurse looks at Jimmy and saying here is your daddy. Jimmy held our son in his arms looking at his beautiful son in the face with a glow he's holding back his tears he felt so many emotions this is a monumental moment in our life. I sit up in the bed saying he looks just like you Lord have mercy the two of us laughed. Jimmy playing with his fingers and looked on in amazement knowing that he was blessed by God himself. Jimmy quickly asks me, “what did you name our baby?” I said with a smile on my face, “ his name is Jamal!” Jimmy laughed that's beautiful I like that baby. I started crying just at that moment. Miss Sue next to me inside of the room on the right-hand side peaks out from her curtain. Jimmy still holding are son looks at me than he looks at the older white woman saying oh no you need to get your own room honey. I quickly said I'm okay here. Miss Sue is very nice I told her this is my first baby this is number six for her. Jimmy hands me the baby saying,” I will be right back, honey.” Jimmy quickly walks out of the room walking towards the nurse desk down the hallway on the left-hand side he walked up he kindly asked who the head nurse is. A tall light brown skin black nurse named Nancy sitting at her desk she stands up saying me I'm the head nurse is anything wrong, Sir.

Jimmy saying May I have a word with you in private please waving his hand for her to follow him smiling. The tall woman quickly walking with Jimmy the whole time walking towards Jimmy he gently taps her on the arm pointing at the conference room on the left the two of them walk inside Jimmy slowly closes the door. Saying look my wife needs her own room Jimmy quickly pulls out five one-hundred-dollar bills folded it up and shakes her hand smiling. Saying I appreciate everything you have done for my wife and walked out of the conference room. Nancy Holding the money and are hand walks inside the lady’s room before unfolding her hand to see how much money was there she started to hyperventilate saying wow it takes me all week just to make this talking under her breath look around the ladies room to make sure no one was there. One hour later I had my own private room with flowers Bloom's cards gift baskets and baby clothes. Jimmy said he sent out his toughest loyal goons to buying baby clothes that were a sight to be seen I wish I was a fly on the wall inside of the store. The very next day Jimmy's mother Miss Rose came up to see me and the baby unknowingly to me she's there to perform the family ritual that’s been going on for more than over a thousand years or more. This is the first time I have seen all of this black magic shit right in front of my eyes. And after this, it will not be my last time until my husband and his mother past on all of their skills on to me. Jimmy was very aware of his in rich VooDoo power he wanted to pass it down to his son I knew about this Voo Doo power and I heard so many stories, but I never saw it up close and in person. Miss Rose and our husbands like Johnny from Haiti was a Houngans but not as good as Jimmy I heard. He was killed by Papa Doc hired a rival gang called Clan Diabolique Evil Clan to kill Johnny everybody knew who was behind the murder. Jimmy was born in Haiti after while we both were talking just like we were from South Philly you would never know it.

And to tell you the truth I love the way they talk that’s why they were caught on so fast because it have some much more power and flavor to the tone of the way you speak you know what I mean. Miss Rose started the rituals of Santa Maria his mother's a priestess herself called a Mambo one of the stories I heard they call her husband Haitian Johnny he was the leader of this gang in Haiti called The Zoom Ba Boys killed him in 1950. The nigga that pulled the trigger his name was Bill Shelly aka Boosty House a tall not so good-looking dark skin black male a dope dealer with a very nasty reputation for killing a lot of nigga’s. Haitian Johnny got into it in a ghetto bar called Tan-Tan in Port a Prince over a seat in the bar. It was not Boosty House’s seat he just said that to pick a fight with him quickly pulled out a gun and shot Haitian Johnny in his face. He blew his head off in a crowded bar and nobody seen shit. Boosty House killed him but Boosty House paid the price for killing this man and he paid with his soul in hell. She put a spell on this drunk name Ducky he caught Boosty coming out that same bar one late night and Ducky snuck up on him going to his car all high chopping his head off and he took the head to Miss Rose and she still has his head inside of a hatbox in her VooDoo parlor on top of a shelf to this very day. Miss Rose took care of Boosty House for killing her husband she made him a headless soulless zombie and he hunts his whole gang and anybody she tells him to. The shit sounds crazy but right now in present-day when backstabbers or low life snitches go against the gang, she calls him up from the grave he’s Miss Rose’s slave from the afterlife. Miss Rose is a master of putting spells on people she put a spell on his soul at his gravesite. Most people laughed in disbelief until they see the shit right in front of their own very eyes as I did. I saw this headless creature with my own eyes on more than a few occasions and he scared the shit out of me every time I saw him putting in work for Miss Rose. Miss. Did Rose come into the room kissing me on her cheek Saying are you, okay honey? I'm just fine Miss Rose I'm glad you came the nurse is about to bring the baby. Miss Rose smiling yes that's what I'm here to see my new grandson laughing the young short nurse with long hair brings the baby into the room handing the baby to me saying here is your mother smiling in a nice voice.

I quickly hand’s little Jamal to his grandmother was filled with pride and joy she started to cry with the tears flowing from her face saying he’s so handsome he looks like both of y’all if you asked me! Looking at my son and then her own son sitting in the chair smiling with a magic glow to his face. Jimmy quickly said he looks just like me mom I don’t know what you’re talking about! Me Miss Rose and Jimmy started laughing the laughter filled the room and echoed down the hallway. Miss Rose bouncing up and down with the baby starting the strange crazy ritual. Miss Rose pulling out her tambourine from out her big black pocketbook bouncing up and down mumbling these melodic words. That sounds strange to the ears filled with dark mystical and exotic overtones I never knew what fucking hit me. I started feeling funny I really thought the room was moving or spinning around as if it was a tornado. Wavy lines in front of my fucking eyes I can’t keep my head up getting real, sleepy but my eyes are open seeing it all blowing my mind. Miss Rose continued the ritual, but I started seeing ghostly images dancing before my eyes dancing around inside of the room along with them. Jimmy is jumping up and down along with her mother Miss Rose dancing chanting right before my eyes I saw a campfire appear in the middle of the floor Miss Rose Jimmy dancing around the campfire chanting louder and louder. The flames grow higher and higher thick smoke turns blue and then orange smoke and sparks burst off bright.

With a lot of other colors within the sparks I’m in a deep trance I feel as if my hospital bed is floating from off the floor on a cloud, I had this outer body feeling about me. The ghostly images dancing with Jimmy and Miss Rose are the ancestors from the old country Jimmy's father Haitian Johnny. Is right there in fully dressed in his ritual dress a ghostly image of him little Jamal in Miss Rose arms dancing chanting holding hands. With Jimmy around the campfire along with Haitian Johnny ghostly image and then six more of the ancestors joins in holding hands with them dancing around the campfire. The thick clouds of mist filled the room I felt like I was in the new dimension I did not know if it was a dream or nightmare. I can see my little baby Jamel’s eyes glowing white with Miss Rose holding him banging her tambourine on her large hips. I was scared but the ancestors were all smiling at me they made me feel welcome to the family touching me on my arm and my back very softly and go back to holding hands with all the others as they when around the campfire. The dancing continued the chanting the rhythm of their voices sounded like funky R&B soul music beat thumping hard filling the air. I looked up with my heart beating a thousand times a minute I don’t know if all of this is real. But I can feel the music deep down in my soul feeling really good doe. The room lights flashing on and off the sparks from the thick mist floating bouncing off the walls is you blue and some of them are red in color some of them white fading out when they hit the floor. Miss Rose hand my son to each one of the ancestors as each one of them kiss him on the cheek. As Miss Rose has both her hands up in the air her eyes glowing bright red and yellow the room looks like its inside of a middle of a tornado. Flames turned bright red then orange Miss Rose lower her hands and one of the last ancestor hands little Jamal back to Miss Rose and everything got really tranquil in a split second. The ghostly images disappear she kissed Little Jamal then her son Jimmy on his cheek and say it's done just at that moment the nurse opens the door and looks inside the room and everything is normal in a blink of an eye. I sat up tripping my ass off. The nurse who came to the room thought she seen something in the distance she smiled apologizing saying I thought I saw smoke and flames and people jumping up and down in this room with a lot of sparks flying around. Miss Rose just smiles saying everything is fine Miss are you okay?

