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No Accountability

Uyemukelwa means welcome in Zulu and if you’re down with my tribe everyone is welcome no matter what your race is or your religion or even your sexual orientation. So, if you’re new to my blog I don’t do celebrity gossip or really care if aliens abducted you. Or you chase UFO’s on the weekends or do some ghost hunting in your spare time or your false teeth falling out when you spit your rhymes. Don’t feel bad if that’s you but most of the world is bat shit crazy anyway I’m just joking. But if you have haft, your marbles in your dome you know what I mean Grasshopper. I do political satire, streetology and some real ball-busting truth and what the entire world is missing is common sense. Now to all of my writing friends blog Divas blog homeys and always a special mad shout out to all of my megalomaniacs from all over the globe that’s out of control.

In this week’s blog, I go deep like I always do and I call it no accountability and I’ll explain it to you the best way I can. And if you agree with me or even disagree with me, I would love to know why so hit me up. Please come with some facts, none of that zodiac mind warped propaganda bull shit people pull out their ass on Facebook so do your research before you come at me. Check it, I notice in this country the poor working stiff and people who are disenfranchised have to play by the rules and obey the laws no matter what.

Yet, the people who attain power, fame, and a giant shit load of money push more than their boundaries of the law. They nailed Bill Cosby balls to the wall but the actor Kevin Spacey got a pass to skate with the media and the Me too lynch mob. And both men had no accountability for their actions until they destroyed so many people’s lives. Now I totally agree with the Me-too movement taking out some of these asshole males with monster egos can you say Jeffrey Epstein ten times faster.

Now Harvey Weinstein the Hollywood Markey monster flashing in bright lights was doing what goes on in Hollywood every day with the casting couch bull shit. Now if you want to be big star honey, give me a checkup from the neck up and maybe some break down from the waist down as well. What’s really fucked up is that people in the industry big named actors knew what was going on but said nothing until over 100 women got raped, molested, and humiliated. And no, I don’t want to hear your Harvey Weinstein horrific story after he got caught. No accountability from his staff personal assistants big-time movie directors and even family members who knew the deal from the door. This is rampant in the music industry and the everyday workforce in the United Snakes, but this is the story of America for all its atrocities that are swept under the red, white, and blue rug.

Black women sterilized in North Carolina to combat poverty the US government sterilized black women between 1929 to 1974 in North Carolina 7,600 people were sterilized. Out of those sterilized,85% were women and girls were black. NBC News reported 31 states to adopt such a program. They eliminated the eugenics program in 1977 but legislation permitting involuntary sterilization of residents remained on the books until 2003. No Accountability from the United States government your good old Sleazy Uncle Sam. What about the crime of the centuries slavery from 1619 Jamestown Virginia to December 6, 1865? On paper, it ended but the nightmare never ended for us, no accountability again from your United States government and the hits just keep on coming. After the Civil War in1865 reconstruction to keep black people in line, they came up with the Black Codes. It’s better known as Jim Crow were all kinds of crazy shit when on locking up black kids to get free labor. They locked up black people for all kinds of madness Jaywalking, loitering where you live, talking back to a white person, and just being Black period. How about the get out of town before sundown laws after domestic workers had to clean some white folks' houses and labor workers doing work in an all-white town, but your black ass better not be around when the sun goes down? Local and federal governments were down with these laws too. No accountability for all this misery and cruelty and oh yes thousands of lynchings. Fast forward I put this in my last blog but Tuskegee Experiment 1932–1972 where our so-called government gave Black people syphilis and seeing the effects that it had on them. Sounds like right now doesn’t it with the Herd effect with COVID-19 where someone from the white house said we want them all to get affected. No accountability for no one in the Trump administration for all their atrocities over 300,000 people dead and counting. Okay, Grasshopper here is the lightning round the Watergate Scandal 1972–1974 Tricky Dick was pardoned no accountability! Iran Contra Affair 1985–1987 Ronald Reagan got amnesia right quick no accountability! The 911 Attacks 2001 2,977 dead 25,000 injured George W. Bush another incompetent white Jack ass in the white house. No accountability! He’s just happy Donald J. Trump came along because he would have when down as the worst United States president since Herbert Hoover 1929–1933. The Iraq War 2003–2011 Well-well look here the Texan Honky retard George W. Bush again no accountability! And Dick Cheney got richer over the war can you say Spiro Agnew the Bag Man. Check it here is the trifecta Grasshopper Hurricane Katrina 2005 and guess who was the president when the storm hit?

You ready for this the dumb rich goofy-ass guy who ran every business he had into the fucking ground no not Donald Trump it was the coke head George W. Bush. Now here is the speed round for all you blog junkie intellectuals. Little Big Horn 1876- No Accountability! Donald Trump in July 2020 lying through his teeth saying he takes Hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID-19 no accountability! What about the crazy-ass alien blood DNA doctor Trump pumped up on his Twitter account as an actual doctor that was some funny ass shit! Martin Luther King’s assassination in 1968 no accountability! The Afghanistan War 2001–2020 and still going on! The war that just won’t end No Accountability! The Willie Horton Ad racist dog-whistle 1988 George H. W. Bush no accountability! The Russian Hack all of the United States government systems 2020 no accountability! Over 30 lawsuits to toss out millions of votes in four states with no accountability!

This is racism on steroids I was joking about at the beginning about alien abduction and all that, but Fox News and the rest of the Trump cult is like they’re from another planet or something. Yes, they’re pathetic, and confused and I don’t feel sorry for any of them because Sleazy Sam has been feeding them lies and fairy tales’ since they were knee-high to a rattlesnake. In closing the European descendants who were breast-fed on white supremacy from birth putting in a so-called holy book that people of color were cursed. The super spreader event having sick twisted diseased minds scallywags scurvy carrying thieves and morons never had any accountability from America’s conception.

My name is Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m a crime writer and blog composing provocateur. You can hit me up on my banging ass website www. Dartanyawilliamssr.com

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