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They Called an Ambulance, Not an Executioner!

They called for an Ambulance, Not an Executioner!!!

By Dartanya A. Williams Sr.

I like to Welcome everyone to my new blogs of truth, political satire and the heat from the streets as always. I like to holla at all my writing friends, blog Divas, blog homies, and a special shout out to all of my megalomaniacs from around the globe that’s out of control. Ukweli utakuweka huru(Means in Swahili the truth will set you free) That’s what happened to me when I first saw the video on Instagram of Walter Wallace Jr.

A 27-year-old Black man from my hometown of Philadelphia murdered. Right before my eyes I saw this young man shot down as he came towards the police officer with a knife. At first, I said to myself when I first saw it he lunged forward with the knife at the police. After I did my research on what really happened with this tragic event. I watched a public execution right from the door. To me it was apparent this young man had mental health issues because why would he want to harm a police officer who did nothing to provoke him. From the video it is obvious he was not thinking clearly or under some kind of chemical in balance. The shame of it all was that some people on Social media watched this as some morbid, sick, twisted entertainment? This was one of the most painful videos to watch.

I don’t know if that was his mother following behind him, but this poor woman was trying to stop him knowing that those cops were taking aim to kill. The cops yelled out for him to drop the knife but when the shots rang out; I felt it deep down into my psyche seeing this. Just like the first time I saw the Rodney King video and the George Floyd video getting killed calling out for his Mama put chills up your back. For you not to cringe makes you not human and as a Black person makes you really shook down to your soul.

When Walter Wallace Jr's body hit the ground, you see the woman making a hand gesture as if she was throwing something at the cop with others gathering around the body on the ground. But both the cops were all calm, putting their guns in their holsters fast looking down at the man they just killed. I’m not an expert or something but there are some really smart people in this city. Why can’t they have a unit that deals with people with mental health issues instead of cops with guns? Maybe that’s too much like right to have something like this in the Black community. What’s really messed up is in our community they look at mental illness as a joke.

What’s really fucked up is our lack of resources for people who really need help with loved ones who are suffering from this systemic problem in our neighborhoods across the country and especially here in Philly. As everybody knows who lives here in Philly, the police have little care for Black and Hispanic males that is no big secret in every hood. Now if it’s a Black or Hispanic male with special needs he or she is doomed when they run across the police who are stressed out. The job in a major large metropolitan city with labeling all people of color as a problem or the community’s enemy.

I hate to say this, but the police officials say that officers have to make split-second decisions. Then guess what this is what you signed up for, having life and death in your hands and most of them can’t handle it, that's just being human. They are not more superior as they make themselves out to be when a person of color life hangs in the balance. The real shame of this horrific event that became nationwide news is the parents of Walter Wallace Jr. They called for an ambulance and was seeking help for their son. As any parent would when their child is in crisis, just like millions of people that are dealing with this issue and they feel helpless in that situation. They did not ask for cops with guns to execute their son right in front of their face. His father asked, “ why didn't they use a taser?”

I can answer that really quickly because the police don’t have the same value in a black males then they do any white male or female in this city. Could you just imagine you call for help and you get more grief than some kind of solution to your problem? Wait, and then it turns out to be nightmarish setting thrusted into your life forever? This is a heartbreaking story that launched chaos, riots and looting across the city with a community that has been deeply hurt one too many times over the years. What’s crazy is they build up this atmosphere for all the looting and madness. City officials and the police along with the media are quick to report about all the crimes and misdeeds of what people have done after they reacted to what happened to Walter Wallace Jr. If you notice they did not release the names of the two officers who shot him down like a dog well so much for transparency from the police. But they will not look at their self’s in the mirror of all the crimes they have done to all the people of color over the years in this city. All the mistrust of the trigger-happy police who are uncaring of Black and Hispanic people being judge jury and executioner in the hood. The lack of education and outreach to help people of color with mental health crisis. It should be some kind of hotline to help people with mental health issues. The city officials and police are to blame for this young man's death along with millions of young men and women just like him. Their insensitivity of all of our struggles in a system that just doesn't care for us at all and view us as disposable human waste. Black and Hispanic people are the engine that make this city run every day instead of being praised and revered as the city saviors. They treat us the worst and make us the scapegoat for all the problems and headaches that go on here in Philly welcome to America.

It’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr the underground novelist super star. I spit Truthful thought-provoking blogs and hot ass books not 16 bars. Aka Deeluciano The Don dropping bombs like Vietnam. If you like what I just dropped on your headpiece, you can hit me up on all the social media do dads like my Facebook author’s page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m also on Twitter @ Dartanyasr and I’m on Instagram Dartanyasr. And You can link up on my banging ass website Dartanyaawilliamssr.com and you can check out my hot ass Gangster Angel’s T- Shirts and hoodies. And don’t forget my hot street banger Almasi 2 is blazing on paperback available on Amazon.com & Kindle. Crime fiction at its best! Until next time the gang remember the 11th commandment, thou shall not throw cold water on someone’s dreams.

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