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Money is Their God

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Okay, let me drop this on your brain right quick what was America built on? Well to answer that with four words it’s called good old American greed! Yes, this superpower in the western hemisphere built this industrial giant on slave labor.

Oh yes, me and your ancestors working from sun up to sun down working in every dirty shit job you can think of in multiple industries in this country. You know damn well for sure it was no profit sharing going on then. Now every corporate Fat Cat making smoky backroom deals for generations on end said why do we all have the audacity to think about that kind of shit now. Reparations were paid to Japanese Americans in 1988 by the originator of the racist tagline Make America Great again Ronald Reagan.For being put in internment camps during world war two. Don’t just take my word for it go look it up. That's something that I tell my son all the time when I pass it off to him and any other brother or sister I’m dropping the knowledge on from time to time.

Plus, some straight up exploitation of Chinese American men and women on the railroad and mining companies with the help of good old Uncle Sam and his iconic brand flat out thievery of the native Americans land. The American dream has always been a nightmare to people of color in this land from the door. Now tell the truth you can’t discover something when somebody was here already. That’s just like me coming into your home where you live at I roll inside of the middle of your living room saying I discover it now you have to go while I set up shop and do business illegal or legal.(The white early settlers did this) That’s just how it was done to make a long story short and even when some of the native sold land or traded for it the greedy white man came and took land from them after killing and starving native Americans to death. How about one of the great black leaders of freedom got used up and Bamboozle too and his name was Frederick Douglass. Oh yeah, a great American black icon was told to tell ex black slaves to put money into a bank that was not so solving called the Freeman bank. And yes, the white man who owned the bank gave out bad loans to white folks who had no intentions on paying back any of that money. The bank failed and millions of black people lost their money. They were saving up for a better life.

Go get the video DVD called Boss The Black Experience in Business by PBS and see it for yourself on what I’m talking about it’s a true story on how the white man use one of are great leaders to be the fall guy in their crooked schemes. Oh Yeah, this is the American way it's true a lot of us do very well in business but more than half of us were doing really well but were destroyed by white people who are jealous of us having a very good or great business acumen.

Everybody knows the most notable one that happened was Black Wall Street. It's also called the Tulsa Race riot, the Greenwood Massacre from May 31- June 1921. This is where white residents became jealous and angry about how well the black people who ran their business very successfully. These people totally destroyed all of their businesses because they just could not see anybody black be successful here in American the land of the free for who not us and it never have been. And it's sure not home of the brave because the people who did that shit we're all cowards and we still haunted by this act of white supremacy. But they can tear down all the statues of slave owners and remove the flags that wanted to keep us in bondage they will just hide like the cowards they are. We already know that the white privilege they hide and live by is soaked with our blood in this land of so-called milk and honey. But who is this milk and honey is for its damn sure aren’t for us look at the Marijuana multibillion-dollar businesses? People of color is locked up ten time the amount of white people for Marijuana now that they want to legalize it in some states people of color is shut out of the game. When were targets for years of their so-called war on drugs why is that? Oh, we can get the shame and burden of doing time in prison losing our family’s and time away from our loved ones but when it comes to making some money but Black and Hispanic people can’t get on the ground floor of these multi billion-dollar businesses.

The point I’m making here is that Money is their God they just don’t care about people of color they don’t care for their own as well just like the Aids epidemic just as long as gay and people of color were dying it was all good in the hood. But when the stock went up on making the drug AZT that’s right American the greedy turned it into they are saving lives bull shit. Back then and even right now gay people are the most targeted to violet crime they were treated as disposable human beings during this time another shameful acts of the American hate machine cracking on all cylinders and it still that way today.

That’s just why this 2020 pandemic is going buck wild on the shores of America don’t get it twisted we need money to run this machine we all call the United States of America and we all want to take care of our family’s. I know that takes making money. And I have to say this as well I’m all for free enterprise But, the outrageous greediness that is right in everybody faces. Soon as they started opening up the country too early the outbreak of the coronavirus got worse. And it’s still climbing as I wrote this blog. It's over 190,000 people dead and it’s a million cases a day and how is getting the coronavirus people of color. The working poor and people who can’t work at home have to be on their jobs with their life on the line. And they came up with another word for the working poor and the people who really make America run calling them essential workers. This is just a tag line and another America slogan they cooked up with no raise in pay or giving people any hazard pay for putting their life on the line. You want to hear something crazy in Philly they had flyby of million -dollar jets to salute all of the so- called essential workers. That a bunch of bull shit they had five million- dollar jets fly by that all most five million dollars of equipment with five pilots what do they pay the them for doing this dumb shit? What about how much it costs, what about the jet fuel and how much does that cost? Why they could not give all the so-called essential workers some of that money they spend on that dumb ass fly by. They could have brought all of them people watching that dumb ass shit lunch and they still would have come out cheaper with the money they spend on five jets flying bye. Is the American public that stupid I have to say yes, they are people are used to the 1%er’s and politicians blowing smoke up your ass and feeding you fairy tales and good old American slogans. Like we will get through all of this together and we can’t let the virus win when we been on our own from the door. Our so-called government did nothing to help no one from the time the coronavirus broke out from March and here is September with no national plan to stop it or to slow it down. Think about it if you’re really woke and know what’s really going on and if you don’t Gawd help you. And after all of that they want you to march your kids into school awaiting death look how many college campuses opened up and had to shut back down in two-week time. Colleges and universities across the country are struggling to contain surges of COVID-19 cases on campus. As of more than 25,000 students and campus staff in at least 37 states had tested positive for the virus. Mostly concentrated in southern states that were already struggling to contain a COVID-19 crisis. What do you think is going to happen when you send your kids to elementary school and high school?

