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So, You want to be a writer!

They’re going to write some montage, mangled mess and try to pass it off as a masterpiece when I’m a word smith beast. Dartanya A.Williams Sr.

I’m starting off my newsletter just like I write to people on my Facebook Author’s page. To all my writing friends now blog diva’s Blog homey’s and mega-maniac’s everywhere. I been writing for a while now but everybody I tell that I have a new book out. The first thing that come out their mouth is I’m writing a book or I’m about to write a book too. I just smile and say, “that’s nice and I don’t say any more about it.” Some of them tell me what their book is about or what kind of book their about to write. I think to myself they just don’t know if you’re not working on it by now it’s not going to write its self. Its just like being a deejay everybody think they can do it and that it is so easy if you’re doing it I can do it too. That’s true but you’re not going to write like me. It’s like comparing Peewee Herman to world be free in the place to be.

They’re going to write some montage, mangled mess and try to pass it off as a masterpiece when I’m a word smith beast. When I have been putting years of hard work a graduate from the school of hard knocks non- stop like hip-hop. When I’m done call the coroner not the cops after it drops. What they don’t know is that I have a PHD of Street-ology with pride and no apologies. I’m Craig and your Day-Day word play all day from around the way. I’m Rocking Beyoncé when they are pumping on Sha Nae- Nae. In a funny way what I’m trying to say is Amateurs need not to apply when you’re in the ghetto kitchen cooking pies. You get killed trying to be fly.

Now I’m going to get serious because I have a few tips for all people who write or want to write. Take notes Grasshopper. I will start with you so called Christian writers. I know they are some great Christian writers out there but come up with stronger characters. If people cannot relate to their situation, you’re going to bore people to tears. You might move a few copies with your family and church members to give you a play. But they must be in deep trouble or some real bad sin or something smoking the church roof off. Nobody is going want to read about a person who go to church all the time and don’t have life’s challenges of modern times not Captain Corny Co fire & Brimstone flow. Aka don’t be to preachy tell a good story and keep it moving. That should be for all writers to tell you the truth. Ask anybody who read a lot books bring the drama for your mama. Just because you’re a Christian don’t mean you can’t bring the hot sauce in your purse.

Okay now urban fiction writers its almost the same thing don’t yodel when people want you to sing. Work on your characters make them strong so somebody people can feel what’s real from the battle field. Don’t just have a super-hot cover with cardboard characters I hate that. Ask any urban fiction lovers don’t mail it in sing it in. Bare you soul in it. Go deep, long and not the same old song. How many people sell drugs, smoke weed kill people all over the place and go back and forth to jail, cheat on their wife’s and girlfriends millions right? Urban fiction readers love that stuff, but you must have mad plot twist and off the hook characters people that they love and hate. I’m not just a writer am a big fan as well. My book has more action and drama than a spaghetti western on steroids. Go get Killadelphila Soldiers and see for yourself.

Okay people of color fantasy writers stop copying off of everything that’s been done. I’m not in the genre but I know I can knock down something that’s hot and keep you turning the page in an adventurous mysticism haze. In other words, come with a lot of imagination that’s funny witty and flat out entertain people socks off from the door. Here a really big tip goes get The Power of Myth from Joseph Campbell. To tell you the truth all people who write need to get this book right now! That way you can learn a mad man or woman formula to be a rock star at this crazy game of writing. And if you writing to get rich, you’re in the wrong game you might write 20 bangers and nobody knows your name.

I’m just dropping some jewels on you fools dig deep and get ready to use each and every tool keep it blazing and play it off real cool.

Until next time it’s your boy I’m out.

Deeluciano the Don aka Dartanya A. Williams Sr. If you like what I dropped on you hit me up on my web site dartanyawilliamssr.com Get a Gangster Angel T- Shirt or one of my two Books Dark Secrets or Killiadelphila Soldiers.

And remember work on your dreams just don’t dream.

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