The fat white nurse just shakes her head in disbelief and walks away smiling talking under her breath I swore to God I seen a campfire and people dancing around in there? We were all in the room giggling loud after she closes the door. The very next day around 10 A.M. Miss Rose came to visit me in the hospital saying you’re checking out today that's great honey. I sit up in my hospital bed smiling saying how you are doing Miss. Rose I can call the nurse to bring the baby so you can see him. Does Miss Rose smile sitting in her chair on the left-hand side saying I came to talk to you I'm getting a strong feeling something happened to you before you came to the hospital you’re not telling me everything something happen now tell the truth what happened? I looked up at her shocked and surprised I set up in my bed well Miss Rose it was nothing just a small incident its cool. Miss. Rose said no what happened to you were wrong in some kind of way you might as well tell me because I'll find out later you do know that right. Looking me right in my eyes with the big brown glowing eyes of hers that can burn right through your fucking skull for real. I just blew out air saying okay before I went inside the hospital, I was shopping inside John Wanamaker’s and these two white security guards grabbed me and accuse me of stealing the short white dude was nice the tall white man was really nasty. They tossed me inside of this funky ass holding cell that's when I had the labor pains.

Then their boss came and straighten shit out knowing I did not steal shit in the store she came to console me and call for help that's how I wind up at Jefferson Hospital here. Miss Rose said Good I'm glad you told me everything. I'm away here to help you I got your back as you guys say here in Philly giggling. We family and don't you ever forget that young lady I love you okay. She’s looking me in my face smiling with them eyes of hers. Miss Rose kissed me on my cheek saying really low I love the way y’all got rid of your accent I wish I could do the same you and my son really talk like you’re from here I just love it. Winking her eye smiling wide. Now you can call the nurse so I could see my grandson we both started laughing louder. As I picked up the phone calling the nurse’s desk thinking to myself how the fuck, she knew what happens to me. After playing with the baby Miss Rose went home with me my son and Jimmy. When we got home, Miss Rose made me tell my, husband the whole story about the white security guards at John Wanamaker’s Jimmy was fucking furious going the hell off but not at me at what happened to me I know that. Miss. Rose said he would take care of everything Jimmy is very confident in his powers to me he had ten times the power his mother had. But he let his mother take care of it because she’s good at what she does as well.

A week later Billy Watson getting off from work he worked the 7 AM to 3 PM after someone called out so he came to work on his day off to make some extra money plus he’s lucky Ms. Betty didn’t fire his ass so he had to go to work when she asked him to come in. Its 3:30 P.M. In the afternoon it’s freezing cold outside. Billy is standing on the corner waiting for the bus at 15th and the market its very crowded his coworker Tom was in the crowd but after the incident at work with me, Tom stop speaking to Billy all together. Suddenly bursting from out of the crowd in a flash is an old lady dressed in all-black it’s Miss Rose, but she transformed her face to look like a completely different person. She quickly slid beside Billy pulling a giant butcher knife from her bag Boom stabbing him in the middle of his chest the blood gushed out all over the place. The blood came out like a water plug shooting out landing on a lot of the people standing there on the cold bus stop some of the blood got in there faces and some of their clothing screaming in blood curling horror. Billy Watson in deep shock try to pull the knife out his chest falling back into the street and in a blink of an eye a truck speeding up the street hits him knocking him up in the air as everybody watched yelling at the top of their lungs. When he hit the cold hard asphalt three more cars hit him never stopping with the knife still sticking out from his chest. Everyone on the bus stop corner is in deep shock for what they just witnessed a murder right in front of their faces in broad day light back then that was dam near unheard of in center city. The old woman dressed in all black disappeared before the police arrived the old woman in black reappeared right beside Tom while he was standing there looking on like all the others. The old woman said you're lucky if you say anything you received the fucking same thing in her deep Haitian accent, she disappears right before his eyes he was going to shit on his self. When the police arrived and asking questions of the remaining people who were still on the bus stop corner Tom was gone and never said a word about his encounter with the old woman dressed in all black. No one saw her face, seen what color she was or which direction she ran a total mystery to everyone their and to the cops. Later that same evening Ms. Betty inside of her kitchen cooking dinner for her husband Steve she hears a gentle knock at the front door. Not expecting company that she quickly peeks out the window of her door wondering who it was. She sees this older black woman with a bouquet of flowers looking really harmless.

Ms. Betty opens the door saying yes how can I help you please. The older black woman smiled and handed her the flowers saying thank you Ms. Betty face is puzzled I don't mean to be facetious but why are you giving me these flowers? The older kind black woman smiling the whole time she's talking to her saying you were very kind to my daughter-in-law and I just wanted to thank you face-to-face that’s all. Ms. Betty still puzzled saying who is your daughter-in-law? The older kind of black woman just smiles said it doesn’t matter. You were very nice to her and I came to give you these flowers and reward you for your kind deed that’s all you will come into a lot of money today just enjoy it and don’t get too sun burned on your trip okay. Ms. Betty holding the flowers turned her head for a second to open the door wider and the Older black woman disappeared she was gone without a trace. Ms. Betty was dumbfounded wondering what was going on she just smiled and took the flowers and took them inside the kitchen with her and put them in a vase. Without warning her front doorbell rings again, Ms. Betty quickly walked towards her front door peeks out the window at her front door and see that it's little Calvin the paper boy. He's there to collect for his daily paper route Miss Betty yells out the door I’ll be right with you Calvin. She quickly walks back into the kitchen where her pocketbook was on top of the counter where she was cooking. She reaches for her handbag she opens it and is filled with cash she jumps back in shock. Ms. Betty is astounded on how much cash she just found in her bag. She quickly pulls out a few dollars to pay Calvin she quickly walking to the door in a daze she opens the door with the cold air hitting her in the face waking her up more. She pays him for the papers he thanks her and go about his business in an excited voice she calls up the steps to her husband Steve yelling for him to quickly come down to the kitchen. Steve thinks it is something wrong because of the sound of her voice he quickly rushed to his wife side. Out of breath, he looks at his wife saying what’s wrong honey? She opens her pocketbook she pulls out the money showing it to him saying it is like $10,000 here is older black woman came to the door hands me flowers. And she said she was going to reward me and said I will come into some money today then she disappeared into thin air. Little Calvin came to collect for his papers I open up my pocketbook and there it was I don’t know. Steve had a puzzled look on his face are you sure? I’m telling you right after the woman was here and then she was gone just like that I swear to God. Steve puzzle look on his face honey is this money real. Maybe someone is playing a joke on us. Ms. Betty look for yourself she spreads the money out on the kitchen table both of them examine the bills they're all of them are real Steve! Ms. Betty is amazed they both sit down with their heart is racing. I think we have to keep all this to ourselves because somebody is going to think we’re crazy if we tell them this story. Ms. Betty, I agree what are we going to do with the money? Steve yelled out were going to, keep it! We don’t know who to give it to we might as well keep it. We can go on vacation to Israel we deserve it. The couple hugged and kissed one another jumping up and down in joy. Ms. Betty and Steve went on their dream vacation two weeks later and had the time of their lives.

A month later Tom quit his job and found another job working in a law firm and he volunteered his time helping out black people in the civil rights movement. Me and Jimmy had other children in 1965 I had Bobby and I had my baby of the family Shelley in 1970 my husband Jimmy and his organization grew larger, but he was still the number two man and he wanted to run his own thing. But Big Willie had his eye on his crew because they were more dangerous rougher and thirstier for blood and power.

