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Gakirah Barnes-From A Young Scholar to Notorious Gangster

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Gakirah Barnes

Hey, I’m back at it again y’all and as always I want to say loud and proud what’s up to all my writing friends blog Divas, blog homies and to every one of my mega maniacs in the off the hook good old USA and to my people from across the pond in the UK and beyond. I want to thank everyone who downloaded my masterpiece, Almasi, aka Glock Mommy loving the book. And for everyone who downloaded my book on the free Labor Day weekend. My best weekend ever and I have to give a mad shout out to Tamyara Brown for working so hard for me all the time thanks Sis. Now I have more than 200 new potential fans I like to call new friends to read my books so they all can know that your boy here has mad skills and flavor for you and your neighbor when it comes to the writing game thing here. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for real.

Now this story I’m about to drop on you is real as it comes it's about a young black girl name Gakirah Barnes aka K.I. In the streets, they call her Snoop just like the fictional character from the television series The Wire. Gakirah Barnes is from Chicago aka Chi-Raq she was a member of the gang called Tooka Gang. She went from being a shy happy child with straight A’s on her report card to a notorious hitter for a Chicago gang and many claims that Gakirah Barnes had murdered someone by the time she was 14 years old and she might be responsible for more than 20 murders. Gakirah Barnes lived with her mother and she described her as a sweet loving girl, and her mother said, “she was nothing like what the police and news article saying she was like.” Her mother also stated that she wasn’t an angel. According to police records though K.I. Has been arrested numerous times, she’s never been arrested for the crime of murder. And there is no real evidence to support those statements of her being connected to more than 20 murders. She’s been credited with the death of Odee Perry and Rapper Blood Money. Odee Perry was a member of the Black Disciples A rival gang back in 2011 as retaliation for one of Barnes gang members Shondale Tooka Gregory that was murdered earlier. Still there’s no evidence that Barnes committed the murder.

Lil Jay a rapper and member of Barnes gang posted a picture on Instagram with Barnes and her brother with caption # Gang Shout to RHEM(Them) twins that made O Block #Seriously” O” block is a nickname adopted by Odee’s click in his honor. On April 9, 2014 rapper and Gangster Disciples gang member Blood Money (Mario Hess) was gunned down in a hail of bullets.

When I first found out about Gakirah Barnes aka K.I. when I watch a documentary on A&E I watched it twice after I saw it remind me that she was a real like Almasi aka Glock Mommy and people think I make all this stuff up. I tell people all the time life is stranger than fiction and real-life does imitate art. In real life, it’s so much sadder because it’s many people out there who don’t really appreciate the gift we all were given called life. It’s not always fair or all good all the time but it sure is sweet if you really think about it. When I saw the many posts of Gakirah Barnes aka K.I. posing with guns and money in her hand it made me think that she was really trying to be somebody in this crazy world and to be recognized as someone who is tough and she was really living off of the myth of a real shooter and killer for her friends and enemies alike in rival gangs. She wanted to show the world she’s not to be played with anybody from the hood could tell you that you can’t show weakness or fear at no times whatsoever.

Yet, there is a cry for help, acceptance and that gang life is about creating a haven of acceptance. How easy it is for a young scholar to be turned into a notorious killer at an early age. Gakirah being apart of the Chiraq culture of youth whose heroes are not the police but the gangs of the streets.

What’s really a shame is that Gakirah Barnes's father was murdered when she was only one year old on Easter Sunday 1997. I know young women and men from the streets just like Gakirah Barnes aka K.I. Some of them change their life for the better and some don’t make to get old I see this type of thing going on all the time coming up in Philly. It’s heartbreaking to see it happening repeatedly with people I know and love. I won’t give up the fight to bring awareness to the world to make people care about all these injustices that are done to us along with the genocide that’s right in front of our eyes every day.

I don’t write about those in the violent world to glorify gang or gangster culture I do it for people to know what’s really going on in the hood all over the country in major cities. I want people not to waste their life or time because it is so much more to live for than becoming a statistic to a system program for all of us to fail especially our young people out there. I write these stories because have to be aware, see the signs that are often hidden on why children turn to gang life.

The Gakirah Barnes documentary was another one that made me cry that a young smart black girl's life was wasted to the streets. It makes me think of what she could have become an educator, writer, rap artist, music mogul, counselor to other youth from the hood who knows. If someone could have got through to her to change her life and she could have looked back on her life and laugh about it saying she was going through a phase in her life instead of being slaughtered in the street like so many of our young people who lost their way. I too have survived seeing so many of the people close to me lost to the mad carnage that goes on every day. I tell people all the time that we can’t treat a lot of troubled young people out here as if they are disposable like so many of the things we consume here in America.

On April 11, 2014, at the age of 17 Gakirah Barnes aka K.I. was gunned down in the streets of Chicago like millions of others we hear about across the country. She portrayed herself as a ruthless killer on social media was this real or just another one of her synthetic manufactured life to impress her peers and friends?

Well, it’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. The underground novelist superstar. I write novels I don’t spit bars aka Deeluciano the Don. I’m away got something that hot like fire and dropping bombs! If you like my blog, I just dropped on your dome so heavily please drop me a line any time please let me know. You can hit me up on all the social media do-dads I’m on Facebook go to my author page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m on Twitter @Dartanyasr. And Instagram Dartanyasr or you can check me out on my web site Dartanyaawilliamssr.com and don’t forget to pick up my hot new novel Almasi aka Glock Mommy once you start reading it you will not want to put it down and it will touch you deep down in your soul and have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish and that’s for real.

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