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Fake News is Nothing New to the People of Color!

Vipi (Means What’s up in Swahili) To everyone new on the set and I hope you come and be one of my frequent flyers in my literary madness of my off the hook books and super-hot blogs. Now to all my writing friends blog Divas, blog homies and a special shout out to all my megalomaniacs from around the country and across the pond. If you don’t know my hot street novel Almasi 2 that’s rocking the streets right now is available on paperback available now. So you need to go out and get that right now while they're hot! Now what I want to drop on your dome is we live in the information's age of superhighway with mega search engines like Google and artificial intelligence on every phone and iPad. Why is there so much misinformation, fake news and tons of propaganda swirling around making so many people confused? I can’t lie I always say that people are so dumb and gullible because I’m always checking things out being a master researcher and news junkie not just because I’m a writer. It’s because I’m always questing for knowledge and teaching people around me. I have to realize many people are not like me and they're lazy and believe anything that’s on the internet. I can’t front I learn more from the internet than I ever learn from school, but the internet is like the wild, wild west. It has all kinds of crazy shit going on every day.

One thing I learn from the streets is when someone tells you something or writes an article about a subject you need to check it out for yourself. They teach that to new journalists. I never wanted to be a journalist. I’m just a person who wants to know the facts, not some bull shit people made up. Just ask yourself who does all this malarkey and Bohemian cashew gets started in the first place? Well, I can give you five different reasons. Check this out one is the joker posting memes on Facebook and Instagram and all kinds of websites. Number two, the scammers with COVID -19 you have these con artists selling fake cures and remedies and if people hear it over a million times a day from pitch men and women or a local or a wash up celebrity who needs money just like the next person.

They will tell you how much this product works for them and someone in their family people are so gullible to believe them just like back in the days when people sold snake oil claiming that it was a cure all. And I hate to say this, but lazy and older people go for that bull shit every time. Number three the politician who lies all the time to keep his or her pockets full with your tax dollars.

And Oh yes, it’s not just Trump that’s acting like he’s working for some Russian troll farm repeating fresh propaganda and flat out lies to fit their narrative. Trump keep saying that mail in votes are going to be fraudulent that’s a lie he’s trying to keep people from voting and if he lost, he can have an excuse why he lost not that he’s incompetent at his job.

To me n he’s the worst president that ever held the office he’s trying to digitalize the election. His peoples and mindless minions repeat it over like a giant echo chamber like their buzz word alternative facts how many times you heard that one and million others they pull out their ass. Number four the conspiracy theorist these people are more dangerous than any of the others who spread lies and propaganda. They make up their own websites and suck in millions of people every day like the Chinese government made COVID-19 in a lab to take down America. Just like the one about Aids being made in a lab from the American government and were released on the public to kill gay and black people.

I really don’t trust the American government, but I would never believe those conspiracy theories even doe good old Uncle Sam have been fucking Black people and all people of color over for years and still do to this very day.

Let’s discuss the Tuskegee Syphilis study in Alabama that went on from 1932 to 1972 experimenting on black people seeing the effects of syphilis on black people without letting them know about it. How about forty acres and a mule we suppose have got after slavery? After they assassinated Lincoln, they didn’t give black people jack spit, and it’s still like that right now and all people of color build this bitch with our blood sweat and tears.

Okay, last one number five the insider that’s a person close to you and they share misinformation and because you know them or are close to them you believe what they told you or shared with you from a post from Facebook or something. And you never check it out, you go with it and tell and share it with others. I hate to say this but if Facebook says somebody is dead; I have to check it out on another news source. Or it will be some big shot and a doctor you know telling you about something that’s going on at the time like the stock market crashing fool proof stocks and investments. How about some job training program or get rich quick scheme and after you saw or heard it a million times on some slick made commercials, you will believe it?

I have to say this, but people of color are used to fake news and misinformation all of our lives because back in the days these reporters are not like now. There were racist reporters inside of the so-called mainstream news sources they helped destroy every person of color who ever stood up to the establishment. They lie to them to make up shit that’s not true to ruin their character in the public eye. Just think of so many Black and Hispanic leaders how fast they build them up to tear them down. It doesn't matter if it’s politics, music or sports they have to have some kind of smear campaign.

Just like a lot of the corporate landowners saying that Cesar Chavez was a troublemaker and a communist trying to destroy America. How about if President Obama was not born here in the United states? You know who started that one Mister orange face liar himself. Or LeBron James speaks up about injustice and some Fox commentators reply is, “shut up and dribble.”

How about Minster Farrakhan is anti-Semitic and that he hates Jews and all white people? They said the same thing about Malcolm X knowing they built up the atmosphere for him to be assassinated when the CIA is the ones who did the job. How about J. Edgar Hoover said that Martin Luther King speech I have a dream was the most un-American speech ever made, and he’s a communist and a rebel rouser to all the good color folk? What about Trump and his diehard cronies calling the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist organization?

