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Can You Really Handle Fame?

To all my writing friends blog Divas and blog Homies and again to all of my out of control mega-maniacs on Instagram loving all of my streetlogy quotes. Thanks for the love for my new add for my new masterpiece Almasi aka Glock Mommy coming soon. Now let me ask a question?Let’s all keep it real here could you really handle fame for real? Andy Warhol said, “everybody will have 15 minutes of fame one time in their life.” I guess his prediction have came true with everybody on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Now we all say we want to be famous, but everybody wants the glamour and the power and especially the money that’s the part of fame. Everyone looks at one side and not the flip side of the coin. What about the dark side of fame? The stalkers? The freaks, the autograph hounds, the kooks and millions of trolls who hate on you every day on line for no reason at all or for every little thing you say because your famous.

Despite all crazy things that can happen to you along the yellow brick road to fame and so called fortune everyone will tell you they want to be famous. Please don’t get it twisted I also want to be famous myself, selling a lot books writing screen plays and making films I want to make. Yet, I don’t want to lose my integrity to do so. Now a days it’s to many people don’t know the difference between being famous or being infamous. I have to say in our very troubling times people will do anything to be famous no matter what it is. All that madness are the people on line it’s the accidental viral people we all love like Charlie bit my finger, the woman who vomit on her pastor when she was getting married, Jeremy Meeks when the police put his mug shot on the internet and he blows up with women going crazy with millions of women saying he’s really hot.

Plus millions of women saying he was too hot to be in prison and an overnight heartthrob on the internet. He went from being gang banger from the Crips to getting a fashion contract when he got out of jail. David at the dentist 2009 when viral after he was videotaped in the back of his father car really high after seeing the dentist. I have to say was really funny too. Then it’s Alex from Target after a young girl took his picture while he was working thinking the young guy is hot and he blow up after it when viral getting over 5,5000 follower overnight.

What about Tay Zonday aka the Chocolate Rain guy with his super deep voice making everybody laugh with his song that suppose to be about racism? Who could forget Antoine Dodson saying, “hide your wife hide and your kids. His video went viral and they made a song of his interview. Its was really funny too I can’t lie. These are some of the people who became famous by accident.

Here is the dark side of fame a lot of people don’t know about it was a woman name Peg Enwhistle she was a struggling actress in Hollywood. She was in a play called the Mad Hoax’s starting none other than the great Humphrey Bogart of big time gangster movie fame.

Peg Enwhistle was in a movie called 13 women. Starting Myrna Loy, Irene Dunne and Ricardo Cortez. For RKO pictures in 1932 sadly Peg Enwhistle was cut out of most the scenes of the movie when she found out she became depressed and upset about it. So, one night she told her uncle she was staying with that she was going to take a walk to get some air. She walked to the Hollywood hills to where the big Hollywood sign is at and she found a ladder behind the letter H she climbed to the top of the letter H and she jumped to her death.

The next day a woman walking bye found her body and reported to the police along with Pegs Enwhistle shoes and her coat. What was so sad is the same day of her death her uncle took a letter from the mail box for Peg asking her to be the lead in another play. What could have been a role that could have put her back in the movies and making her a big star. Moral to the story never give up on your dreams. What about the even darker side of the people in the fast lane everything all the time. I know that’s a line from the Eagles song, but I just could not help myself I’m black, but I know a grate song when I hear one. The 27 years old club Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin who all died at the age of 27 years old. Now sadly Amy Winehouse joined that club. Tupac Shakur was only 25 years old when he got killed what even sadder the Notorious B.I.G. was only 24. Dee Jay Scott La Rock was 25 years old when he was shot and killed. Easy E was only 31 when he died from aids. Sam Cooke was 33 years old when he was killed. Big Pun was only 28 Nate Dog was 41 when he died Heavy D was 44 years old. Marvin Gaye was the same age when he was shot and killed by his own father at 44 years old. Phife Dawg from Tribe called Quest was 45. Guru of Gang Star fame was 48 when he past. There are many more but we loved them all, but they all were too young to die at the age they were when they died if you ask me. Fame magnifies their deaths even more then if they were not famous. And people who are Instagram famous to me is not like Denzel Washington famous because Denzel could not go to the supermarket without everybody in the store going bananas. Now if someone who is an Instagram star nobody will know them unless they stay on Instagram. They don’t have to deal with the things Denzel have to go through all the madness he would have to deal with on a daily basis. Or someone on his level like Beyonce or Jay-Z could you just imagine millions of people who love you and yes millions of people who hate you for nothing. I know a guy in the barber shop who hate LeBron James no matter what he does. I ask him one day why he hate Lebron so much?You want to know something he could not tell me why.

This is something you need to ask yourself when you're out there on your long journey towards fame. Will people just hate me for who I am and I can tell you right from the door the answer is yes? I found out a long time ago that you can’t make people like you and you damn sure can’t make them love you neither. But what I found out from my research and from living life that fame will not heal or cure the deep issues you have in your life. I know so many people no matter what they have or what they get there never happy. Becoming Famous will make things worse not better go on YouTube and listen to some of the people who have it all who are not happy. Then it’s people who find themselves and the others while up killing them self like Heath Ledger at the age of 28 years old or going crazy like Britney Spears did.

All I’m saying everybody, and their mother wants to be famous but deep down inside some people could not handle fame and some people will roll with the punches and make like sweeter than it already is when they do work hard towards their goals of becoming famous. Now I want you to notice I said famous not rich that’s a whole new news letter because a lot of us become famous and the money do not follow or match their fame. And yes, it can happen to you ask George Clinton of Parliament- Funkadelic fame, TLC, Kurtis Blow, A Tribe Called Quest, New Edition, Prince and the most famous group that got ripped off is the Beatles. You still want to be famous? And I already know what 99% of y’all going to say hell yes! Just don’t lose your soul or your mind along the way. Well good luck to all you and I hope to see you at the top but with that fame you really wanted that you are happy safe and have a piece of mine along with it. And just like I tell people all the time don’t take any shorts or take any wooden nickels.

Well it's your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. aka Deeluciano the Don if you like what I dropped on you can hit me up on my web site Dartanyaawilliamssr.com or come check me out on the Social Media like Facebook Dartanya A. Williams Sr authors page. Twitter @Dartanyasr. And on Instagram Dartanyasr. And I’m super excited about my next book Almasi Glock Mommy Ready to drop on the world and trust me its Lit! And once you read it you will never forget it.

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