Big Willie noticed and did not trust Jimmy anymore unknowing Big Willie higher, a hit team to take Jimmy out Big Willie no longer trusted him or his crew they were getting too large Jimmy was his top earner Jimmy also wanted to break away. From the white Mafia, Big Willie was too depended on the white mob for everything, especially for its drug operations. Which Jimmy became more independent buying directly from the source. Jimmy was getting his heroin from this cat name Fat Koo-Koo from Caracas Venezuela that Big Willie did not know about. Big Willie spy inside of Jimmy’s crew name Jacob Black told Big Willie about it and he said this was a problem and he had to kill his number two man. Big Willie when around calling a lot of underworld figures but no one would not take the contract. They heard all the rumors of Jimmy's power of Voodoo so none of them wanted to kill Jimmy. Even when he doubled the money nobody would take the job. Big Willie was a disbeliever and laughed every time he heard stories of black magic and voodoo Big Willie ask his top hit man in his half brother’s name Nick Brown organization in North Philly his name is Ron Harris to do the job for him. He has over 200 hits under his belt and he never misses on a job. What Big Willie didn’t know was Ron Harris and Jimmy were very tight because Jimmy helped Ron Harris in a very tough situation when a lot of Nick Browns people were all locked up and he had nobody to turn to. When these thugs from Frankford robbed his sister Sondra pistol-whipping her and shooting and killing her husband name Tony. In a home invasion robbery inside their beautiful home in New Jersey, Ron came to Jimmy for help because he had no muscle to hit back hard. Jimmy and his boys found every last one of the thugs tortured them and killed them all Ron is very grateful for what he has done for him. Now Big Willie and Nick Brown ask him to kill his friend Jimmy and now he has this burden hanging over his head by two Black mob bosses and if he doesn’t do it, he knows they both will kill him and his whole family for sure. Everybody in the game knew Jimmy the Blade had his shit together a multimillion-dollar operation drugs gambling Loan sharking and running a high-class prostitution ring for all the rich and powerful men in the city. Its summertime and blazing hot June of 1968 blasting on the radio Were A Winner by The Impressions fills the small storage area thick and super soulful song. Jimmy is in his back-storage area office at his soul food restaurant called Jimmy's hotspot at 13th & South street he’s on the phone with some other business partner talking in code about drugs. Sitting at his desk when he hears the back door, he points to one of his men name Mackie to see who it is he comes back saying,” yo it’s Ronny.”

“Okay walk him back here Mackie walks back to the back door quickly cracked the door open saying okay you know what it is right?” Ron just nodding his head said,” I’m not strapped Mackie said yeah but I still have to fucking check you motherfucker it’s my, job nigga! “

He pushed Ron up on the wall checking him for a gun he finds it in the back of his pants saying “I’ll hold on to this until your done you said you did not strap I should fuck you up for lying to me but your my boss friend don’t lie to me anymore or your fucking dead friend or no friend when you come here, Nigga.” Ron just nodding his head as Mackie points for him to start walking. Soon as he walks up to the room where Jimmy is at, he started smiling seeing him in the little room doorway. Jimmy waved him in the room pointing at the seat in front of his small little office Ron Harris bumps fist with Jimmy while he’s still on the phone he puts up his finger for him to wait for a minute smiling. Ron nodding his head back at him grinning. Jimmy finished talking to his other business partners hanging up the phone he stands up and gives Ron a big hug saying what's up with you?

Ron smiles and said, “ man I came here to talk to you about some real deep shit and I have to get this off my chest causes been bothering me once they told me about it. I just don't know how to tell you this bull shit? You know me and you go way back like two flat tires on a motherfuckin Cadillac so you can tell me no matter how bad you think it is. You can still tell me, my nigga. Jimmy already knows what it is that Big Willie was trying to kill him and his crew. Ron nods his head yes looking Jimmy straight into his eyes okay look, Big Willie and Nick Brown gave me a mission there paying me to kill you sorry I can't do it all you did for me I don't know why he gave it to me. I just can't do it you and your crew treated me like family Big Willie is a son of a bitch doing this to me!:

“And if I don't do it, he’s going to kill me and my family.” Jimmy nodded his head listening to Ron he quickly reaches down inside his desk on the left-hand side pulling out a big bottle of gin. And two glasses pouring the gin not saying a word but looking him right in his face the whole time. Jimmy takes a quick swig of the gin saying I'm glad you came to me I had a funny feeling about him but I knew he would make a move soon now that we were going independent breaking away from the white cracker ass mob boys there the ones giving them the order for you to kill me the two niggas are just the puppets thinking it’s taking money out these whitey’s pockets. But he didn’t know you and me, are cool and the other motherfuckers are too fucking scared to take the job. See the Italians control his monkey ass and all he’s getting is fucking crumbs when I’m getting the whole God Dam pie now. The only smart thing about the Italians back in the days is knowing how to control black people in the game you know what I’m saying, Ron. They lean on the weak people we don't need them bloodsuckers all we have to do is stick together and we can roll right over them motherfuckers. Ron Harris looks up at Jimmy with a surprised expression on his face. Do you really think we have enough muscle to stand up to these Wops? Sure, we do nigga we make more loot than they do selling drugs now that we get all of it and not giving them a cut and the money, we make buys power” and more money buys more influence. These crackers don't stand a chance!

Both men burst out laughing filling the small storage area echoing loud with the thick smell of barbecue ribs floating in the air. Look all you have to do is lay low I'll take care of Willie’s fat ass I’ll break you off you enough cash for you and your family and you’ll be fine until things blow over. Just make sure you touch base with me after you get to Canada, I have a nice place there and they will never find you there okay. Jimmy stands up and walked towards the left-hand side move the small locker area to his left he hit a button and one of the lockers slides to the side and right on the wall is a big steel safe. Jimmy quickly turns the knob on the safe hitting the combination quickly than he opens it fast and smooth. Jimmy reaches in grabbing five big stacks of bills sticking it inside of a brown paper bag he quickly got it from off his desk handing it to Ron Harris. Saying now you brown-bagging it, brother Ron, smiling from ear to ear. Jimmy looking him right in his face saying all right you have enough money there so don’t go fucking it up you got to take care of the family now! Oh, don’t you worry about that that’s what I do I take care of my family now Jim. Jimmy hands him a piece of paper saying this is the address to the crib and I'll call you and let you know when it's safe to come back. “How long do you think I have to be away?”

“ Maybe a month or so don't worry I got you to trust me, right?”

“ Sure, man I trust you with my life that’s why I came over here and told you what was going on Jimmy”

“Good, I got your back my nigga as Jimmy is patting him on his back. Man, you and me, are family, brother you know I love Sonia like my own sister.”

“Ron you don’t worry when you get back, I’ll be running this whole fucking city!” They both started laughing Ron Harris quickly giving Jimmy a hug saying I really appreciate this man thank you for everything. No problem man always remember were always be family I don't care what Big Willie and those white crackers are up to. They will all be dead fucking with me and my Banda (Gang in Italian).

