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Getting that book done, Part 2

Getting That Book Done Part 2.

To all my writing friends blog Divas, Blog Homies and I can’t ever forget all of my mega maniacs everywhere! This time I’m dropping part two of getting that book done. Now I want you to come out of your too much content coma. Put down your I-Phone for only a few minutes you will not start fiending for your next Twitter, Instagram post and Cats playing the piano and baby Dee Jay videos. Or K- Pop’s bubblegum new sensation and Chatty Patty hot dish of celebrity news you can’t use about the light and dark side of fame that’s really off the chain. Check this out grasshopper and take notes. Before we get started please copyright your book. Don’t do the poor man or woman copyright by mailing it to yourself or emailing as well okay smart guys and gals. That don’t hold up anymore that was back in the days. Go to www.copyright.gov and protect your novel, please. Its 55 dollars now. It might go up but pay it whatever it is okay you own it for 75 years so don’t be cheap Charles or cheap Charmaine when it comes to this. If you don’t have it get it from somebody or save up your chips and get that done before you start letting people read or see your book. I’m not talking about your friends & family and people who are close to you that you trust who want to see your dreams come to life. I’m talking about Publishing companies or other writers who have books out. Please don’t believe somebody saying they will not steal it or use it for themselves don’t be naive about your work. I’ve seen this happen to people over a million times copyright your work before you let anybody read or look at it. Be safe, not sorry I’m telling you its people out there who steal people's work everyday of writers who don’t know the game. Its going on right now while I’m typing this up. Now you can put out a book for next to nothing nowadays but you will have a price to pay for it in the end my friend. Now if you just a working class Joe or Jane(Joanne or Jaheem), you have kids and bills up to your neck like everybody else in the real world than maybe you can use a so called free cover for you book. Why I say so called free is that the service that you use no matter who it is tell you it’s free. That means if free for now. What they won’t tell you is that they own the cover not you. As you already know if you’re a functional adult it's nothing free in this world. If you don’t have the money to get a friend or someone who can give it to you or lone it to you. But like I always say if you can’t afford it than you do what you have to do believe me I understand. I’m just letting you know from the door what you're getting yourself into that’s all. Okay, make sure you have some kind of concept that matches what kind of book your doing. Believe me, this might sound like common sense but as you know now of days this is one of the things a lot of people don’t have here in this country. That why we have the president we have now. Sorry but it's true if you voted for Trump. But don’t have happy children playing and smiling when you have a book about a serial killer or people with guns blazing when you have a romance novel you know what I’m saying. If you have a horror book but you want it to scare the beJesus out somebody soon as they see the cover. If you have a love story you want to have some really hot looking people in love so people who read the kind of books to pick it up soon as they see it. This goes for crime, mystery, thriller makes it pop from the gate it just like when you're in the supermarket shopping and you see food being advertised the food on the box look delicious right? It’s the same thing with books you want people to want it before they buy it. Please don’t be super cheap and do the cover yourself. I don’t care how much research you did get somebody who knows what they're doing. I know I said this before but Amateurs need not apply. Go get a pro! Its some people out there that are not that expensive so you can get something nice. And your gonna have to spend a little money not an arm and a leg but something of very good quality for not that much money. I see them all the time on Twitter the cover is really bad and I can tell they did it themselves. Why I say that because your jumping in a super huge market and the pros out there know what they're doing. I see too many books that are really good with weak covers. Or super hot covers with weak writing you swimming with sharks and killer whales and they will eat your little book up from the door. So you have to be David with a big slingshot so make you cover really good it’s a big market and you have to compete with the corporate monster machine. You can have a really good book but the corporate monster machine can be pushing garbage but they have a super huge distributing arm. And have more people getting their garbage than your little very good book. Nobody will pick it up if you don’t have a good cover that can compete with theirs. All right I hope you got my point if not you will find out the hard way. Now the same thing goes for barcodes. If you can not afford it as I said before do what you have to do. But like I told you with the cover you do not own it. If you get a so-called free barcode they really own the book, not you. Even if you have your book copywritten. The copywriter covers the content, not the barcode for it to be sold. This also goes for those publishing companies that tell people they will put out your book they will take care of the cover and the barcodes but you will find out you get very little back for all your hard work and crush your dreams of being that best selling author. Now don’t get it twisted if you have to go that route then go for it. But you will be very upset when you find out there making all the money and you get peanuts. Oh yeah and that goes for them Christian company’s too player you can be talking about the word of God but in the end, they get all the money honey and when you see what they made off of you its sure is not funny. I hope this really helps a lot of you people out there who want to get into this crazy game of writing books and publishing. I’ll go into book editing in my future newsletters and you're going to need that done as well its essential and a must to get done. I want everyone to be safe and I'll holla at you in the new year. Have a nice holiday and don’t take any wooden nickels. It’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. aka Deeluciano The Don living the dream in 2019 if you like what I just dropped on you go to my website dartanyawilliamssr.com. While you're visiting my site get one of my three books I have to rock the planet. Dark Secrets or Killadelphila Soldiers. Get ready for my new book I’m about to drop really soon Ghetto Hemingway. And it’s smoking for real. Or you can buy a Gangster Angel’s T-shirt and I’ll have the hats real soon as well there super hot you need to get one you dig. And I want to give a shout out to my book guru Miss Tamyara Brown who really works hard for me all the time now she just like family. Y’all need to check out some of her books as well you will be hooked soon as you start reading them. I want to give a shout out to my cousins Kevin Leonard in Texas, and Larry Leonard in Florida and to All my peoples in Philly and my crazy Facebook friends from all over the country. 2019 will be our best year one love and Gawd Bless.

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