• Dartanya A. Williams Sr.

Crime Fiction Author Dartanya A. Williams Sr.

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Writing is taking people on a journey of real life and no filters.

I write stories that the main stream authors will never do or think about. I write the stories from the streets a voice from the voiceless just like all of my writing heroes. Donald Goines, Odie Hawkins,and Iceberg Slim to name a few of them. All of my stories are raw and very real just like its for millions of us living day to day life in the struggle and still to this day is looked at as if we our invisible and did not contribute anything of value to society at large. When all of us know this is all a lie and bunch of propaganda to the brainwash people who don’t know any better. When their ripping off our culture and have been doing it for years. Our stories are just as important as any other literature from the past or the future that is out here now Black noir writers like myself to the Fantasy and Science Fiction writers have very exciting compelling heartfelt stories they just don’t get as recognized. I will keep writing stories about the downtrodden to the super rich from my point of view about our culture our failures as a people and all of our triumph in life. #writing #books #crimefiction #DartanyaAWilliamsSr

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