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Uncle Sam The Pimp Being Pimped

Oh Yeah, I’m back at it again writing more flames for the brain still knocking shit out of the frame. A proud graduate of Hard Knock University teaching the entire world ten tractor trailers filled with game! Now to all you, newbies to my blog Wote Mnakaribishwa all are welcome in Swahili. Unless you’re a Donald Trump space trucker low life racist motherfucker and sucker. So, I know you won’t read any of my shit, anyway.

Now I give a mad shout out to all my blog Divas, blog homies and a special shout out to all of my megalomaniacs .who always holds me down no matter what. Now to the business at hand why I call this blog Uncle Sam the pimp is getting pimped. Because of all this shit going on now with the United States pulling out of a quagmire in Afghanistan a 20-year war.

Now I’m going to break it down for that ass now they are putting it all on President Joe Biden. Not to take up for Uncle Joe but the blame should go to all four ministrations George W. Bush 2001-2009. Now all you people don’t get mad at me Barack Obama 2009-2017. And oh yeah, the worst President who ever sat in the oval office Donald J. Trump 2017-2021. All of them are to blame for all of that mess going on over there. Now check this out nobody is blaming any of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for all four administrations.

You have all of these super smart writers from the New York Times, the Washington Post, AP and Jack ass columnist and so-called expert and whatever. You will not hear or read any of them saying why did any of these people in the pentagon check on any of these people they gave weapons and money to. Why did anybody working at the pentagon and military experts check on this so-called Afghanistan army? Why should Americans young men and women die for some people who will not fight for themselves ? Check this shit out, why did so many Americans lose their lives when some of them did not want to fight for their own country?

Let me break it down even further: all these so-called military experts knew that all of the Afghanistan government was corrupt from the door. They always were corrupt so why did they keep giving them money and weapons for the last 20 years? Why did they pour in more than two trillion dollars into a country, and they never wanted to help anyone in their own country here in the USA? Under a flag of the war on terror which was a failure, but President Obama smoked Bin Laden, and he never got any credit for it.

You hear all these asshole Republicans trashing so many people of color for receiving welfare or any kind of assistance from the government just to survive. And they would check up their ass with a fucking microscope to make sure they are not cheating good old Uncle Sam. But what happened in Afghanistan? I’m going to tell you what happened Uncle Sam the pimp got pimped.

A pimp I mean a good pimp let none of his ho’s go. When the ho wakes up after all the bullshit, he or she has been going through and says they are leaving. The pimp comes up with another tactic to keep the ho around so they can milk their ass just a little more. When the Russians were in Afghanistan they got out of there and made a clean break. They said it was in Vietnam. The Russians took their L and got the fuck out of there but not the big bad United states. All the newscasters on television were saying it looks like Vietnam in 1975 when they were pulling out of Afghanistan now 2021. CNN or any of them so-called news stations will not say out loud that the United States lost the war in Vietnam and Afghanistan. So why did so many people have to die for the big pimp in Vietnam?

Corporate America wanted to make another sunny side resort with cheap labor and suck out all the resources out of the country and make all the greedy corporate American ass holes happy. Things didn't work out for them in Vietnam, and they say history always repeats itself and the same thing is going on in Afghanistan. Now here are some real questions for that ass how much money are they spending now to evacuate these people? When they bring these people here, where are they going to live and who is going to pay for this shit?

Oh yeah, the same people who have been paying the last 20 years for an investment you never stop paying for Mister and Miss tax paying fool thanks to good old Uncle Sam the pimp who got pimped. What’s going to happen when they drop them off in Texas, Virginia or Redneck Hick town USA?

As racist as this country is, do you think the locals are going to welcome them with open arms? I’m going to answer that shit for you hell no! I’m surprised we did not hear any of these racist ass Republicans yet start bitchin about giving these people free money, housing and jobs. Oh, I forgot they save all that anger and hate for Black people. They will help some people who never contribute anything to this country and call it being humane. When they were never humane with anyone of color here in the United States. Shit look right now they don’t even want us to vote yet alone let us live in the homes and businesses we work for and pay and pay taxes and they still hate us. When their ancestors took the native Americans land on top of raping and killing them. They did the same shit they did to us and still do it to this very day. The only difference now is that we pay the salaries of the cops that kill us. I just want to ask this question in closing why none of these so-called leaders had no humanity when it comes to people of color in this country.

But they can spend two trillion dollars halfway around the world? And don’t get Jack spit out of it but pay out more money. And if you think about it, they will be paying out even more money for the next 20 years and they get mad at us about asking for reparations for slavery. What’s really crazy none of these dumb ass racist white people that’s fill with hate don’t know they paid out two lifetimes of money to people that hate them as well and pimped them like a ho in the streets and still doing it to them.

Yeah, it’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. aka Deeluciano the Don dropping bombs on your mind like they did in Vietnam. If you like what I just drop on your ass like an anvil from on top of liberty one building on your dome hit me up on all of my social media do dads. I’m on Twitter @ DartanyaSr. I’m on Instagram @ DartanyaSr and please hit me up on my Facebook author's page Daratanya A. Williams Sr. I'm a crime writer and I have my next street banger dropping called the Notorious L.E.X. That will take you on the ride of your life. I’m also working on some short films with these super-hot scripts I wrote so get ready for that as well. And I always say I don’t care who it is, your so-called friend's mother, father, brother, sister or your grandmama don’t let nobody stop you from doing what you love.

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