They both laughed bumping fist Jimmy walks him to the back-door waving as he drives off into the darkness. Ron Harris rushed home and packed his bags him and his wife Pam and their cute little boy Ron Junior eight years old he looks just like his father. They jumped on the first thing smoking out of Philadelphia to Ontario Canada to Jimmy crib. Jimmy has about four houses in Canada Big Willie or anybody knows about but me his wife his own mother doesn’t know where the fuck they are. And I myself have a couple of spots in New Mexico nobody knows about but that’s another story. The very next day Jimmy came to work the new operation spot at 20th & Ellsworth Street second floor office very swanky sharp joint over top of his bar called The Foxy lounge room. It has Black carpet modern black art on the walls, crystal ornaments color TV brand-new furniture the place is laid out fucking beautiful. Jimmy came in the door with his two coffees, as usual, one cup for himself and one for the boss Big Willie sitting down. Jimmy came in sitting down in the chair in front of his large mahogany desk to discuss the day-to-day operations like they away do. Big Willie say hey Jimmy, need you to make that Crazy George pick up for me today alright? Jimmy drinking his coffee leaning back real cool saying sure I got you” you don't think is it too much money at one time to pick up do you? Big Willie no brother I need you to take care of it because it a lot of money to pick up I can’t trust any of these other niggas to do it. Okay, I’ll have it all here tonight no problem you’re the boss. Jimmy thinking to himself he’s going to make his move then I'll be ready for his fat ass! Suddenly Big Willie started feeling funny started getting dizzy looking down at the coffee. Saying what the hell you put in my coffee nigga? He starts to shake setting the cup of coffee down on his desk started coughing his eyes getting watery hallucinating seeing millions of spiders running up and down on the walls really fast back-and-forth still coughing seeing stars in a corner of his eyes. Jimmy say to him are you're right Willie? Coughing yelling out of breath saying what you trying to kill me with this coffee. It's the same coffee you get every day motherfucker let me get you a glass of water Jimmy quickly runs to get the water pitcher from out the refrigerator on the left-hand side pouring the water in a tall glass very quickly hands it to his boss Big Willie still choking and coughing.

Jimmy saying here drink this. Big Willie quickly drinks the water he quickly regains his sight feeling better getting himself together sitting up in his big office chair. Jimmy saying to Big Willie why would you think I put something in your coffee? If I wanted to kill you, nigga I would put two hot slugs in your dome and get it over with fuck that. Big Willie saying loud that’s not funny nigga you sound like you’re for real when you said that. Big Willie leaning back in his big chair yelling not if I get the boys to take care of your black ass first! Jimmy stands up looking at Big Willie really hard with a smirk on his dark grill. Big Willie laughing looking up at Jimmy saying I was just joking with you, nigga you take shit so fucking personal Jim- Jim my boy I was joking with your, ass. With his big fat fake ass smile Jimmy said it did not sound like you were joking to me were partners, right? Yes, were partners Jimmy you know that shit man we been together for a long time now nigga! But I’ll feel a whole lot better after you go pick up all that loot you and me can split up tonight right.

Jimmy just looked at him smiling he knows he’s going to fucking double-cross him once he drops off the money, he’s picking up from Crazy George one his best dealers from South West Philly. But Jimmy is going to walk right into his trap so he can kill him and take over the whole fucking operation right after he’s dead.

Jimmy smiles saying yeah boss I’ll see you tonight with the money Jimmy waves and quickly walks out the door. With Big Willie staring at the door knowing what he has planned for his so-called partner tonight. He picks up his phone calling to his henchmen to do his dirty work hyping them up to do the hit. Brock, Blockhead, Ant- Money, Saggy Sammy, Boo-Top, Big Frank Wells and Carnell Wells the two brothers all of them are vicious killers they would do anything Big Willie tell them to do. Big Willie told all of them to be back there tonight at eight o'clock to eliminate their problem and they will move up in the organization soon as the task at hand is done. The day blaze past fast Jimmy made all of his pickups from all over the city like clockwork. Plus the really big one from Crazy George last and Jimmy came back to the office with two big shopping bags filled with cash sets both the bags on top of Big Willie desk on the radio is playing Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding, it fills the large fancy office with the soulful toon filled with smoke and the deep smell of soul food bumping. Big Willie comes from his bathroom on the right he sits in his big office chair at his desk he’s lighting up a cigarette blowing out a big cloud of smoke nice and calm looking up at Jimmy he just standing up. Jimmy’s inter vision can see all of the men waiting to kill him all around him this is a special power Jimmy has that Big Willie doesn’t know anything about the time is eight o'clock on the fucking dot. Big Willie pointing at the seat in front of his desk Jimmy away sits at saying why don’t you have a seat partner so we can count up this money and get the fuck up out of here I have a hot date with a couple of these big butt freaks I met downstairs in the bar last week that loves to suck Dick two at a time me the boys just love these nasty ass ho’s man. Jimmy says, no I’ll just stand for right now Willie. What the fuck is wrong with you don’t you want your cut nigga sit down come on! Soon as he said that walking in the front door is Carnell and his brother Frank along with Brock and Saggy Sammy with their guns in hand and their eyes filled with death and destruction from the door. And at the same time in a flash of an eye coming from the back room on the left and right is Ant- Money and Boo-Top holing their guns on Jimmy. Big Willie is sitting there smiling his fat ass off saying well it looks like this is the end of the fucking road for your partner! Just toss out your gun and put your hands in the air right now motherfucker.

Jimmy just smiles saying none of y’all will make it out this room alive if you don’t put your guns down right now and walk out this door. All of them started laughing really loud raising their guns higher pointing them at Jimmy. Jimmy said don’t say I did not warn you fucking guys look. When the men looked in a flash the whole room was covered with thousands of hairy tarantulas and they covered every inch of the walls crawling up and down. All the men are looking in shock and disbelief Jimmy said to all of them loudly I would not move if I was y’all they can swarm up on your ass in a fucking split second. Jimmy can see the panic and anxiety in all of their eyes ducking and jumping up and down shaking in fear none of them ever seen anything like this in their life only in their deepest darkest nightmares. Carnell yelling out what the fuck we suppose, to do with all this spooky Voodoo shit here! Blockhead said there not real let’s just kill him and get the fuck out of here! Big Frank said yeah let’s kill him before they jump on us, they can’t beat the speed of a fucking bullet! Saggy Sammy said I don’t know man they’re fucking big too!

Jimmy said I’m telling you don’t fucking move their bites are fucking poisonous! All of them are scared to death looking at tarantulas moving even faster at a supersonic speed Jimmy quickly pulls his guns out two thirty eights in each hand Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Shooting Saggy Sammy, Brock, Carnell and Big Frank in their heads with the blood flying up in the air. Simultaneously the tarantulas jumped and swarmed all over Ant- Money and Boo-Top eating their ass up and they both were yelling and screaming like a bitch. They were all over the dead bodies that hit the floor in a blink of a fucking eye. Big Willie when to grabbing the two shopping bags filled with loot off the desk to run out the door to get away. When two giant black snakes jumped out each one of the bags wrapping around Big Willie screaming squeezing the life out of him, he’s screaming as the snakes are crushing him. Jimmy walks up to him saying. "so you were so much of a nonbeliever look at your fat ass now!" Big Willie’s eyes is about to pop out his head yelling almost out of breath saying please tell them to get the fuck off me man you can have the money, Jimmy! Just tell them to let me the fuck go, please! Jimmy smiles saying okay he waves his hand and both of the two black giant snakes are gone into thin air and Big Willie falls to the floor flat on his face Kaboom! He looks up at Jimmy begging please don’t kill me Jimmy man! I’ll get the fuck out of town you can have all of this shit, please! Jimmy looks down at him saying oh what’s up with you now partner! You tried setting me up nigga you have no fucking idea on who I am doing you! Why you think nobody was going to take the fucking contract you put on me even after you double the fucking price! And you think I’m going to let your ass go free you are fucking crazier than I thought you were motherfucker! Stand upright now nigga! I can’t! Get the fuck up right now or I’ll have them fucking tarantulas over there eating your fat ass up stand the fuck up right now! Big Willie stands up slowly Boom! Boom! Jimmy shoots him in the head dead center his large frame hits the floor Jimmy walks over standing over his body with blood gushing out his head Jimmy said just like I told you two to the head bitch!