Mark Twain said, “a lie is halfway around the world before the truth has even got its boots on. Why don't we debunk these lies and propaganda like other countries do? Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia these countries are behind on compared to the United States, but they have fact checking shows on TV debunking all the Russian propaganda that’s always being pumped on the internet and news feeds. Why we don’t do it here in the good old USA because Facebook and other internet platforms make money from all this misinformation being spread. Or they think America are too educated and sophisticated to believe most of this propaganda. But that is not true, how do you explain the far-right conspiracy theorist movement of Q Anon. They believe that Trump is a messiah, and they believe that rich democrats and super rich Hollywood elites are running an underground child's sex trafficking ring. Sounds crazy, but this is true that’s how pizza gates happen. A man name Edgar Madison Welch with an AR-15 machine gun came to a D.C. pizza shop to rescue children from the basement of this pizza shop. Not only were there no children inside of the place it also didn’t have a basement.

Why Facebook and YouTube debunk this crazy propaganda before all this went too far. I remember back in 2016 right before the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump election I started hearing about if black people would not vote they were going to take it away from us. Now that one was crazy, but I heard it going on everywhere even on Facebook. As you know if you believe anything on Facebook you have to be fucking crazy. How about this one that some Southern state’s was going to put slavery back on the books what’s crazy about that is some of them never took it off their books in the first place. Here is one for you I heard this one when I was young That James Brown and Marvin Gaye was going to get married.

And Marvin Gaye was going to change his sex for them to be together. If that crazy ass story would have come out in the age of Facebook and Instagram people would have believed it. How many times do you see super star’s in hip hop and R&B reported dead or in jail? I heard that DMX was dead at least three times already on Facebook. How about the one that black people could not get the Coronavirus? I heard a major hip hop star with millions of followers say it out of their own mouth and when people hear that bullshit they believe it too.

Between outlandish rumors and misinformation the Russian are sitting back laughing because they are not just feeding America’s misinformation, they just echo what the conspiracy theory people cooking up right here in America. The Russian just make fake websites and fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram and spread it like it’s the truth and dumb ass people eat it up like fast food burgers with extra cheese. I always wondered what America would look like when it fell into the big mighty empire crumbling right before our own eyes for all its sins. The thing is it already fell, and everybody is so busy fighting each other and lying about everything going down that nobody notices it already did. This superpower is just riding on the fumes of its industrial streams of money coming in illegally and legitimate and seriously being mismanaged by this present administration trillions of dollars in debt. It is fact not fiction, look it up for yourself, but these Donald Trump Republicans are not financially responsible spending money like drunken sailors and leaving Mister and Miss Taxpayer with the bill and that’s real.

The main weapon that’s used against people of color has always been and still is misinformation suppressing us from not voting. Right now as I’m writing this blog they have out fake drop boxes and robot calls with the wrong dates and deadlines for mailing in your votes this only goes on right now in the black community and having us standing in line to vote for 12 hours that don’t make any fucking sense.

Every day of the week people of color are being shut out of business to have financial independence in Philadelphia there are only 3% black-owned businesses no councilman or city official could explain that one to me. Wanting us to be permanent sharecroppers in the high-tech world why they call it black twitter and niggas isn’t getting one extra dime out of that shit. Go on your computer and Google Twitter's founders or executives and see if you see anybody of color. They just want us to be Promoters and side people in Hollywood to the movie streaming billion-dollar industry and we get crumbs.

What about in sports with no black or Hispanic owners in Football baseball or basketballs who were fed the misinformation that were not qualified to be in the front office think about that the next time you’re watching a game?

How about all the books from people of color in all kinds of genres you never heard of with them saying that they don’t sell, or people of color don’t read? How about that lie or misinformation All I’m saying is all my life all I've been hearing is lies's misinformation and propaganda and people who have read this know I’m telling the truth? Maybe I’m a little old school but in my book of truth and telling it like it is will always conquer the lies and propaganda and fake news going on every day in our life’s.

Yo, it’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. The underground novelist super star I spit truthful Thought-provoking blogs and hot ass streets books not 16 bars. Aka Deeluciano The Don dropping bombs like Vietnam. If you like what I just dropped on your dome. Please hit me up on any of the social media do dads like my Facebook author's page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m also on Twitter @ Dartanyasr. I’m also on Instagram Dartanyasr. And you can go to my banging ass website Dartanyaawilliamssr.com you can check out my hot ass Gangster Angel’s T-shirts and hoodies and read some of my hot ass blogs and short stories. Now I’m excited about my new street banger Almasi 2 it’s the sequel to Almasi aka Glock Mommy novel that rocked the streets last year. n

Until next time good people stay focused on your thing, work hard on your dreams and always be on your grind and never let a hater try to stop your shine at no time!

r dreams and always be on your grind and never let a hater try to stop your shine at no time!

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