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Leikeli 47

“ Yo Tupate”, that means let’s get it in Swahili to all my writing friends blog Divas, down ass blog homies and to all my off the hook mega maniacs rocking all over the map fly Kitties and cats in the USA. And to all my people getting it in every day in the UK I’m peeping that a lot of y’all is checking me out on my blog. I would like to thank each and every one of y’all that knows something hot when you read it. And I want to thank everybody who copped my street blazer Almasi aka Glock Mommy and if you didn’t cop that, yet I don’t know what you’re waiting for it’s rocking a lot of folks world and you need to get it today.

Now it’s time for me to drop it on y’all from the door a couple of years ago I was watching videos and I saw this girl rapping with a ski mask on and I found it kind of strange. I’m thinking it some kind of gimmick in hip hop, but after I did my little investigation on this artist, I found out it was not a gimmick it’s deeper than that. I’m talking about the hot artist Leikei 47. The video I saw was called Money.I thought she was on a Missy Elliott type of vibe at first then I found out she has her own flow and point of view after I went deeper into her music and learned more about her.

Recently, I saw an interview with her, and she explained why she wears the mask. She said she wears the mask because it’s all about her music not what she looks like and to me, that’s what it is supposed to be about. It is not about what you wear, what you look like or what you have at one time in hip hop that’s what it was about. Her belief is this, “Everyone has their own sound and their own thing. We don’t all have to sound a like.” It is what I love about her and the fact her music is dope. After I heard Second Fiddle and I saw the video and I said to myself, “this girl is going to be one of the greats in the music game.”

What I love about the song is this particular bar, “I’m running my own race one day I want to be great. I say the same thing all the time I’m in my own lane in this writing game and what I write is hot and off the chain and burns inside of your brain. All of her lyrics are powerful and meaningful not just some mine less gibberish you hear every day on corporate radio 40 or 50 times a day. What really blew my mind about Leikeli 47 is when she was doing this interview for this radio station the young white dude asks her what she was listening to and she hands him her phone and he read out Headhunters by Herbie Hancock. He did not know who he is or never heard it before. That let me know she’s really deep into music because that album is phenomenal, and everybody needs to go pick it up if you don’t have it. Then she did it to me again I seen her on NPR’s tiny desk concert, and she killed it for real go on YouTube and check it out right now, please.

I went on Amazon and brought her album that same night with her soulful blues riff playing in my headbanging all night from her concert on NPR.

Oh yes, I’m a fan of her music, but I’m a fan of what she’s about more it’s about the music not what you have or what you can buy. Don’t get it twisted you should get paid for your art but not to the point where it just about the money. I love an artist who bares their soul for his or her art and to me, I think Leikeli 47 is that kind of artist to me 100%. She was signed to RCA Records Leikeli 47 released a mix tape in 2010 titled LK-47 and then she put out LK-47 2 in 2014. After that, she dropped her self-titled EP in 2015. Legend has it that Jay- Z had F*ck the Summer up. on his playlist. Now if she has Jay-Z open to her music I knew damn well I was not wrong about being with her movement into the game.

What’s really crazy she said she did a song with the punk-rock outfit from Russia Pu**y Riot talk about a real music head. I’m really feeling that about her as well. Leikeli 47 performed alongside Pharrell, Natalie Portman’s Boston calling set in 2018, held at Portman’s alma mater Harvard University. The Beauty Series” Shape Up about the theme of beauty salons she’s making a statement about woman’s beauty to me the video is off the hook doe. She said I wanted to create a body of work that spoke to not look like what you actually are going through.

Leikeli was raised in both Virginia and New York, primarily in Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brownsville and Bedford- Stuyvesant. She describes herself as having been a shy child who was interested in becoming a musician. Her personal interest in fashion to studying photography and film. If you see any of her videos you can tell she has a very unique vision to her work. To me you can see her humor and realness about life bitch I have an Attitude song that is off the hook and really funny. Okay, all you, future hip hop artist you should be taking notes from this woman for real it about the music and your own creativity nothing else okay. And not being a walking talking billboard for all of the luxury items in this world and think you’re better than somebody else because you can afford them like a lot of rappers and internet superstar’s are like now of days. She’s known to be very private and not released her legal name or showed her face, with revelation only made through her musicianship and film. According to an interview with Vibe, she conceals her face because it gives her courage: I feel like the Dark Knight or one of the superheroes or Superman the mask it represents freedom. I’m free with it on.

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