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The Working Poor and the Coronavirus

Yo, I’m back even with all of this madness with the coronavirus going on today around me. I just want to say I hope everyone is being safe and all of your loved ones too. Now, before I drop the science on your dome like a metal anvil. I like to thank all my real writing friends, blog Divas, blog homies and especially all my mega maniacs who made my blog on Gakirah Barnes. One of my most read blogs to date with over 4,000 hits and growing with a bunch of new readers checking me out. Thank you so much! Now before I get into this deep, I want everyone who reads this blog. I did not write this for some publicity or to get a lot of attention like most of these celebrities, Instagram stars and straight up publicity whores of the world on social media and television.

I wrote this blog from my heart to tell the truth about what’s really going on because I didn’t know the coronavirus would have a color to it, but it does and its black brown and the poor white. Why is the coronavirus affecting people of color the most? Well, if you don’t know and I hate to say this, then you're living under a rock in the new millennium. Let me break it down to you people who don’t pay attention to the world around you. If you open your eyes and look around most of the jobs that make this monster conglomerate run by people of color do every day called America. People walk around all day and don’t think about this even when they get on the bus, train, cab or with the local Uber drivers are people of color. What about in Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite- Aid, Super fresh, Shoprite and millions of other food stores?

What about all the migrant workers who supply all the food in the supermarkets and people don’t want them to stay in this country. If all the people of color did not come to work every day, this whole country would stop on a dime right in its tracks. What’s really fucked up about that is we’re the lowest paid too. Just look around what about all the people from all over the world who work in all the hospitals helping people who have the coronavirus. All of them have to go home to their families. Most of these people working can’t miss a paycheck. They're putting their life on the line to feed their families and to keep from getting fired and being destitute on the streets. These people can’t work at home on their computer and make money. That’s even if they have one.

What makes me laugh is you have these people clapping and cheering on TV, these people who are putting their lives on the line every day on television making one big feel good commercial. Now these corporations are jumping on the bandwagon. If you want to help or salute those on the frontline how about put it in their paycheck by giving them hazard pay! That would be too much like right. How, about giving the people in all the hospitals more P.P.E.’s (That’s personal protective equipment.) And

Please don’t get me started talking about our government failing us. Now people of color know what I’m talking about most of us never looked to the government to help us. They’ve been lying to us for years. The Middle Passages (The Slave Trade)- That’s for you people who don’t know, 40 acres and a mule, Tuskegee experiments, world war one, world war two, Vietnam, the Civil Rights Movement, Hurricane Katrina. I can make my whole blog on how much our so-called government lied to us when we know they don’t give a fuck about us.

I’m just telling the truth about our history with America Hispanic, Asian, Native Americans and poor white people know just what I’m talking about. I am more Americanized. It is the only way to survive in a country who doesn't look at you as a human being, just a tool to make money only. They trick people telling you were all in the same boat, but we are not when most of us are dying from this 2020 Pandemic with no help in sight. Why because we do not have access or the money to good quality healthcare and that was way before the coronavirus broke out around the world.

While Trump and his band of cronies were in court trying to abolish Obamacare and that’s a fact not fake news. And everybody thought Bush was bad and incompetent. And I blame all you people who did not get off your ass and vote or say you don’t vote at all and it means nothing but see what we get the emperor with no clothes on. If you don’t know the story, it’s an emperor surrounded by a bunch of yes men not to tell him he was wrong plus his lack of leadership. That’s what we have today: a modern-day Nero watching the city burn while he plays with his phone tweeting trashing individuals and causing confusion and his everyday clown show press conferences lying instead of helping people. Now we have to be helping one another in times like this. Now we have a bunch of paid for yah-hoo’s protesting to open up the country so we can get the economy back on track but to me that shit is crazy! Without testing people or a vaccine not to be developed until another year in a haft we all can kiss the summer goodbye. It is about being safe and saving lives not dollars.

Now if anybody listen to Fox News and Trump and his yes men, you’ll be dead going over the edge while they still be alive rich and safe from the Coronavirus. It is true we need money in this beast machine we call America to run but you need people to run it that’s the most important thing in the world. What about all of these churches people are turning to think this is something God is doing to punish people for their inhumanity to man. All of that just might be true but so many innocent people are dying like that five-year-old little black girl and all of the first responders out their helping people. But a lot of these megachurches are not helping anybody they just making sure the pastor and his constituency get a big house and new Bentley every year. It’s not about God it’s about the money from the door. (A Business nothing more) but the Catholic church and little small black & Hispanic, Asian churches are helping people and feeding people down on their luck struggling every day without complaining about it. Only if they can help us find some toilet paper and some hand sanitizer. And if you have a hook up on some please hit me in my DM. That’s the same thing we should do with our friends and family every day like me and my wife are doing. And I hope everyone is checking on friends and family members. To me this looks worse than the great depression back in the 1930’s watching people in long lines just to get food to get by day to day.

Now our meat and chicken supplies are running low with outbreaks at the plants in the richest country in the world. This Pandemic is worse than anything we ever seen here in America since 1919 as you know none of us was around back then. But things are moving faster than jet planes and trains and faster cars. That's how it spread so quickly around the country. What we don’t need politics and finger- pointing will not help us in these most devastating times in our lives. Even with all this madness around we will survive all this being smart, safe and looking out for one another for real. I’m not big on Syfy movies but it’s a movie called War of the Worlds but in the film the Martians were winning, killing everyone on the planet.

All of a sudden the Martians started dying but do you know what started killing them?

It was a tiny little microscopic germ, something humans could live with every day, but the Martians could not. But what we are dealing with is real life not a movie and the microscopic killer invisible to the eye. Until we have some of these smart people, we have to come up with a vaccine we have to be safe and not be in a hurry and keep doing the social distancing thing. Wash our hands and don’t gather over ten people and if you have coronavirus to self- quarantine yourself from your family and loved ones. Because this beast we are dealing with is vicious and taking out people of all ages and don’t believe the myth that black people can’t get it.

This invisible monster is taking out our people every day and we all know America is a greedy corporate machine that eats people's souls every day. That feeds on the backs of the poor, the elderly and people of color like it has been doing from the beginning of the founding of America.

Remember this I tell everybody that’s close to me that America is not a country it’s a business, and it’s about the bottom line. Once you know that you just might not get all your feelings all caught up on all the lies, stories and myths about America and believing in all the bullshit they told you. Oh, don’t get it twisted if your smart life in America can be good by working for yourself and not for others no matter what you do. And never forget this tough time don’t last just tough people do!

Well, it is your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. The underground novelist super star I write the hot blogs and epic books I don’t spit bars! Aka Deeluciano The Don. Be on the lookout for part two to my street classic Almasi called Almasi two Queen of the streets. Now if you didn’t read the first Almasi book, you need to go get that right now! Now if you like what I just dropped on your dome with my blog, you can hit me up on all the social media do-dads you can hit me up on my Facebook author’s page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I am on Twitter @Dartanyasr. And Instagram Dartanyasr. Now you can hit me up on my website Dartanyaawilliamssr.com and you can read all of my blogs and short stories like Black Magic City. It’s a supernatural gangster tale. If you’re into something like that I wrote back in 2006 and you can read it for free. Be sure to check out my super-hot Gangster Angel’s t-shirts and hoodies and some of my artwork. Until, next time the gang just remembers to hang in there. Don’t be a fool thinking the authorities or our government will save us, they don’t even care about their own peoples. Come up with your own plan, start small and keep it flowing until you reach your goals. Be safe ya'll for real and don’t take any wooden nickels.

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