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Rudy Ray Moore-Dolemite Is My Name!

Yo, “Quoi de neuf” That’s what’s up in French to all my writing friends blog Divas blog homies and all of my mega maniacs from all over the map in the good old USA and to all my people from across the pond the UK and beyond getting it on. I want to thank all the people who brought Almasi aka Glock mommy and if you still have not went and picked it up you need to get up on that and see what all the buzz is all about yourself.

The reason I started off saying what’s up in French is an old school term of cursing and saying bad words back in the days. Because of my blog this time about is about the master of word play ghetto wordsmithing, rapping, cussing and telling stories is the Godfather of hip hop himself is Rudy Ray Moore. When I was growing up in South Philly my mother and her friends use to have what they call selling parties or rent parties where they sold liquor and food to make money to pay the rent or pay some bills or to raise money to get someone out of jail or something. They used to put on what they called party records to have a good time and when the church folks came over and when home they pull out the weed the liquor and put on one these records on well you get the, ideal. That was when all the kids are in bed or at grandmama house or whatever these records were filled with hard foul language dirty jokes and comedy routines from the clubs they worked in. The comedians in the game used to call it the chitlin circuit because things use to be so funky all around them.

Most of these comedians made these records with their audience in mind from the black community. Comedians like Redd Foxx, Wildman Steve, Blowfly, La Wanda Page oh yes aunt Esther from Sandford & Son had a filthy mouth. And to me the king of them all Rudy Ray Moore. Most of you younger people only know about is movies playing is most famous character Dolemite. But Rudy Ray Moore started with his party records and doing stand up comedy but what made him stand out from the others is his ability to curse and making it rhyme with master storytelling. Back in the days people use to call it playing the dozens talking about your mother or father cursing up a storm and having a good time doing it. I can’t lie some people use to really get mad or upset when your talking about them so bad and everybody is laughing at them. We used to call it busing on people some people called it breaking on people it's insulting someone in a very colorful way with bad language.

Rudy Ray Moore was born in Fort Smith Arkansas March 17, 1927 while he served in the army, he sang the blues, R&B and did his comedy act as well. He had a character back then as well called himself Prince DuMarr. When he came to Los Angeles, he worked in the world-famous Dolphin’s of Hollywood record store. While working in Dolphin’s record store in the 1970’s he began hearing stories of Dolemite from a local man name Rico. The smart thing Rudy Ray Moore did is he started recording these stories Rico was telling him and he put it in his standup act at the clubs and on his record Eat Out More Often, This Pussy Belongs To Me, The Dirty Dozens, With Jazz and R&B music playing in the background that adds more to the hot flavor to your ear.

My favorite from all his party records is Dolemite for President at one time I knew it word for word and all of my friends away wanted me to repeat it to them because I knew it so well. Along with the Signifying Monkey and California Poetry from Eat Out More Often. Me and my brothers used to sneak and play the records when my mother was at work laughing are ass off. That’s when I found out it was an art to cussing before Richard Pryor came along. But I have to say Richard Pryor took it to another level of the game doe. But what people don’t know is Eddie Murphy was influenced by Rudy Ray Moore first listening to his album as a kid first then Richard Pryor. And I tell people all the time if you want to be a king or a queen you have to study one then turn it into your own thing not copy them. In 1975 Rudy Ray Moore came out with Dolemite the movie and lucky for me I was old enough to go see it then. Everybody loved the movie it was a hit and the next year 1976 he came out with The Human Tornado and that same year The Monkey Hustle. In 1977 he came out with Petey Wheatstraw aka the devil’s son in law I love this movie. I watched a YouTube show and this young guy could not even get that part of it right if you going to be in the media game do your homework and your research y’all. By 1979 he did Disco Godfather what people don’t know that Rudy Ray Moore Act, produced and wrote his own movies. He was an independent filmmaker before anyone came out with the dam concept. And the hip-hop community gave him his props Snoop Dogg said without Rudy Ray Moore there would be no Snoop Dogg and that’s real. He was on Big Daddy Kane’s 1990’s album Taste of Chocolate and in 2008 he reprises the character Petey Wheatstraw on the song I Live for the Funk which featured Blowfly collaborated on the same record together for the first time ever wow. I know none of y’all don’t know how legendary that was like two Titans of X rated comedy records shaking up the world spitting flames. He also was on 2 Live Crew’s album Back at Your Ass for the Nine 4.

Rudy Ray Moore was on countless shows where people gave him his propers, but I wish they could have made that movie starring Eddie Murphy this month on Netflix before he passed away on October 19th 2008. I heard they talk to him about making it, but they just could not get it together and that’s a dam shame that we can’t give people their due while their still alive. And what I think is a shame is that a lot of young people and even older people don't really know how great he really was.

The only good thing is that people can go to Amazon and get some of his movies I have the box set. It’s called the Rudy Ray Moor Dolemite collection I love it have a party and put it on and everybody will be dying laughing. Or you can go on Youtube and listen to any of his albums and if you don’t laugh it has to be something wrong with you. I can go on and on about Rudy Ray Moore I just wish more people could know about him. And how incredible this man was, and he was one of the hardest working men in the comedy game and he made a big mark on this world with his work.

Well it’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. The underground novelist super star aka Deeluciano the Don everyday I’m dropping bombs. And if you like what I just dropped on your head piece please drop me a line on the many social media do dads That I’m cranking on. I’m on Twitter @Dartanyasr. My Author Page on Facebook Dartanya A. Williams Sr. Facebook at DartanyaSr. my new page up and a blaze. I’m on Instagram DartanyaSr. And you can get me on my hot ass web site Dartanyaawilliamssr.com And please don’t forget about my hot street masterpiece Almasi aka Glock Mommy that will move your soul for sure and you will not want to put it down once you start reading it go get it right now and see for yourself how live it is!

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