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The Greatest Pitch Man in the Game-Santa Claus

I like to say to one and all Likizo Niema (Happy Holidays). If you're new to my Literary madness from the door super hard core and it won’t cost as much as U2 on tour. Now as a person of color, if you're a teacher and a teenage child is drawing pictures of people getting shot in the head with blood shooting out, you’re going to send that child home to his parents, right? I hate to make light of this tragic situation in Michigan, but I would have sent that little crazy motherfucker home with his batshit mama and his drunk ass daddy immediately!

Follow your instinct, good people don’t let someone tell you little Johnny and Susie Sausage Head is all right when you know their nuttier than a fruitcake. If you're new to my literary madness you better buckle in tight, Grasshopper and brainwash the host of this propagandist hypocrisy. I’m going there driving down the road of America insanity like a trucker on an ice road with no Gawd damn breaks. But before I do that, I have to give a mad shout out to all my blog Divas, blog homies, to all my real down by law megalomaniacs and Cyberpunks from around the globe that are out of control. What I’m about to drop on you is from deep research, some myth’s my opinions and of course a heaping helping of satire. Now what is Americans' most favorite pastime? No, it’s not football, baseball or basketball it’s shopping! Oh yes even the rich & poor people no matter what race or background you have buying goods in the good old US of A.

Americans are the biggest shopaholics in the world specially at Christmas time. Americans spend over 500 billion dollars during this time and corporate America counts on this every year. Who dreamed up this most powerful massive conspiracy to get you to feel good about going broke when you don’t have the money in the first place, or the super wealthy can show off that money is no object?

Buying gifts for friends and family of luxury items people wish they can afford making people green with envy splashed on television specials and social media. Can we point fingers at Madison Avenue who cooked up all this bullshit for them to get your money every year? Or the widely spread myth of Saint Nicholas of a 4th century Greek Christian bishop of Myra now is modern day Turkey. Here is the crazy part of this story even scholars don’t know when he was born or when he died. Some say that he really didn’t even exist, but I must say the stories about him are really good, doe.

One story said that a poor man who had three beautiful daughters could not afford a diary for his daughters to get married or he had to send them off into prostitution to get some money. So, Saint Nicholas heard about this man's dilemma, so Saint Nicholas came to this man’s home at night while they were sleeping, putting a bag of gold coins in one of the girl stockings hanging by the window to dry after washing them.

After his daughter found the bag of gold coins in the morning and told her father what she found they were happy thinking that God send them that gift and his daughter got married. A year later Saint Nicholas did the same thing for his second daughter and she went off to get married as well. With his last daughter this time the man was hiding soon as Saint Nicholas dropped the bag of gold coins in the stocking the man ran after him, and he caught up with the generous stranger. He quickly turns him around looking him in the face to see who he was. Saint Nicholas quickly told the man not to tell anyone about this to keep this to himself.

Well as you know that man did not keep it to himself telling a few people and the story grew. Every poor person in the area hung up their stocking near the window and was hoping that Saint Nicholas would hear of their story of misfortune. They hoped he would help them out as well.So many stories were told about Saint Nicholas coming from a very wealthy family helping out people who were poor.

Washington Irving (1783-1859) an American writer who helped Americanize Santa Claus. He wrote American folk tales like Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He is the one who gave him the name Santa Claus Jacking it from a Dutch folktale.

They won’t tell you about Dutch Santa Claus with his slave helper called Black Pete just like here in racist ass America with Little Black Sam Bo books in schoolbooks in the 1950’s and 1960’s. In 1823, Clement Clark Moore wrote the poem the Night Before Christmas making it the most popular poem in America where everybody knew every word to the poem. People still say it to this very day. In 1889 a writer name Katherine Lee Bates added a Mrs. Claus, for the very first time we never knew Santa Claus got married or hooked up with somebody. Where did he meet her on the 1800 version of Facebook or was she a mail order bride inside of Sears catalog or something? Back in the days for Santa Claus to get busy being naughty. In 1939 some writers added Rudolph the rednosed reindeer to the team of reindeers on to Santa’s sleigh.

Santa Claus got super famous like a rockstar in America over the years becoming a well liked tradition with everyone. Santa Claus' big debut came to the forefront in 1924 in the Macy’s day parade on Thanksgiving and he’s been in it ever since to right now in 2021.

