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Fred Hampton- The Chairman by Dartanya A. Williams Sr.

“If you dare to struggle, you dare to win. If you dare not struggle, then damn it, you don’t deserve to win.” Fred Hampton

Amani (Means Peace in Swahili) and oh yes, your boy is back at it again for 2021 and my writing skills are deadlier than any type of machine gun. To all of you who are new to all my writing madness and factual four-alarm blaze without you getting burned. When you are armed with the truth the imposters and perpetrators can’t touch you. Especially white supremacists, yahoo seditionists, and some orange-faced fascist assholes who were fired by 81 million people tired of the bullshit. As always, I give a mad shout out to all my writing friends, blog Divas, blog homies, and to all my megalomaniacs from all over the globe that’s out of control.

“You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.” Fred Hampton

Now I want all of you to repeat after me and I want to hear it loud, proud, and crisp. I am a Revolutionist! Profound strong words from the chairman of the Black Panther Party Fred Hampton. He used to make people yell, “I am a revolutionist” at his rallies to give young black and Hispanic people to have some sense of pride and dignity. He was letting people of color who were oppressed and belittled every day know that you can make a change if you stand up and get off your ass and do something about it. As much as the FBI and racist white people wanted you to believe the Black Panthers were not a violent group of mindless thugs. Does this sound familiar to BLM Black Lives Matter members? The Black Panthers set up medical clinics for the poor and disenfranchised people in their neighborhoods when the government didn’t. And when the government did, they were fucking experimenting on our ass with some mad doctors. They had breakfast programs for the poor children and educational programs teaching them the knowledge of self. Every self-respecting Black person should know!

“If you walk through life and don’t help anybody, you haven’t had much of a life” Fred Hampton

Fred Allen Hampton was born August 30, 1948, the Chicago Police Department assassinated him on December 4, 1969. The orders came from the FBI and the illegal COINTELPRO program led by J. Edgar Hoover himself.Fred Hampton started out as an activist for (NAACP) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People with his great organizing skills. He got a group of 500-members strong. What everyone found out fast that Fred Hampton was a brilliant orator and organizer. Fred Hampton could talk to major state leaders to the homeboy and homegirl on the corner and gang members. Disenchanted with the NAACP and being harassed plus a lot of police brutality by the Chicago police department made Fred Hampton join the Black Panther Party. Fred Hampton rose fast throughout the ranks of the Black Panther Party and soon after became the chairman. He also negotiated peace treaties with rival gangs in Chicago.

He had the Black P-Stone Rangers, The Young Lords, a Hispanic gang down with him and made up his Rainbow Coalition. And yes, Jesse Jackson stole that shit from Fred Hampton, okay. On December 4th the pre-dawn raid at 2337 Monroe street people called it the massacre on Monroe street. Fred Hampton along with Mark Clark, a captain in the Black Panthers. At 4:45 heavily armed police’s team stormed into the apartment opening fire hitting Mark Clark who was sitting up front with a shotgun in his lap. They hit him with a barrage of bullets in his chest. After the shotgun that was in Mark Clark’s lap hit the floor and discharged, hitting the ceiling. The police moved in spraying bullets several others were seriously wounded.

After hitting Fred Hampton, he was wounded so badly the police dragged his body and did the coup de grâce shooting him in the head. William O Neal drugged unknowingly to everyone an FBI informant who joined the Black Panthers to infiltrate the organization with information. William O’ Neal joined the Black Panther Party after they caught him with a stolen car. He also was impersonating a Federal agent. At around one O” clock that night. William O’ Neal also supplied the police with floor plans of the apartment; he let the police know what he did before they made their move. I knew Fred Hampton was drugged he was unable to shoot at the police that they claimed he did. Edward Hanrahan, the Cook County, State attorney lied and said that the Black Panthers shot first. What came out of the investigation that the so-called bullet holes that Fred Hampton supposed had shot were nails in the door. And the coroner’s report said that Fred Hampton was drugged with a barbiturate.

A Year later in 1970 the grand jury verdict was a justifiable homicide, but a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of the survivors and relatives of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. They resolved it in 1982 by a settlement of 1.85 million; the City of Chicago, Cook County, and the Federal government paid one-third to the group of nine plaintiffs. Fred Hampton is one of my heroes I’m not going to lie I can’t wait to see the movie even though I read the book by Jeffrey Haas called the assassination of Fred Hampton. I hope they don’t fuck it up for real the clips look lit. And as far as the man who betrayed Fred Hampton William O’ Neal what is not known is that he committed suicide on January 25, 1990. Fred Hampton died at 21 and will be remembered as one of our greatest leaders and warriors for justice in America for many years to come.

My name is Dartanya A. Williams Sr. aka Deeluciano The Don. I’m a crime writer and a blog composing provocateur. Come check me out on my banging ass website Dartanyaawilliamssr.com

“I believe I’m going to die doing the things I was born to do. I believe I’m going to die high off the people. I believe I’m going to die a revolutionary in the international revolutionary proletarian struggle.” Fred Hampton
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