Are you going to listen to that orange face lying ass hole or are you going to be a fool and send your kids into apparent death? COVID-19 done made over 31 million people unemployed. Now you have millionaires and billionaires arguing about giving poor and working-class men and women 600 dollars every two weeks. And cutting it down to 400 dollars every two -week saying 600 dollars is too much money saying they will not want to go back to work is fucking ridiculous. Check this out with the Trump tax cut in 2020 the USA Billionaires got 800 billion richer since the pandemic hit. The combined wealth of America’s more than 600 billionaires jumped by 792 billion bringing their collective net worth to a staggering 3.7 trillion. And these ass hole’s talking about giving someone a lousy 600 dollars every two weeks people need to wake up. Talk about white privilege who want to hand out crumbs to the destitute. How could it be what seems to be the worst time in the history of this country that the rich are getting richer and not only were getting poorer and dying from an out of control pandemic. Why is there so many working class people hurting so bad now they have to go to a food bank just to make it from month to month and it is so many peoples pride are doing this undercover not letting people know how bad there really doing. Is all this by design or is it another conspiracy theory that people of color cooked up? I don’t think so but what is the shame is there are so many of us are sleep I call it an Americanize lullaby rocking the unaware and the ignorant to sleep with bull shit lies and commercialize slogans and America fairy tales people eat up every day. You can come to American or live here and come from nothing and become a millionaire overnight. All you have to do is work hard and play by the rules and it can happen to you. Don’t get it twisted you can make it here in America with hard work and a dream but they’re not playing by the rules when you dig your way out of a hole there over 20 to 30 trillion dollars a head of you before you can blink your eyes. How many black or people of color got the COVID-19 pandemic business relief loan I can tell you the answer to that one real fast none! And here in Philadelphia with 85% people of color in the city it's only 3% black businesses within the city this is some shameful shit to report in 2020. A lot of the businesses who got the COVID-19 loan really did not need the money, but they sucked it all up and all people of color were assed out. Have anything changed from the time after Lincoln got assassinated and the promise of forty acres and a mule that did not come to be.

Just like the promises of America of black people got that we are supposed to get equal protection under the law. Something that we did not get and still to this very day in 2020.

This still does not happen shooting an unarmed black man in the back seven times and this is right on the heels of George Floyd rocked the whole planet when he was killed by the cops for the whole world to see. Systemic racism is directly tied into the economic oppression we have to deal with everyday black unemployed rises at 16.8% while Latino’s is even higher at 17.6% while white unemployment joblessness falls to 3.4% and I’m going to tell you right now I don’t believe in coincidences. This is right in our faces in black and white pardon the pun and you can look it up for yourself. You don’t have to take my word for it because I really do my research before I even start writing anything I’m telling you. But They can sit up and tell us we all need to work together every time it’s a disaster in this country and a lot of stupid people of color go for that horse shit when you can clearly see there not looking out for nobody that’s black or brown in good or bad times. Money is their God and they want us to help build wealth off our sweat, blood and tears and marvel at everything they take all the credit for and they pat each other on the back on TV saying they're helping people and they alone are the big bad men and captains of industry. While we stand on the sidelines of the information superhighway and stay in our place for another 401 years. That’s what they have in mind, but we already know that they are very delusional because the chink in their armor is not just a little hole but the Grand Canyon size hole in white supremacy. They are shaking in their boots because America is changing right before their hating eyes and despite all the evil, they do to us the clock is ticking. And all the people on the wrong side of history will get amnesia just like the Nazis did at the end of world war two. It’s not just the movement that’s making a great difference the universe is shifting all over the world just look at the BBC and other news networks. I’m not saying all the racist will all go away but they will be surrounded and forced into the underground like there were before Trump took office. As you know if you’re a person that keeps up with things going on around you that all kinds of racist came out of the woodwork once Donald Trump became president. If you notice also he along with millions of others that bow to the altar of the old mighty dollar and if you're sick, older or poor you will be crushed under foot of this heartless monster operating everyday in this industrial superpower. Yet this is the richest country in the world but cannot stop COVID-19 but think about it do they really want to while they're still making money? It’s a lot of things money can buy. It cannot buy what this country lacks competency, intelligence and integrity or compassion for all walks of life. Money cannot buy the human soul that really believes in a real loving God that looks out for everyone regardless of their skin color or where they come from.

And as usual people of color have to show the uncivilized beast and greedy Godless men and women of this country that we all can live together and make things better without hate or judgment. Like we were doing from the time we came to this country regardless how we were treated can’t they see that their pretty hate machine is a failure. Can’t they see that just stuffing your pockets with money still makes things even worse than it was before. I’m not saying that it’s going to be some kind of utopia or something but once they realize if they stop the hate and disrespectful ways that this country can live up to its promises, they wrote on a piece of paper over 200 years ago.

It’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. The underground novelist super star I spit truthfully thought- provoking blogs and hot ass books not 16 bars. aka Deeluciano the Don dropping bombs like Vietnam. If you like what I just dropped on your dome, please hit me up on all the social media do dads like my Facebook author’s page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m on Twitter @Dartanyasr. Also, I’m on Instagram Dartanyasr and you can go to my brand-new banging ass website at Dartanyaawillimassr.com and while you're there you can check out my hot ass Gangster Angel’s t-shirts and hoodies. Now I’m very excited about my new street banger that hit the streets my new book Almasi 2 the sequel to the Almasi aka Glock mommy that blaze the streets last year. Until next time good people stay focused on your thing, work hard on your dreams and always be on your grind and never let a hater try to stop your shine at no times.

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