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Celebrity Black Men’s MentalHealth State is in Critical Condition

Oh Yeah, on this blog I’m Kwenda kwa kina (Going deep) and off the chain while the rest of the world has gone insane. To Keep it real Black people in Hollywood have been getting caught up losing their mind in the show-biz game with too many Black men Mentally in pain. So, buckle in while I give you straight up flames to your brain. All of you who are new to my literary madness you need to hold on tight with all your might while I drop these bombs at the speed of light. Before I give it to all of you raw dawg without the bag. I like to give a big shout out to all of my blog Divas blog homeys and down by law megalomaniacs and cyber punks who’ve always held me down no matter what.

Now I must ask you how in the hell can you upstage Kanye West? And of all people to do the slap that went across the world Will Smith. Now I have to say the joke was in bad taste but to do this in front of all the Hollywood elites was just crazy. And not for nothing in my opinion to do this in front of all these white people at the Oscars on the biggest night of his life. Would he have done that if he was a white comedian?

Did the cancel culture just get stronger when he did this? For some Chris Rock is a Black man nobody cared that he did it. Any other Black person would have got escorted out of the fucking building. A lot of people said he was defending his wife. They said he was defending his wife’s honor now all the jokes are going to get deeper and more vicious. All the celebrities are going wild and having fun with all of this on social media. To me Will Smith and Kanye Bat-Shit West are the same. I call it the Elvis syndrome surrounded by yes men and ass kissers and they get to do whatever they want to do filled with loose women, big, inflated egos and a crazy mental state.

Did Will Smith go run up on that no name kiddy rapper his wife had a so-called entanglement with? Down the way we call it having sex with or just plain old fucking your son’s friend. Plus, she told him about this right in his face with her red table podcast whore discussion. Jada- Jezebel Smith is the one who got him going crazy talking him into an open marriage with everybody ranking on his ass and his manhood on social media. I must omit black men are under more stress in America economically, socially and specially mentally. And in the entertainment world its off the fucking charts for real one false move and all your hard work goes up in smoke.

A lot of us come from a bad neighborhood, lack of a good education, no fathers in the home, getting shot down by police for just being Black. On top of white supremacy suppressing us 24-7 and the whole nine. Not to blame social media on all of our problems but it does make shit a whole lot worse. But Jada & Will opened that door on their marriage, not social media.

Too many men and women are pretending to be someone they’re not. Opening every little thing about their life to strangers whose moral compass is broken and really don’t care about your ass. If you’re a big star or just a regular person you have to have three things: a personal life, a private life and a public life. The whole world doesn’t have to know about your sex life how much money you make or all of the materialistic things that you have and worked for. What about Jussie Smollett going crazy in court after they found him guilty of faking a hate crime What makes that so fucked up, he was on the biggest show in the world. He had one of the largest platforms in the country and he pulled some bullshit stunt!

He could have gone on Facebook for free to talk about whatever he wanted to talk about not that dumb shit he did. Now why do we have some much smoke for Black people when they say something, but they don’t have that same smoke for white people who are more disrespectful from the door. I love Will Smith, but you cannot brag that he was from Philly. He was born in Philly when he lived in Hollywood longer than he lived in Philadelphia. He has been far removed from real life people from Philly for a very long time.

So, I’m not buying that bull shit statement and all that horseshit about God he put into his speech you need to stop that for real. You just fumble the bag dude! And a bigger bag at that. We were all cheering for him to win for all of his hard work on the movie King Richard. This is just my opinion, but you fucked up dude! I love you Will Smith but you’re not from the streets my man. The rules of the streets and at the Oscars are to different things, bro. Then you go and walk on stage and slap the shit out of someone for joking about your wife. Wow. But days later he apologized to Chris Rock publicly. That's a good thing, but to me a day late and a dollar short. But check this out now we going to have a coming to Jesus’ meeting where a lot of Black celebrities have been out of control for a long time now. I hate to talk about some of the greatest entertainers in the world and some are them are no longer with us like Michael Jackson, Tupac, Prince who all showed odd, bizarre out of control behavior.

I loved them all, but I don’t know that once some people get famous, they go crazy with power. What about some of these Rappers Like Cool C from Philly, C- Murder, Bobby Shmurda, Kodak Black and AR-AB one of the best hip- hop artist from Philly. What about one of the best R&B singers on the planet R. Kelly? I did a blog on him and all of y’all need to go read it right now. He’s wasting away in a jail cell instead of making grown and sexy music for the world to love and appreciate.

I have to say I get it when all your life nobody listens to us as Black men and with money and power you get people to take you seriously for once in your life. But to me not to be judgmental some people take their shit just a little too far. And people are not talking about the so-called Oscars curse? Hattie McDaniel was told to make the speech they wrote for her, but she did her own winning for Gone with the wind you never seen her after that or know about her. A racist ass movie if you ask me! What happen to Mo’Nique she got blackball, what happen Louis Gossett Jr. After winning for an officer and a gentleman. What about Jamie Foxx for Ray but he should have got one for Django?

In closing, I can go on and on about Rapper’s actors and other entertainers. Who get lost once they get into the Hollywood game and fame? Jim Carrey was right Hollywood is spineless. They build you up to knock you down but if you hang yourself, that’s on you for real.

We can’t say we want inclusion, and somebody do some dumb shit to make all of us look bad and you wonder why white people look at us like they do. Don’t build yourself up to being a role model when you’re not. So, if you fucked up nobody can say shit about it, we’re all human so why live under a bull shit façade or phony ass image be yourself. I don’t care what some people say some Black men can not handle the pressure of fame.

Once you reach that mountain top you should enjoy it no matter the ups and down of the biz, know who you are and know where you come from. And what is a man to gain the world when he loses his soul. Money and fame can’t never buy you a good peace of mind or happiness for real.

It's your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. If you like what I drop on your dome hit me up on all my social media do dads. I’m on Twitter @DartanyaSr. My Facebook Authors page is Dartanya A. Williams Sr. and I’m on Instagram DartanyaSr. I’m a crime writer, blogger and filmmaker.

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