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Let’s Kupata ( Swahili for let’s get it) Brothers & Sisters who are new to my blog! I hope you can take my hard-hitting truth and become one of my frequent flyers of my literary madness that burns in your brain for days on end like the drug fentanyl making you hooked LOL. Check it out to all of my writing friends blog Divas blog homies and to my crazy ass megalomaniacs from around the country and around the globe that’s out of control. I’m back at it again to make all the Status quo squares, stiff neck suit clan and the AARP gang head spin. Now, it's no big secret that I don’t like Donald Trump. Not because he was born rich with a silver spoon up his fat decrepit keister. Not because he wanted to build a wall of hate and separating Mexican children from their parents locking them in cages. Not because he’s hard on immigration until he wants a mail-order bride and fly in the in-laws from Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia or something. Not because Donald Trump sucks all the air out of every news feed with his ignorance and attacking women of color reporters in front of the entire world to see. Not because he dodged the Mueller report that cost you Joe and Joann taxpayer 3.2 million dollars for 448-pages you can wipe your butt hole with it when he got help of attorney general William Barr lying for Mister Kitty Cat grabber. Stormy Daniels the porn star sugar daddy also ducked the impeachment that cost us Mister and Miss essential worker who pay more taxes than the president of the United States the impeachment cost us 3.06 million dollars. Not because Donald Trump is an arrogant sleazebag con man and fat trick daddy womanizer.

I don’t like Donald Trump because he’s a racist lying ass Vladimir Putin’s surrogate, and he’s incompetent. Now a lot of you white folks is going to be upset with me for saying this, but white people always put up with other white people being incompetent. Every job I worked on I saw this with my own eyes. They always had excuses for them like he’s having family problems or he or she has been through so much this year so give them a break. Let a person of color who could not do the job, they’d lose their job faster than you could blink your eyes in a sand windstorm.

All I know is Joe Biden better win this election because we can’t take four more years of Trump’s reality show purgatory on every channel we need this nightmare to end. I just want to know if Trump lose what will happen to all of his enablers lap dogs, cronies, minions and flunkies who is always taking up for this man who can’t do his fucking job? 2020’s Forrest Gump is Donald Trump. Now where is all the black conservatives who ignored all of his racist rants and his most famous quote after Charlottesville with Nazis running around saying it was nice people on both sides?

Where are all the black conservatives taking up for Trump with 226,466 people dead from the coronavirus and most people of color dying from it all you black folks wearing MAGA hats? How come I don’t see Candace Owens on television cheerleading for Trump saying what a great job he’s doing right now. What about Rudy Giuliani, the Russian information courier dropping off laptops to a scandalous sleazy tabloid paper and they don’t even want to touch it? Where will these lap dogs for Trump do if he loses this election? What about Steve Coates, another one of the orange faced fool cronies who is Trump’s campaign senior adviser, I have not seen him on television in a while? And where is Paul Ryan where the fuck he’s been hiding at? How about Ann Coulter with her big ass mouth? I have not heard anything from her and she used to brag about her running the white house? Steve Bannon who said he ran the white house as well but has his own problems after scamming people for money to get the wall built.

What about that Jack ass black pastor Darrell Scott where is he at why he’s not out front now on television saying that Trump is the most pro black president we ever had in our time? What about phony ass John Gray saying he got some backlash for meeting with Trump just omit it all of you black pastors got played everybody knew he would not do nothing about prison reform. He got all of you famous black pastors in one room for a photo app. You didn’t have to be a smart person to know that Donald Trump would not do shit.

Ask Steve Harvey he got played like Kanye West acting the fool in the white house. How about Peter Navarro the white house trade adviser who is a die-hard enabler for Trump he be spouting out lies and conspiracy theories that the Chinese government made the coronavirus in a lab. He probably knows about Donald Trump’s secret Chinese bank account. If Trump lose who will hire these people for a job Sean Hannity will have a job because he can lie and make shit up on television for Fox. What about the rest of these people Kayleigh Mc Enany a professional liar for the white house maybe Kimberly Guilfoyle could get a job with the WWF yelling her head off at people during interviews? Mitch Mc Conwell could be the pitch man for Preparation H or do Plexaderm commercials. Jared Kushner can go back to being a slumlord that he is, and Lindsey Graham can come out of the closet and write a book about it. Kellyanne Conway can come out with her book the Cat in the Hat and Alternative Facts. Chris Christie could work for Slim Fast and fart all the fat off his ass.

Pastor Mark Burns could work on Donald Trump TV as an announcer if Trump doesn't go to jail because Mark Burns lies just as much as he does. I’m writing this so nobody forgets these people lying and pop up on television like Dick Cheney and get amnesia talking about American policy when Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are the most corrupted radioactive turds who messed this country up in the first place.

A lot of the brain washed people are talking about Joe Biden like a dog and some people just might not like him because of the 1994 crime bill. But I know one thing for sure he won’t need to hide his tax information from the public. Joe Biden won’t be writing toilet twitter rants in all cap letters filled with conspiracy theories and straight up lies. Joe Biden won’t need bag men, or Russian troll farms working for him or lap dog yes men. Joe Biden won’t be bullying Ukrainian politicians into helping him with his reelection campaign and lie about it when he gets caught. The, Hillary Clinton hang over is just too much for us to bear again if the, Trumpism virus infect Uncle Sam and rape lady liberty and win. It will be the real-life horror movie with everyone standing around thinking of a nuclear weapon that can kill the Trumpzilla monster.

I will not listen to the talking heads on television CNN or MSNBC with these polls showing that Joe Biden is up by ten points. He should win but I’m paranoid because of what happened in 2016. I want Joe Biden to win if he doesn’t, we will wallow in pain and sorrow crying saying it will happen again. All the cronies lap dogs and minions for Trump will line up to kiss the ring and his fat orange derriere fill their pockets with a ton of cash and laughs. We're all talking about voting him out. Yes, we do that but we are going to need some help from the big Kahuna in the sky to remove this demon from Park avenue out of our lives for good, please Lord help us! I heard this one a long time ago there are no atheists in a foxhole during war and you best believe we're all in that fox hole right about now for real.

Yo, it’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. The underground novelist super star I spit super-hot blogs and books not 16 bars. Aka Deeluciano The Don I write truthful thought- provoking articles dropping bombs like Vietnam. If you like what I just drop on your headpiece hit me up on any of the social media do dads. Come check me out on my new off the hook website Dartanyaawilliamssr.com while you’re there you can peep my hot Gangster Angel T-shirts and hoodies. You can go to my author page on Facebook Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m on Twitter@ Dartanyasr. I’m also rocking on Instagram Dartanyasr. And don’t forget to pick up my hot street banger Almasi 2 you have to jump on it because it’s super-hot and it’s now available on paperback on Amazon. com and Kindle. Until next time good people stay focused on your thing, work hard on your dreams and always be on your grind and never let a hater try to stop your shine at no time.

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