Jimmy walks over to Big Willie desk as he sits on top of it picking up the phone calling Mackie he picks up after four rings yo” its Jimmy bring them suitcases with the hat boxes inside of them you know what to do nigga I’m at Big Willies office and he hangs up. Jimmy waves his hand and the whole room turned back normal all the thousands of Tarantulas were all gone in a flash. Just all the dead bodies on the floor twenty minutes later Mackie came with two big suitcases and a large duffel bag with a chainsaw inside of it. Jimmy looked up and Mackie with a rubber smock on and thick yellow rubber gloves on saying okay Mack lets go to work brother! Jimmy started up the chainsaw and he started chopping off all the men’s heads and Mackie helped him put all the heads inside of the seven hat boxes and then inside of the suitcases and the last two in the duffle bag. The two of them carry all of their heads putting them inside of the trunk of Jimmy’s winged gold Cadillac Jimmy when back upstairs and he quickly picked up the two big shopping bags filled with cash all from off Big Willy's desk he jumped into his Cadillac with Mackie by his side and they disappeared into the ghetto abyss of darkness.

The next morning South detectives arrived getting a call from a hysterical older black woman named Miss Stella the cleaning lady she discovered the bodies with no heads upon her arrival to do her job that scene was grisly. Miss Stella threw up the minute she laid eyes upon this bloody room of nine headless corpses. The two homicide detectives Scott Willis and detective Andy Stewart could really care fucking less knowing all of the individuals who are dead are card-carrying members of the Black Mafia.

Detective Scott Willis said upon his arrival, said so scumbags really do get it in the end but not like this oh shit! His partner laughed along with the uniform police officers on the scene. Detective Andy Stewart said this has to be the most bizarre case every one of the men is missing their heart and their heads as well. Both of the detectives dubbed the case that Ichabod Crane case a.k.a. from the story the headless horseman.

Written by Washington Irving. All of the young cops did not get the joke because the book of the headless Horseman by Washington Irving came out in 1820. Detective Scott Willis was just there to watch all of them be bagged and tag. Because they were not wasting their time looking for the killer or killers on this case one of the cops, name officer Nick Rocci said he would shake the person’s hand for doing this shit he could not stand any of them who were dead. He said whoever did this here did the city one big fucking favor all of the other officers agree with him 100%. Everyone on the streets were shaking all the while bizarre tales spread through the neighborhood like wildfire. Throughout all of their heads being missing their hearts ripped from their bodies most people are used to bodies being shot or stabbed not ripped apart and eaten half alive by creatures of a strange origin and all nine of them missing their heads. While South detectives were guessing on the power vacuum in the Black Mafia. Everyone on the street new who was the new king of the streets for sure doe.

Even the big bad ass Italian Mafia was afraid after hearing all the while stories of what happened to the men in that office that night. Later on, that same night at a bar at 24th & Tasker street called Raynaud's bar and grill. Jimmy the blade celebrated his crowning achievement of taken over the streets at this party. I was there right by his side I was not called Mambo Mary, yet the year was 1968 I didn’t come into my own until 1970 with the help of Miss Rose and my husband Jimmy. He told Ron Harris to stay in Ontario Canada now that he loves it there so he can have a foot hole in there to run drugs in Canada that was a really smart move nobody saw but Jimmy had that in mind the whole time. It was a who's who of the underworld was there that night all the drinks cocaine and marijuana were flowing all over the place Jimmy and everybody got high as a kite. Even Miss Rose was at his party setting at her usual seat at the end of the bar with her giant glass with pink champagne and a joint cocked in her thick lips with ruby red lipstick on the end of her joint celebrating her son’s new position in the concrete jungle. The party raged on to eight o'clock in the morning the next day Jimmy had his people locked all the doors at two o'clock that night so that nobody else could come into the party we all got fucked up and high until we couldn't stand up or sit up. It was the talk of the whole town Crazy George and his crew from South West Philly was there telling Jimmy they’re down with him for here on out. Now all of the henchman goons, stickup kids, thugs and drug dealers in Philly owes their allegiance to Jimmy The blade.

Everybody got in line with no kind of fucking squabbles or arguments because they know what will happen to their ass from the gate the whole city was shook Jimmy was king of the gangsters overnight. They call him Jimmy the blade not because he stabbed people it's when he fights and punch’s people, he hits them so fucking hard it will make you bleed like cutting them that’s how he got his name to be the blade. Jimmy's crew was just as aggressive as him reflecting his nature and his will to do whatever it takes to get that paper. His right-hand man Mister Scat or Just Scat his friend from the first time he came to Philly they say their cousins their so dam close, he’s a true hustler a lot of heart skills and guts are just like brothers.

After a big gang fight at the skating ring on Christian street Scat was dancing with the leader of Kimble street gang and the dude name Tombstone Tommy, he killed so many people they called him Tombstone. He pulled out a pistol shooting at Scat Jimmy came out of nowhere shooting at Tombstone Tommy and his goons and he gave Scat one of the two guns he away have on him in the middle of the shootout they bind they fought off the goons trying to kill him and they made it out the back door laughing and became fast friends after that.

A week later Jimmy helped him get his revenge on Tombstone Tommy not only Scat fuck his girlfriend Linda because of the way he sings so good. They both killed Tombstone Tommy catching him on the toilet at this bar on 18th street where he hangs out at. Shooting him up all over his body nothing but blood and shit everywhere when the cops found him on the bathroom floor. Scat had mad skills knowing everything about drugs selling them bagging them and marketing. Scat gave up his dreams of trying to get inside the music industry as a singer. Despite all his street skills, Scat sings like an angel it would make you cry his voice is so beautiful. Jimmy always pushed him to continue making records and being an entertainer Scat loves fast money fast women fast cars is 25 years old at the time tall light brown skin good-looking black man a real lady’s, man he never tried to pimp but he had a lot of women chasing him around. He never chased them he just replaced them from the door. Then its Big Danny White the neighborhood goon in South Philly he’s six-eight and all fucking muscle Danny joint the gang after he got jumped by some niggas from 28th street called The Roads gang and they shot him four times and he was in the hospital for four months after what he heard what Jimmy did for Scat when he got out the hospital he when to Jimmy to help him get his revenge. They tracked down all five of the men who shot him chopping their arms off and the trigger man name Carlo they chopped both his arms off and hung him from 25th street bridge dead when the cops found his body. Jimmy told him to cut his heart out his chest but soon as he was going to do it a cop car was driving by and they all had to duck out of sight in the dark so they only had time to hang his body from the bridge. Danny was just happy the nigga that shot him was dead.

After that Danny was down with Jimmy no matter what when down. They called them self-three the hard way. Now after the years, Danny is one of his trusted men inside the organization Jimmy can trust him with his life and he only took orders from Jimmy he did not like Big Willie ass. Jimmy had to stop him fucking up Big Willie so many times it’s not funny. Jimmy did not want him to get killed by Big Willie’s men or Big Willie to get the Italians to do it and he says he had nothing to do with it Jimmy away looked after all of his men like a real brother. He was good with his hands knocking niggas out every day and he was really good with a gun too and Danny wasn't scared of a fucking living soul love to sell drugs and he’s super tough and super smart. Danny is 27 years old at the time tall dark very muscular black man he had his knuckle game together to on top of his murder game second to none is more feared than loved. He killed 19 men before his 18th birthday he was known throughout the city not to be messed with. Then it’s Leo Green, later on, they started calling him LG another well-trusted man inside Jimmy's organization he joins the gang from day one Leo was hard-core before he was 10 years old he lost his mother and his father to drugs overdosing a month apart. Leo has been in the streets slinging dope at the tender age of 12 in the neighborhood under the bridge on 25th street just to survive. He was sealing and selling drugs to prostitutes and their customers to get them off of him when they needed it which was most of the time Jimmy recognizes potential.

