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The Outlaw Culture!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

To all my writing friends ,blog Divas, blog Homies and to all my out of control mega-maniac’s all over the country on Instagram and Facebook. I’m going to jump right into it on this one because it’s one of my favorite subjects and something myself and millions like me live everyday. I’m talking about is outlaw culture. Everyone likes a underdog but here in our country love and is fanatical about outlaw culture. It generates millions of dollars in music, fashion and multimedia. No matter what race you are, no matter what kind of background you come from rich or poor male, female or gay. Everybody loves the outlaw especially here in America out in the open or people in the closet with their feelings about it. They love the outlaw in books, films, plays and TV mythological or real everybody wants to be an outlaw at times when they are done wronged by the system or the so called status quo.

In the 1930’s people loved outlaws because of banks owning their homes and farms were being foreclose in the great depression. Than at the same time it’s a rash of bank robbers people could not get a enough of hearing about all of their exploits in the papers or on the radio. Bonnie & Clyde, Ma Baker and her gang, Babyface Nelson and public enemy number one ,John Dillinger. And people of color are made into outlaws by being mistreated bye the racist white power structure even to this very day. You get what I’m talking about it even go back to the early settlers with cowboys and even in the dark times of slavery with Nat Turner a villain to white people and a hero to every black person living today. Yisus Evilgreen aka Jesus’ Malverde (1870-1909) the patron saint of drug dealers in Mexico & the United states but if you ask or do some real research on him like I did you will find its much more than that. The folklore goes that Jesus Malverde was a bandit and he use to give a way most of what every he robbed from the rich to the poor people in Sinaloa. That made him beloved to the poor people of Sinaloa. When the rich wealthy landowners and the Mexican government would not help them Malverde did. When the Mexican government caught him they hung him and left his body up as a warning to other bandits and thieves. The governor told his people to leave him there to rot when his body fell to the ground. They did not give him a proper burial so people use to walk by and put rocks and pebbles on top of his body making it a very large shrine.

Soon after people who put rocks and pebbles on his shrine and prayed for him miracles started to occur. Then people started praying to him and whatever you ask him for he would grant it to you in turn you have to help the poor. And if you didn’t help the poor on whatever you ask from him for it would become a curse. By the 80’s when drug traffickers made him more popular with bust and shrines in their homes. When the DEA caught wind of this when they use to arrest drug traffickers they use to see the bust or shrines of Malverde inside of their homes or where they were putting in work at. So officials and government agents tag him as the patron saint of drug dealers when it was more deeper than that. People prayed to him for good health, love protection and prosperity not just for their outlaw activities. But just about everybody celebrate outlaw culture take the hit show Vikings what you think Vikings were a church group. No they were murdering blood thirsty thieves. What trip me out is that the Franklin Institute here in Philadelphia had a exhibit on Genghis Khan. And his gang was ten time worse than the Crips& Bloods. How about Al Capone he’s in the Guinness book of worlds records as the gangster who generated the most money. But in Chicago they have tours in his honor. They sure will not have that for Larry Hoover or Jeff Fort. And what about the story of DB Cooper a bank robber who’s body been missing for years they made him a hero. Just like Jesse James and the James gang how many movies they made about him. When people never heard of Cherokee Bill, Dead Eye Dick or John Horse(Black cowboys). And don’t get me started about the American mafia. You can ask any straight laced person who goes to church and pay their taxes and won’t take a nickel off the sidewalk can name every last mob boss name. And can tell you from Lucky Luciano to John Gotti. How about the Hell's Angels you can go on Amazon and buy their T-shirts where you think that money go to? How about a made up biker gang like the Sons of Anarchy you can buy the DVD, toys, books and t-shirt too. But you can’t buy the Wheel’s of Soul or The OutKast T- Shirt on Amazon. How about the Latin Kings, Brown Pride or Donald Trump's favorite gang MS-13?You can ask any business man or woman who never did one illegal thing in his life and they love the Soprano TV show and the movie Scarface, Goodfellas, Casino or the Godfather.

What about the TV show Animal Kingdom I heard all the TV announcers on TNT for the basketball game. Saying they love the show and their a family of professional robbers and the mother runs the gang. And I can’t forget about one the best shows on cable is Power a drug dealer who want to go legit. Empire a ex drug dealer making it to the top of the music world. Netflix the Ozarks (A good show too) and Narco that’s off the hook too Bad Blood. Breaking Bad on AMC and The Making of Mob New York & Making of the Mob Chicago both of them are well done too. HBO the Wire, USA Queen of the South, the Family Business on BET, The Blacklist on NBC.

America loves its outlaw culture we never get enough of it and by the looks of it will never be played out or go out of fashion any time soon. If you ask me it will be a whole lot more because of America’s large voracious appetite for outlaw culture. And if you tell me you don’t like or not into none of it you might as well pick out your tombstone because your already dead. While all the rest of us is all hyped up and enjoy Shottas, John Wick one & two plus cocaine cowboys, the new Super Fly movie or the old one I love both of them. Look my mother liked Paid in full and she’s 78 years old what I’m trying to say here is. No matter your age race or even whatever your sexual preference is everyone loves outlaw culture.

It’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr aka Deeluciano the Don if you like what I just dropped on you. Hit me up on Facebook at Dartanya A. Williams Sr or on my author page. I’m on Instagram at DartanyaSr. ,Twitter @DartanyaSr. And my web site, dartanyaawilliamssr.com and if you want to be a real outlaw you can buy a Gangster Angel’s T- shirts. And my two books Dark Secrets, Killadelphia Soldiers and my next banger I’m dropping soon is Almasi aka Glock Mommy. Sign up for my newsletter it’s free to sign up and trust me you will be highly entertained on what I’ll drop on you every time and it won’t cost you a dime. Because I I’m deep into outlaw culture it what I live and write about all the time. I’m the American outlaw writer.

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