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What is Cool?

What Is Cool?

To all my writing friends blog Divas, blog Homies and to all of my real mega-maniacs all over the country. I’m proud that more people are loving and reading my blog. Thank you so much you really don’t know what this means to me Ninakushukuru That means, I appreciate you in Swahili. I also can never forget all my Instagram and Facebook friends who always show me lots of love every day of the week. So, let me drop this story that really relate to what I’m writing about what is cool. I know a lot of you, young people would say swag but it's all in the same family if you ask me.

Now I’m at the mall waiting on my brother to come out the store and some young people two guys and a young lady standing around hanging out and this car roll past blasting this song I like. So, I’m saying the words to the song and these young people are in amazement that I knew all the words to the song. J Coles’s Motiv8 so one of the young guys turns to the other and said, “ man, that’s a cool ass old head.” I just smiled as all of them are checking me out. What they don’t know about me I don’t care if its new music or some old school banger if I like a song, I go buy it.

Plus, when I use to Dee Jay, I had to keep up with everything that’s out if I liked it or not. II had to ask myself, what is really cool is it the music you listen too? Is it the way you dress? Is it who you hang with? Is it the kind of movies and other kinds of art you’re into? Is it the sport you’re into to and go bananas over every Saturday and Sunday afternoon?

It is who defined what is cool in this crazy consumerism culture, we all live in? Well since there is no commission board on who and what is cool, I’ll give you my opinion on what I think is cool and what is Iconic cool. I know it's way more names then I can write on my blog piece here, but I’ll try to get as many as I can so don’t get upset with me if I miss someone you love, and who you think is really cool. Look to me being cool is ageless and colorless to me its lot of rock star’s hip hop superstars, writers fashion designers, movies stars and yes even politicians (very few of them I have to say).

The captains of industry are cool to me. Carl Lagerfield he just passed away this year on February 19th, 2019 to me he was super cool the way he dressed and his creativity the way he did his thing. He ran his own fashion label as well as Chanel and Fendi where he was the creative director. The iconic definition of cool to me is Jay-Z not just for his super smooth lyrical skills or hooking up with Beyonce and hit making capabilities for his business Ackerman and living life on his own terms. Sade her golden voice over super smooth beats and just being an artist” artist I think we need more of that in today’s music world. Robert De Niro not only he’s a master of his carafe helping other young film makers of the world. Barack Obama not only because he became the first black president is the way he carries himself and his masterful oracle skills. Jeff Goldblum not just his acting skill the way he talks and a hell of a pitch man to boot. Ru Paul yes, I said it Ru Paul is cool to me so is Bob the drag queen is hilarious. Ella Mai the UK young sensation Trip and the smash Boo’d Up I love that song and yes, I I’m Boo’d up for real. Ayanna Pressley the first black woman elected to congress from Massachusetts now that’s cool.

Along with the fire brand Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez from New York district 14, Ilhan Omar from Minnesota district 5 being a fighter is cool to me. Don Magic Juan a ex pimp who is pimping the system making a name in the street game to mainstream society. Jack White formerly of the white stripes fame now their song seven nation army is a stadium chant that’s cool. Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover his music and his acting the kid have his own style plus I love his song Red Bone, and this is America video is crazy. Melissa Mccarthy is not only hilarious her acting chops in the movie Can you ever forgive me was off the hook. Henry Rollins the ex, front man for the band Black Flag one man, show is to be seen by all if you never seen or heard of him.

Snoop Dogg is really iconic cool if you ask me from music, movies and his show on the internet is something to see if you never seen it before you have to check it out for real. Tekashi Six Nine he has a crazy look, but his music is really good too I hope he can be around for a little longer but he’s in prison now and I hope he can still have a career when he gets out or somebody don’t kill him first, I hate to say that about him but we all make mistakes.

Here is somebody a lot of you guys might never heard of but I’m going to put you down Sister Rosetta Tharpe blues guitarist the first time I seen this older black woman play on this blues DVD I have she blew me out of the water wow! If you love the blues, you can check out what I’m talking about or go on Youtube. Go see for yourself she went on home to meet Jesus, but her music is still around for you to enjoy.

Lera Lynn I got to know about her when I was watching HBO’s True Detectives, season two her hunting voice and lyrics is just unique and not like anybody out here today. The incomparable Ice Cube from N.W.A to a flat out movie mogul. Zakk Wylde, Ozzy Osbourne guitarist fame he has his own thing too Black Label Society but he’s really funny, but he has mad skills playing guitar. Ken Jeog is really funny you might know him from the Hangover movies but his Netflix special is off the hook for real. Jamie Foxx is iconic cool to me movies star, singer and comedian is a triple threat in the game. Benicio Del Tiro is on another level when it comes to acting. Leonardo DiCaprio is not just some pretty boy this man can really act. What about the rock star of all rock stars Bono from U2.

He puts his money where is mouth is helping people. Tim Cook from Apple I know lot of you are going to say Steve Jobs, but Tim took over and is way more cooler than Steve. Steve started it but Tim put the smooth into the game. Nas this cool wordsmith can spit flames on tracks but be so cool when he talking to people. Jonah Hill I love his acting chops he can play a goof ball or someone really serious as cancer at the drop of a hat. Jaden Smith he’s on a whole other level if you ask me. Don’t get it twisted his father is super cool too, but this kid is going to go far no matter what he do rapping acting or whatever for real.

Vince Vaughn I love his movies as a comedian, but he can really bring it when it comes to acting in drama True Detectives season two show me that side of him. Here someone a lot of you might not know AL Profit the street crime documentary maker go, on YouTube and check out any of his work and if you don’t like it well it something wrong with you for real the man work is super tight and off the chain for real.

Kendrick Lamar his lyric skill and the way he carries himself and the man can do a little acting as well. Karen Black she’s gone but I love her work in the so- called B movies she worked in check out the House of a thousand corpse as mother firefly. Walter Mosley not only he’s super smart he’s real super smooth and cool as well and he’s one hell of a writer to boot. He gives me so much inspiration to keep doing my thing. I love all of his books and if you never read one of his books, you need to stop what you're doing right now and buy one! But what so cool about all of the people I named in this blog piece is being cool is not just one way or race of people to me. Being cool is doing your thing the best way you know how and have other people liking or loving what you do no matter what walk of life you come from you dig. There are so many others I could name but this is it for now, but I want all of you who really read my blogs to really think about this what is really cool? Just being yourself is what being cool is all about if you ask me bottom line. To me is living your life doing what you love all the time because there are so many miserable people in this world who never tap into their own happiness. I tell people all the time follow your bliss I got that line from Joseph Campbell the author of the Hero with a thousand faces. The old saying goes, “do what you love, and you never worked a day in your life.”

Well it’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. aka Deeluciano the Don and if you like what I just dropped on you, please sign up for my blog on my website dartanyawilliamssr.com or you can hit me up on social media and tell me what you think? Facebook authors page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. Twitter @Dartanyasr. And Instagram Dartanyasr. I’m really excited to be ready to drop my next street banger Almasi aka Glock Mommy this month and its going to be the must read book this year trust me what I tell you!

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