A local drug dealer name Skilow with a big gang of niggas shaking down everybody in the area now they want to target Leo knowing he’s been selling drugs for a long time but he did not have a team behind him but Leo was really cool about it he told him he was going to pay him but he had to come alone it was on a really rainy night. Leo hands him the money in one hand but he had a gun in the other after he handed him the loot Leo shot him in his head at the end of the bridge and nobody seen him do it and he walked away in the rain. Jimmy knew Leo was really smart lowering him to that spot to kill Skilow. Right after that he asks him to be down on his team knowing he had guts and street smarts Jimmy told him he could really use somebody with his skill set.

He will have his back Leo said yes knowing Jimmy is a man of his word from his reputation from the streets. Leo been down from that day forward and the rest of Skilow’s crew back off of Leo knowing Jimmy the Blade has his back, so they never thought twice about fucking with him. Jimmy, he loves Leo and his loyalty towards him they were very tight still are to this very day. The year was 1969 and the song I can’t get Next to you by the Temptations was my favorite song it was number two on the charts, but it was number one in my heart. I was in training to be an, Mambo priestess with Miss Rose and I’m getting really good at it too. Now another brother name Tyrone Whitehead knew as Gun Smoke or just Smoke a stone-cold killer from North Philly he killed his first man when he was 15 years old by the time he was 20 he done killed over 40 men. But he was a very smooth contract killer for whoever had the loot, but he would kill kids that were a big no-no to him, and you better not ask him to do that neither of you will be six feet under. And came and join the gang after he was hired to kill one his men Mackie after Mackie killed four men in a card game in Wilson Project after he found out there were cheating him Mackie snapped out killing the men shooting them in the chest and head making a real bloody mess too. One of the men who was killed sister name Tammy paid Gun Smoke to kill Mackie for killing her brother name Sean Hustler a card cheat pool hustler and Con-man. Jimmy found out about it with his magic powers. But instead of killing Gun Smoke Jimmy found out about Gun Smoke’s past and how close he was with his mother Joann looking into his crystal ball he got from the ancestors. Seeing Gun Smoke’s mother Joann getting killed by a trick when he was 18 years old seeing how much it broke his heart making him more of a cold killer.

Jimmy came to him and said if I show you where the nigga Bear the man who killed your mother is at would he call off the hit on his man Mackie and come work with me and the starting pay is 900 a week plus bonus’s a lot of money back then. He said hell yes! Jimmy could have just killed Gun Smoke easy, but he knew he could use somebody like him in his gang working with him because he had a lot work for him to do killing people for him knowing everybody is scared of him. So, Jimmy took him to Miami one weekend and showed him where Bear was working at a car dealer washing cars. Gun Smoke knew his mother was a prostitute, but he did not have to kill her because he didn’t want to pay her knowing he could get away with it. Gun Smoke did not know that after Jimmy told him why. And he was going to make him tell him in his face. Jimmy and Gun Smoke grabbed Bear and took him to a low rent motel room near the airport Gun Smoke did not believe in all the black magic Voodoo shit but after they kidnapped Bear he did. They had Bear tied up in a chair in this motel room Jimmy is standing over him while he’s yelling let me the fuck go, I didn’t do anything to you guys what the fuck is going on here I’m not into none of that faggot shit! Jimmy laughed saying you were when you were in jail motherfucker!

Jimmy pointing at the wall and just like a film projector playing on the wall it’s the images of Bear fucking this young guy in his ass in jail. Jimmy said now what the fuck is this then nigga! Gun Smoke is sitting there with his mouth open saying how the fuck you do that Jimmy? Magic nigga laughing now he turns back to Bear yelling now I want you to tell this man right here why you killed his mother and don’t lie because I know you did it! Bear yelling out I didn’t kill anybody nigga just let me go before I get mad now!

Jimmy laughing and asked, " what the fuck are you going to do?" Jimmy looked down at him and said, " this is the last time I’m going to ask you nigga why you kill his mother!"

Jimmy is pointing in his face yelling, "tell us right now!"

" I don’t know what your talking about motherfucker let me go right now!"

Jimmy looks at Gun Smoke saying look man brace yourself on what you’re about to see okay man.

Jimmy points at the wall and the wall started playing like a film projector or a giant TV. Showing Bear going in this low rent motel room with his mother Joann they have sex after they were done Bear snick up on her sitting on the bed, he started choking her with his belt until her body when limp falling over dead. Gun Smoke went off once he saw this he ran over and started beating the shit out of Bear tied up in the chair Jimmy walked over watching him saying what you have to say now, nigga! Gun Smoke beat him bloody until he yelled out to tell him to stop! Jimmy walked up pushing Gun Smoke back saying hold up he’s going to tell us now Smoke hold on for a minute. Bear spitting out blood from his mouth I just had to do it she was just a low down dirty whore I was thinking nobody would miss her black ass and I didn’t want to pay her I didn’t know that was your mother I’m sorry man I can’t take it back! Jimmy handed Gun Smoke a pistol saying kill this nigga before I do! Boom! Gun Smoke shot him in the head standing there with the gun in his hand Jimmy walks up taking the gun out his hand saying he’s dead. Gun Smoke said, "I killed a lot of men before this is the only man, I want to kill over again I been dreaming of this shit for years thank you. Don’t worry about it let’s get the fuck up out of here!" From that day forward Gun Smoke been down with Jimmy and his outfit. Now Mackie and Gun Smoke work together and are good friends. Mackie is another on who been down from day one he grew up with Tyrone and Leo there were all in a gang called Taylor street but after going back and forth to jail Mackie or Black Mackie is what everybody in the streets calls him he wanted to move up in the world. So, Mackie robbed this Big-time gangster name Billy Grant aka Bloody Bill in a bar on 18th street called the Silver Dollar.

Bloody Bill had his people track down and killed four of the men that was with Black Mackie when they stuck Bloody Bill up after Black Mackie talks to his friend Leo while he was on the run, he told him the only person that could help him was Jimmy the Blade. So, Mackie came to him and told him what happen Jimmy said he would help him only is he would work for him and bring all of his connection he had from all of the prisons he had on most of the east coast. But he didn’t have enough drugs to supply them all but Jimmy once he found out about that he knew he would help him did. Mackie was shocked he knew that about him he said why you want to know about my prison connection. Jimmy said because I want to start selling drugs in prison and plus your ass is on the line that’s why. Yeah, you right about that one okay I’ll work for you, but I want my cut. Oh yeah, you’ll get your cut I’m a fair man, but you’ll have to give Bloody Bill his shit back too. Well, I spend most of the money I took from him. I’m not worried about the money I want the gold watch and the money clip of his. Okay, I can do that.

Mackie gave the watch and the money clip to Jimmy and them when to the RF club that Friday night where Bloody Bill hole court with his peoples. An up and coming gangster name Cheyenne is really good friends with Jimmy let him in the club to talk to Bloody Bill now Scat, Jimmy, Danny, Leo, Gun Smoke, and Black Mackie walked up on Bloody Bill while he was sitting with a woman on each arm and his bodyguard’s most of them know Jimmy the Blade and they were scared of him so they backed up when all of them walked up to the table. Bloody Bill was pissed off seeing his men backing up from this one-man yelling who the fuck is you! Jimmy walked up and leaned right in his face saying I’m the man who is going to make you fucking rich that’s who! Bloody Bill yelling at his men saying get this nigga the fuck out my face right now! None of his men moves they just stand there in fear. Jimmy said none of them will touch me because they know how I am and what I can do to them! It you’re the one who needs to be schooled! Jimmy turns to everybody in the large room filled with people at the bar yelling okay good people I need this room right now you can all come back in about ten minutes or so okay!

