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Gil Scott- Heron

Yo, it’s your boy back at it again to holla at all my writing friends, blog Divas, blog homeys and to all of my hard-core mega maniacs from all over the country and from across the pond. Before I get started, I want to thank everyone who is checking out my blogs and who tune in on IGTV with my Skilladelphila videos where I help young writers of all ages yes I mean you people who are over 30, 40 & 50 years old you’re a young writer if you just getting started at it now! Go check out my videos on getting started in writing today. I never had no one help me with none of this thing I love so much, and I hope I inspire you to write your next masterpiece. You never know how your work can change the world. Okay now that I got that out of the way to the matter at hand last Saturday I’m chilling at the spot and I saw a news flash about a man going to Walmart in El Paso Texas shooting 19 people more than 40 injured the death toll when up to 22 now. Then right after that now even hours later another nut case in Ohio shooting up a nightclub killing 9 people injured 27 people. The white supremacists have their marching orders from the man in the white house attacking people of color this is crazy. Two hate crimes where is all this hate coming from, I know where most of it is coming from and you guessed it Trump. Then I got to thinking with all of these people out here with monster platforms who is speaking out against all this hate and specially people in the music industry. I said to my self where is our Gil Scott- Heron of our times did everybody just buy into all the corporate corruption hate spewing fat swine’s with no soul. Are there any rebels left in this world? And I’ll use something right quick from Gil Scott- Heron poem Dot dot dit dit dot dots dash dam if I know? A friend of mine first turn me on to Gil Scott- Heron in the early 70’s and I have not been right every sense. It the way he puts his words together his deep voice it just will mesmerize you soon as you hear him. Not only was he grate poet he was really funny too, but he has a great singing voice to boot. Please go on YouTube and listen to one of his songs and see for yourself trust me your going to love it. He would have you laughing about things going on in the world that are super serious because it all made sense on what he was rapping about. And oh yes, he was a great writer as well he wrote the Vulture and the Nigger Factory, that book is really deep talking about the colleges taking people of color money to miseducate and indoctrination for you to just work for them. I was heavily influenced in the black arts Movement just like he was. Writers poets’ filmmakers taking what they know and learned what your blessed with to the rest of the world and set it on fire for real. I found out that Langston Hughes was his most important literary influence. Gil Scott- Heron’s 1971 album Pieces of a Man he uses more conventional song structures than they would spit spoken word to me this is rap or hip hop before people knew what hit them. Small Talk at 125th and Lenox to me its deep funny and super witty and bold. The Revolution will not be Televised one of the best poems I ever heard in my life. I used to play it over and over again to learn all the words I did this a lot when I heard something that was just incredible, and I still do this with hip hop songs and poems that just blow my mine. Now the poem call Whitey on the Moon was a funny commentary on all the money that the government use to spend on going to space with are tax dollars when they are so many people here on earth that are poor and sick who really need help living in poverty and squalor conditions its funny but not funny if you know what I mean. One the last lines in the Revolution Will Not Be Televised The revolution will not be right back after a message about a white tornado white lighting or white people you will not have to worry about a germ on your bedroom a tiger in your tank or a giant in your toilet bowl the revolution will not go better with coke The revolution will not fight germs that cause bad breath The revolution Will put you in the driver seat, The revolution will not be televised, Will not be televised, Will not be televised, WILL NOT BE TELEVISED, The revolution will be no re -run brother, the revolution will be live! Another one I love is H2O Blues this is another masterpiece he put together and this line is very relevant right now! Lemme see if I can dial this number Click! Whirr… Click I’m sorry the government you have elected is inoperative Click! Inoperative! That right there is for 2019 from the door. And I especially love the line being from Philly when he dropped one on mayor Frank Rizzo one the most prejudice mayor’s in the country at the time and you can go ask anyone who was around when Rizzo was in power all black and brown people was treated like human garbage in the so call city of brotherly love. They used to love to kill us and beat us down to the ground for even looking at a cop the wrong way you did not have to be a gangster or a thug for them to abuse you all you had to do is be the wrong color in their eyes.

Growing up in Philly I have to say this, but police brutality was normal! Gil Scott- Heron said We leave America to the ponder the image of justice from its new wave of leaders Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia whose ignorance is surpassed only by those who voted for him. The man spoke truth to power all the time he did it in a very witty intelligent way at that too I loved it, and so did millions like me. Winter in America is a very important album and the message was about the poor and the homeless way before it was fashionable for so called liberals was talking about it to the world on a soap box. I also have the book Winter in America I highly recommend it. The song will touch your soul when you listen to it really good. And when he put out the album with the Midnight band The First Minute of a New Day and he put out the single Johannesburg he was talking about apartheid in South Africa way before anyone was talking about it in 1975. And as you know the South African government band the record when he found that out, he when to South Africa and made a live album. What’s the word Johannesburg! It became a rallying call for everyone in the movement here in the states and in South Africa. Gil Scott Heron made his music to have a strong message to make people think and at the same time to entertain as well. Another song everyone loves but he talked about a big problem in the inter city about people getting beat down bye life called The Bottle from the Winter in America album. Angel Dust from off the It’s Your World album is another song getting people the warning about the drug in 1976. And looked today in 2019 so many of are young people smoking what they call Wet a new name for Angel Dust or PCP. What’s so sad is that Gil Scott Heron him self later on in life got addicted to cocaine and he when to prison for less than a gram of coke wow. This kind of thing happen to many geniuses his human problem doesn’t diminish what big giant mark he left on this planet and he changed the world with his work. Gil Scott Heron passed away in May of 2011 at the age of 62. it will never be another great poet of his caliber and super smooth style with his wit charm or word play none of the rappers or hip-hop artist or poet could never touch him he was one of a kind. What’s great is we can still buy his work and wish we can get even close to what he did, and he inspire me to work hard at my craft. I hope any of you who read this blog to go check him out and if you know about him go check him out again it just gets better every time you listen to him speak or sing for real.

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