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N.O.P.E-Not of Planet Earth


Not of Planet Earth

Dartanya A. Williams Sr.

Okay Grasshopper hold onto your seats and your tin foiled hats with this blog right here. I know some people are going to think I’m crazy for writing about UFO’s. I know I’ve been making jokes about UFO chasers, Ghost hunters and people who believe BigFoot is real. I used to laugh at these people until QAnon Kook’s and fucking crackpots came on the set believing that Trump is the Messiah . You can’t get any crazier than that! But before I take you on another journey of my literary madness I have to give a big shoutout to all my blog divas blog homies. All my down by law megalomaniac from all over the good old USA, across the pond and all over the world dropping bombs.

I have to ask you Unaamini Swahili for (Do you believe) that UFOs exist? We might laugh at people that do but why do the United States government have a secret government funded program called AATIP. They do research on UFOs with top scientists and yes, your hard-earned tax dollars pay for UFO chasers. So, the next time you dismiss these people you think is off their rocker the United States government is still into this on the down low. Now back in 1947 in Roswell New Mexico July 5th people reported that they saw a flying saucer soaring above them. This large silver object crashed at a desert ranch and eyewitnesses seen this object they even gathered evidence.

They were quickly told to be quiet and threaten their livelihood and the government covered it up as fast as the news when out that it was a UFO ship that crashed. The government showed a picture of a big silver weather balloon debunking the story about UFO’s and little aliens’ bodies lying around near the crash site eyewitnesses said they seen. This was 75 years ago when people believed everything their government told them. What’s really fucking crazy now in Roswell, New Mexico it’s a big sign where the crash site was at, and they have three UFO museums where you can buy alien souvenirs now. From keychains to dolls anything UFO related you can name.

I bet you the people in Roswell New Mexico selling that stuff are laughing all the way to the bank. Nowadays there are more UFO sightings in 2022 than ever before and some people keep it to themselves because everybody would think they're crazy. March 13th, 1997, in Phoenix Arizona one of the largest sightings of UFOs known as the Phoenix Lights. What was crazy about this sighting is that it’s caught on video with thousands of witnesses. City council Francis Emma Barwood ask for an investigation of the Phoenix Lights incident just in the matter of public safety concerns.

She did not say anything about UFO’s,aliens or ETs, and she was mocked in the paper with a cartoon with flying saucer’s coming out of her ears and a on and off switch in the middle of her head. She called the governor of Arizona Fife Symington telling him about the Phoenix Lights. On June 19th, 1997, Governor Fife Symington called a press conference. After talking about the Phoenix Lights, he tells his people to bring in the culprit of this incident and two men bring in a man with a large rubber alien mask on his head in handcuffs with everyone in the press conference started laughing. Making a mockery of the whole thing so therefore a lot of people do not come forward on what they see or seen.

Here is some irony for you, the same governor Fife Symington who had this press conference with the big rubber headed alien. He went out one night to see what everybody was talking about and went out there and saw a UFO. He drops a bombshell on Beyond the blue documentary that he himself seen a UFO. He said what he seen is outer worldly. So that goes to show you when you laugh and ridicule people this kind of shit will happen to you.

June 2022 mysterious lights seen in the skies of San Diego shown on ABC News. You can check it out on YouTube and tell me what you think? Why is the department of defense in 2022 holding hearings on UFOs they have received over 400 reports of UFO sightings? Check this out in Georgia alone the National UFO Reporting Center it’s been 2,524 sightings since the 1940’s. It’s been more sighting in the Obama administration even more in the Trump administration now the Biden administration is really investigating even deeper. From 2018 with 3,456 sightings now it’s been a 112% jump of sightings of UFOs in 2022 than ever before.

Check this out it’s the states that have the most sightings of UFOs number one is Idaho, two is Montana, Three New Hampshire, Four is Maine, five is New Mexico, six is Vermont, seven is Wyoming number eight is Hawaii, number nine is Washington and number ten is Connecticut. Here is something crazier I found out doing this research for this blog that July 2nd is World UFO Day.

I wrote this blog not to make fun of people who do believe or to make you believe that we are not alone in this universe. If your one of the people who did see a UFO and your being ridicule for what you seen you are not alone or fucking nuts or cuckoo for Coo- Coo Puff’s. Just go look up some of this shit for yourself all the information is out there, and I got more information than I can write in my blog right here. I might have to make a part two with all the things I found out. So, if you’re a nonbeliever you can say people are just Cray-Cray and if you are a believer happy belated World UFO Day.

My name is Dartanya A Williams Sr aka Deeluciano the Don always dropping bombs I’m a crime writer blog extraordinaire and film maker. If you like what I just dropped on your dome you can hit me up on all the social media do dads. My authors page on Facebook Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m on Twitter @Dartnaysr. And you can find me on Instagram @Dartanyasr. And like I tell everyone out there always be on your grind and never let a hater stop your shine!

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