Everybody in the room started walking out very quickly Bloody Bill is in deep shock looking saying how come I never heard of you before. Jimmy laughed saying maybe you been living under a rock for the last ten years of your life I don’t know Bloody Bill. In just a few minutes the room was cleared his bodyguard’s, is still standing there. Jimmy said you guys can go if you want to! The two big butt women got up and rolled out fast along with six of Bloody Bill’s men ran out, but one Jimmy walked up to him saying why you’re still here. The man said because I want to work for you that’s why. Jimmy started laughing saying you want to work for me looking over at his men. Scat, Danny, Leo, and Gun Smoke started laughing loud. Jimmy said what’s your name. My name is Snuff Jimmy looked him in his eyes and Jimmy’s eyes started glowing for a minute Bloody Bill fell back in his chair looking on Jimmy’s eyes stopped glowing Jimmy said you’re a good man you just was on the wrong team that’s all. Bloody Bill looked up at Jimmy saying what the hell are you the fucking devil or something. Yes, you can say that Mister Bill look I’m here for you to let the heat off one of my peoples now he points to Black Mackie. Bloody Bill looks up at him saying oh yeah, he’ll be dead real soon like his friends Kevin, Davis, Eddie and Fat Tony. Black Mackie when to reach for his pistol but Jimmy pushed his hand back not to pull it out Jimmy looked at him so he can be cool. Well, he’s with me now and that’s not going to happen. Oh yeah, we will see about that shit! That nigga robbed me in the bar while I was having a good time. Yeah, where were all your fucking men when this happen? They had the night off it doesn’t matter he’s a dead man because I said so. Cheyenne came walking in the room saying loud you did not hear the man out before your saying all that shit Billy my man. Don’t tell me your siding with this nigga here Cheyenne man he’s not really down with our black brotherhood he’s just some kind of Voodoo trickster. Cheyenne said this man has a very large deal on the table and we all can make money here it’s 1969 by 1970 we will all be millionaires if you just stop and listen to the man. Bloody Bill jumps up with a gun saying he’s going to die today Jimmy pointed at him and his gun flu up in the air landing on top of the ceiling Bloody Bill is looking up at the gun stuck up on the ceiling. Jimmy steps up with his gun in his face saying Bloody Bill you’re the one who is going to be bloody Leo, Scat, Gun Smoke Cheyenne Danny, and even Black Mackie had their guns out on him. Bloody Bill said fuck y’all Boom! Boom! Kaboom! Kapacka! Boom! The bullet rips him apart his lifeless body hit the floor hard and fast laying in a big pool of blood on the floor.

Cheyenne said well the nigga rather be dead than rich that’s on his monkey ass! Help me clean this shit up and you and me, got a deal and your man Black Mackie will not be touched by any of my people they shake hands laughing. And Cheyenne was right by 1970 they all got rich with a big pipeline of heroin running into most of the prisons on the east coast.

By 1970 I was a full-fledged Mambo priestess I was so happy my husband is at the top of his game Jamal was only 7 years old then Bobby was four and I just had Shelly she was a baby. All of them will have powers I never dreamed of. The Black Mafia were at the Hight of its powers back then a lot of people on the street started calling South Philly and North Philly Black Magic City I didn’t care what the fuck they called it just as long as we were getting paid. And we were expanding into new markets in other city’s making money hand over fist. And all of the tails of Black magic followed along with all the crazy shit that comes with this life of crime but I fucking love it doe. I never thought the move into Ontario Canada would bring in so much money Ron Harris build up an army taking over shit the bikers are a big pain in the ass, but he got them on the run. The white mob there don’t fuck with us ass well it the fucking Haitian is the ones.

Who is giving us the hardest time I know I’m masquerading as an American but now I really think like one too I ask my husband Jimmy to let me go take care of them for him? He asks me do I think I’m strong enough to do the job I told him I was and to let me prove myself to him and the family he said okay if I really need to do this then go and don’t get myself killed. So, a week later I was on my way to Ontario Canada with Scat to watch my back Jimmy took the kids to Arkansas with his sister Adel and her husband Derail while I was gone. I knew right from the door it was a test that I didn’t know is my husband send me some dark from the grave ghoulish help. We flu there it only took two hours to get there from Philly. Ron Harris met us there at the airport with two of his men Mister Spade and Boo-Koo their both from Detroit there both good friend with Detroit Mike who is down with the gang my husband send them there to see if they would work out so far they came out to be two tough motherfuckers. Ron hugs me soon as he saw me saying it been along time, he already knew Scat they bump fist all the boys help us with our bags and we all jumped in the large van and drove to this huge luxury apartment building I have to say it really beautiful and clean here in Canada. When we arrived at this very nice apartment complex Ron show us where are rooms on the six floor Ron told us he will leave Mister Spade with us if we need anything, he will take care of us and he when out the door. I unpacked my things and Mister Spade gets us some food some Pizza and beer we chit chat for a little while and I go to bed to get some rest because I got that feeling, I was going to fucking need it.

Soon as I go in my room alone, I do my homework before I go to sleep, I set up shop now with my candles and I have my own crystal ball. I conjure up my target her name Salima she too is a Mambo priestess for about five years before me but what Miss Rose taught me, I know I have the edge on her. After I did my homework on my, soon to be rival I when to sleep. I got up and got washed and dressed and I got up fixing breakfast for the three of us after I send Mister Spade to the Market for a bacon egg and potatoes so I can make home fries we ate and I told Scat and Mister Spade my game plan for tonight. It seems so long before nightfall, I learned from Miss Rose I will be more powerful at night with my dark arts. I told Mister Spade I needed a car and I know where I was going, he handed me the keys to a light green station wagon it was brand new too he had in the parking garage inside of the apartment complex.

We all strapped up and went down to the parking garage soon as we all got inside the station wagon and I got behind the wheel, Pat! Pat! Pat! Pat! I ducked down inside of the station wagon with the glass flying all over the place Mister Spade who was sitting right beside me ducked down for a few but he came up with two thirty-eight pistol shooting returning fire on that ass with the quickness. Scat sitting in the back jumped out the back seat with a 45 automatic staying low blasting back at are attackers. Just at that moment I can hear a car speeding towards us, but I’m looking all around in this Dall lit parking garage I could not see it in front of us behind us or in the back of us then Boom! In the last few seconds we all see the car hitting us I almost blacked out from the impact when I was tossed from the vehicle, but I used my powers to land on my feet. In a flash of my eyes, I conjure up an M-16 machine gun letting loose on five ass holes running my way at the same time. I see Scat shooting another four men on the right-hand side and Mister Spade is getting busy as well mopping up killing three more men on the left and blood is flying everywhere. Then everything gets quiet as the lights in the parking garage started flashing on and off like a fucking light inside of a Disco. And I hear this clapping really loud with a mist of smoke rolling on the ground super-fast. And right out of thin air I see her Salima the Goddess of Darkness she a tall woman they say she was beautiful, but I didn’t care about that shit she will look better to me after she is dead.

She called out to me while I’m standing not too far from her. I ran and took cover I’m ducking behind one of the cars in the parking garage taking aim. Scat is right beside me and Mister Spade is on the left holding his two guns up in the air ready to go. She said, "you know your no match for you me you do know that right, but you did put on a very good show for a rookie!"

" I said fuck you bitch your dead!" Soon as I said that she raises her hands up in the air and all the men we just killed stood up with blood coming out of their bodies. I said," good trick bitch" Kactackatack! I started shooting hitting the men she brought back from the dead. Mister Spade and Scat join the party shooting hot led into the men, but it seems like they will not go down no matter how many bullets we put into these motherfuckers. Then out of nowhere, I see this large headless man running past me running up ripping the heads off of the new zombie crew she sends towards us. After that we see three more of them in a fucking black blur pulling off there heads off like they were bottle caps. Their speed is unbelievable soon as they when after Salima she disappeared. After killing all of the men she brought up from the dead when they ripped their fucking heads off with blood still oozing out from their skulls and neck. One of the very tall headless men pointed towards the hallway near the elevators he other three were gone. I said to Scat, "Spade keep your eyes open I’ll be right back." As they both looking at this giant headless man Scat said," you want me to stay here with this motherfucker, I’m walking, with you!"

