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Fred "The Hammer" Williamson-Creating Movies on His Own Terms

Fred The Hammer Williamson

Yo to all my writing friends blog Divas, blog Homies out there in the world and to all my mega maniacs from all over the country holding me down. I want to thank each and every one of y’all for checking out my blog. For everyone who has been telling me how much they love my new book Almasi aka Glock mommy.

I told everybody once you started reading it that you could not put it down. Trust me people that are close to me keep calling me on the phone all the time saying how good the book is and how much they enjoy it. I knew when I was writing it, I had something on my hands when my editor started crying while we were working on it that’s how powerful the book is. I can’t lie to you. What everyone doesn't know that I put a very strong message in all my books without preaching to you. Well, any who I’m gonna write about someone that gives me so much inspiration to write the kind of stories that I write. His name is Frederick Robert Williamson better known to the world as Fred the Hammer Williamson a lot of you young-n’s would not know who he is if you never seen From Dusk till Dawn as Frost or you seen Original Gangstas with all of my heroes Pam Grier, Richard Roundtree, Ron O’Neil and Jim Brown.

Wow, that is a whole new blog to write about for real,but the first time I heard about Fred Williamson was through my uncles and their friends I was not old enough to go see Black Caesar. I was just 12 years old and I was having fits to see this movie. I seen all the posters and people in school who said they had seen it. My mother and stepfather hadn’t taken me to see it yet. They just told me it was good just like the people in school would tell me as you know that was not enough for me. A year before that Super fly came out and I went crazy not being able to go see that movie too I was too young. My mother brought the soundtrack album of Super fly and I was turned out just from that. I wrote my first strong black character from that Super fly soundtrack and his name was Blackdotts. I got the name from one of my mother’s Jazz albums.

One day my mother wanted to see what I was writing about all the time and started reading it showing it to my stepfather and they laughed their heads off. But even at that age I said to myself I was not going to stop writing and here I Am today. Well just like with the Super fly movie my mother brought the James Brown soundtrack to Black Caesar and I went the hell off writing about a bad ass dude from the ghetto. Now I was only 12 at the time and I didn’t know all that much about the streets but what I seen and heard through my friends and family. But this is where I started and even after the times changes and so did the movies, I just kept writing and getting better at it, but I did not take it seriously until I got older.

That’s when I had so many people around me saying I would never become a writer, or I would be anything or anybody in life. Yeah, I heard that all the time, but I did not listen to them at all. By the time I hit high school and I knew the streets a whole lot better I was old enough to go see a Fred Williamson movie it was Boss Nigger in 1975. I was working at Micky D’s at the time and I went with a group of friends and of course I had to pay somebody who did not have any money so we all had to go. Now if it was for a girl I would have not mine, so we all go, and I was blown out the water and I loved it. That movie let me know we can all be black cowboys and be the hero other than John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. I liked Clint a little better but y’all know where I’m going with this. To me he was not better then Fred Williamson in Boss Nigger because I could see myself as the hero for the first time in my life. That movie made me do some real research about that it was millions of black and brown cowboys good and bad I never knew that before.

Of course I came up with my own black cowboy character I forgot his name but all I know is that my mind was working double overtime writing and creating and now I have a black cowboy character now called Dead Eye who came back from the dead to avenge his family getting killed by the Ku Klux Klan. Then in that same year I when to go see Bucktown and Take a hard ride those two times I went by myself I got hip to the friend who never have any money when it’s time to go to the movies and I did not have a girlfriend at the time so I went by myself. I enjoyed the movie a whole lot better too. His movies always made me dream of one day I can make a movie and my writing got stronger and better because of seeing his films.

I was hooked on Fred Williamson movies what I didn’t know was that he started producing writing starring and directing his own films and as you know I did not understand the power structure of Hollywood on people of color. I was wondering why in all the movies with black people in them they died first in the movie or get halfway to the end and get killed saving someone white?

Well not in Fred Williamson movies he was the hero and I did not understand at the time that’s just what we need to see at the time in our communities. Still today we need to see more people of color as heroes. Well by the time I went to go see 1990: The Bronx Warriors in 1982 I took a girl with me this time than video tapes were coming out and I went and brought all of the movies I could not see as a kid like Black Caesar(1973), The Legend of Nigger Charley(1972), the Hammer(1972) Three the Hard Way(1974) That Man Bolt(1973) .

To me that movie let me know and to think of a black James Bond type of character and it fueled my imagination and it took off from the runway and have been flying high since.

This man has written and produced over 80 films and he’s still pumping them out on his own. To me he doesn’t get enough recognition for his work. I already know he’s not doing it for anyone to pat him on his back he’s doing what he loves to do on his own terms. I wrote a blog on my love hate feelings of Hollywood early this year. Some of you guys need to check it out its really good.

Now that I’m much more on top of my game with knowing what time it is, I see why Fred Williamson is doing what he’s doing he’s his own man. He’s showing all of us that you don’t have to play the Hollywood game the way they want you to. If you go to Youtube and see any of his interviews you will love them for real. I loved when he said in one interview and said,

“ If Hollywood don't go by what I want in a movie like you can’t kill me off. I have to win all my fights and I get the girl in the end of the movie if I want her. Now if none of those things happen in the movie I will go off and do my own movie where I know all three of those things is going to happen.”

You want to know what he’s 100% right on that one. Fred Williamson has his own production company and he puts out his own movies something a lot of these stars should be doing. He gives me so much inspiration to get my film company off the ground just like I did my publishing company with my books.

So, I wrote this blog for everyone to go check out a real Hollywood rebel who is still putting out movies and he did not sell out to be successful and he put out one hell of a blueprint for all of us to follow.

Now it's your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. The underground super star novelist aka Deeluciano the Don dropping bombs!

If you like my blog, please let me know or any of the social media do dads I’m on Facebook go to my authors page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. Twitter @ Dartanyasr. And on Instagram Dartanyasr. And you have to go pick up my book Almasi aka Glock Mommy and just like I told everybody its smoking hot for real once you start reading it you will not want to put it down. It will rock your world and touch your soul deep down inside!

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