Growing up it was really hard for me to believe in Santa Claus because when I was in Wilson projects in South Philly. We never saw white people until we went to school or when the cops came locking someone up or shooting or beating someone half to death. So, seeing some fat white man coming up in our apartment on the 6th floor was hard to believe even as a naïve young child. Plus, I never saw any white people ever helping anyone Black when I was growing up.

All I know is if a fat white man with a red suit on with a big bag of goodies came in the projects he would get robbed and shot from the door, so it was really hard for me to believe in for real. I’m not saying that my mother did not make some of the most beautiful Christmas days for me and my brothers over the years and I did the same for my kids and grandchildren right now. The best pitch man in the business in the game is Santa Claus. He's so much of an American icon that he doesn’t have to say a word to sell your product in a commercial. All he has to do is show up in his red suit. He's been selling sugar water soft drinks to high-end luxury cars foreign and domestic.

Santa Claus is so jacked into our Americanized culture they skip right over Thanksgiving and start getting you all hype up for Christmas right after Halloween. America is big on selling people nostalgia they hit you with. Remember when you were a kid don’t you want your kids and family to have the kind of Christmas you had. If it is good, it gets you hooked and sinker even if it was bad. You can make it better for you and your family. All you have to do is buy these products and your life will be better. What really puzzles me is why some many people who are not Christian’s profit from a holiday that Christ was born on? I already know the answer to that. I just want some of you to think about it as well. You probably don’t want to hear this if you’re a flag waving brainwash citizen, but America is not a country. America is a big fat greasy wheel turning 24-7 around the clock business where profits and the bottom line is king and queen and nothing else matters. It’s nothing wrong with that if you are doing right by people giving them jobs and opportunities to take care of people’s family’s no matter what. Where they came from or the color of their skin or background and not shut them out of the so-called American dream.

Yes, it feels good to help people at that time of year for people who are not doing so well. That's a beautiful thing that happens every day in this country. And just like the stories I was telling you about Saint Nicholas the people all around him were helping poor people. They all were thinking it was Saint Nicholas who was doing it all, he had a lot of help from many others having the spirit of giving and it caught on. Everyone was thinking he had superpowers being in so many places at one time.

The story grew from the three wise men giving the Christ child gifts and we give our children gifts celebrating the day he came to be. People like to give and help people and don’t ask for anything in return, not just on Christmas they do this all year long. And oh yes there are some good people in this wicked world. It's just so far and in between that’s all. But some of these corporations taking advantage of generous people is the sieving ugly pus spewing monsters that makes the commercialism of Christmas so bad.

With the so-called supply chain issues they are jacking up the prices on things so they can make the money they lost during COVID-19 pandemic that’s all. I know why they commercialized Christmas. They did it so that way if you’re not a Christian you can participate in a good old American tradition and custom that’s the good thing. The bad thing is there are so many greedy people out here that the people who need help can’t get it because of all the greedy motherfuckers.

So, this Christmas try to help someone if you can without looking for something and stop buying things you don’t need in your life like a foot massager that will be collecting dust in a few months. Just because it was on sale or buy people junk you don’t want like a Chia Pet. Or putting so much pressure on yourself on shit you can’t afford. Stop buying big ticket things saying you brought your own Christmas gift. It's Jesus' birthday not yours! And you are in debt for six months paying it off killing yourself! Just appreciate life and the people you love and stop putting so much value on them on what kind of gift they got you or didn’t give you. If you got a roof over your head, most of your bills are paid and you’re in good health, your head of the game winning. Enjoy the holidays, don't overdo it and remember to take care of yourself and the people that you love and be grateful you made it to see another Christmas.

Well, it’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr the underground novelist super star aka Deeluciano the Don dropping bombs like they did in Vietnam! I’m a crime writer, hot blog writer and to add to my resume filmmaker! If you like what I just drop on that ass. You can hit me up on my Facebook authors page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m also on Instagram @ Dartanyasr. I’m Also on Twitter @Dartanyasr. Always remember Grasshopper don’t let haters stop you from achieving your golds and work on your dreams just don’t dream! And bye all means don’t take any wooden nickels! And may you have a merry Christmas, a beautiful Kwanzaa, and a very prosperous New Year's peace.

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