Mister Spade said, "its cool man he’s on our side did you see what the fuck they did. I started walking really fast towards the hallway and I looked it was a phone on the wall started ringing. I quickly picked it up and it was my husband Jimmy saying I knew you needed some help, but you did good for your first round with her but round two she’s coming back stronger than ever honey. "So how do I beat her baby?"

"Do some more homework but dig deeper find out what she can’t control but you can that’s all."

" Okay, baby, I will I love you."

" I love you to just make me proud. "

When I walked back to where Mister Spade and Scat is standing, I flashing blue lights coming towards us see a whole lot of cops coming I lifted up my machine gun and started shooting.

The cops started shooting back at me I ran towards where Scat was at shooting it out with the cops, I yelled out to Mister Spade, "get your ass over here!"

He yelled back, "I’m on my way honey!" he ran overshooting both his gun staying low soon as he came over where we were at, I waved my hand making them both duck down low behind the car Pisssssssssss! In a big cloud of smoke up in the air when the cops run up to close in on us, we were all gone. We all reappear in the living room of the apartment upstairs on the six-floor. Mister Spade said, "wow, I been seeing all kinds of fucking strange shit tonight, but this takes the cake man how the fuck you do that Mary?"

Scat said," you know who you talking to this is the one and only Mambo Mary your standing with fucking royalty motherfucker you should be bowing. "

Mister Spade said, "shit, the way she got us up out there soon as the cops came to close in on us, she queen Mambo to me!"

" Why thank you Mister Spade but its only one queen and her name is Miss Rose but that shit was wild doe." I slapped five with both of them laughing let’s eat something then I have a lot of work to do. I cook again a roast chicken with green beans and rice we sat and ate like Vikings and top it all off with some good weed and some beer from the Gods. But before I went to bed I did what my husband told me to do I dig down really deep and I hit the fucking jackpot. This bitch will never be able to fuck with me after this we did the same thing, I waited to almost nightfall and I told Mister Spade to get us another car earlier in the day he got a truck this time before we head out to the woods. This time I let Mister Spade drive I rode shotgun and Scat in the back with his gat. It took us little then three hours drive now we’re in the woods and I know she’s coming for me with something up her sleeve and I have something better up mine.

I tell him to park on this muddy road near a large group of trees on the left and right but right in the center is a vast thick forest and oh so dark and mysterious. We all get out of the truck I tell Scat and Mister Spade to wait near the truck and don’t move. I walk into the woods just a little I started chanting putting a spell on the trees pulled out my crystal ball to see where Salima is at I feel her coming now I have to see. I quickly walked back to the truck and said she’s coming, and she got a whole lot of fucking niggas with her too I’m going to post you two up along that hill near them trees that way you get them a bunch of them ass hole’s. Scat said with what my 45 automatics that was like a fucking peashooter the last time Miss Mambo Mary. You said it right go up that hill with Mister Spade here and I’ll fucking show you nigga we don’t have that much time come on! They both walk with me up this hill I pointed and made two large pile of rocks big boulders stacked up. I point again and on top of both piles of the boulders is two 50 caliber machine guns. Scat said now that what the fuck I’m talking about Miss Mambo Mary. Mister Spade said "yeah, I can cut down a bunch of motherfucker with that thing there for real!"

I looked at both of them and said, "y’all know what to do when I give y’all the signal I’m going to put one right fist in the air okay y’all got it." They both nodded their heads yes, I said," you two need to get ready they will be here soon." Scat when and claimed upon the boulder with his machine gun on the right and Mister Spade when up on the right. I walked down the hill I can feel them coming in my soul in the darkness with only the moonlight shining I’m putting down my black powder really fast in between where Scat and Mister Spade is at. I can see them coming riding up in trucks and cars but I’m not going to make it easy for there ass I put my hand up in the air and I push forward in the air as about ten trees started falling on top of the cars and trucks coming up the long muddy road. The loud sound of twisted metal echoing out as the trees is smashing into the cars and trucks, I can hear her men yelling and screaming to their deaths.

With the large red wood trees coming down super-fast crushing the vehicles three and four at a time right before my eyes as I keep motioning my hands using my black magic to uproot them to fall on them. Then I can see a bunch of her men ready for war with machine guns and guns jumping out of the cars and trucks that did not get hit by the trees and a lot of the trees are piled up blocking the muddy road. Soon as they got out of the trucks and cars I got them right where I want them, I raise my hands towards where they’re at and the trees come alive and the trees and the tree branches started lifting the men up in the air grabbing them. I chant my magic words loudly and appearing in my hands is an M-16 machine gun as I started running aiming high shooting them while the trees his hold the men up in the air. I’m ripping their ass to fucking shreds soon as I kill about five of them at a time the trees are picking up more men for me to kill holding them up in the air blood is flying everywhere squirting out from all parts of their bodies. Soon as I see Salima pop up shooting at me pissed off because I done killed more than haft of her peoples. I disappear into the darkness to draw them in closer. And that just what they did running up the muddy road then I yelled outcome on out queen Sheba and friends! From the left and right a large group of giant hairy two-headed wolves with long fangs snarling running up attacking her men chewing their ass up ripping them apart. I can hear them screaming and fighting the two-headed beasts I moved closer to where Mister Spade and Scat are on post. I backed up lighting up a haft of a cigar blowing out big clouds of smoke smirking at her as Salima is walking up towards me saying oh you been studying really hard but I’m going to show you just who is the real queen is a bitch! I put my right fist in the air and the boys open fire on her hitting her everywhere in her body. I can see the bullets are just slowing her down but not stopping her. I ran to the spot I want her to get to soon as she came up two axes’ appearing in her hands saying I’m going to chop off your fucking head and put in one my hat boxes bitch!

I just toss down my lit cigar Wouuuffff! The flames when up in the air as high as the sky what the boys did not see is, I put down some of my black powder down I stand back to watch her screaming at the top of her lugs. Her body is burning up at the same time Scat and Mister Spade are finishing off her men gunning them down running up trying to help her as they’re falling into the mud and grass along the hill watering the grass with their own blood loud death screams fill the air. As I stand and watch Salima the Goddess of darkness burns up and turns to fucking ashes. When the fire is done, I will scoop up her ashes and use them in one of my deadly potions, I know my husband can show me what to do with them. The pack of two-headed wolves all came walking over towards us really slow they all stop and only Sheba the leader of the two-headed wolves came up the hill as the others waited. She came over to me with her eyes glowing red I pet her on top of both her heads and I say good job baby thank you so much for your help girl. She howls loud almost making the trees and the ground shake and ran off into the woods as all the other wolves follow her into the darkness. Scat and Mister Spade came down from off the large boulders all excited that we took down are mighty Haitian foe’s but I have a feeling this is not the end of this fight but for now, we were the ones that came out on top this time around. I stayed until the fire died down and I got a jar out of my bag in the truck and I put some of her ashes inside of it. We all when back to the truck and drive off I had to use more of my powers to move a lot of the trees and logs in the road out of my way up the muddy dark road to make it back towards the main road and back to the apartment. I called my husband letting him know that I took out Salima and now Ron Harris and his boys can really do their thing now.

The next day me and Scat flu back to Philly you just don’t know how happy I was to get back home. A month later Jimmy told me that they double their money after I took care of Salima and he made sure I got my cut from that too. I didn’t ask for it but that what Jimmy does he make sure everybody gets what’s coming to you no matter what. But after that encounter, I got stronger and I learned so much more.

2006 copyright. All right reserved by Dartanya A. Williams Sr.

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