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When will America wake up?

Dartanya A. Williams Sr.

Well, my Ndugu(Swahili for brothers) & dada(Swahili for sisters), if you're white or Hispanic and Asian that, means you too if you're down with me okay. I’m back at it again. I always do a shot out to all my blog Diva’s, blog home boys’s especially to all my megalomaniacs from around the world and my off the hook writing friends. I like to thank everyone who came and checked out my most controversial blog to date. The 35th Anniversary of the bombing of Move.

Wow, I got just as many hits on this blog than the one I did on Gakirah Barnes from Chicago. What was crazy is that a lot of young people knew nothing about what Move organization in Philly? That's what I do this blog for not for praise but to educate people.

Well, America here we go again if you were under a rock for the last week or so. What rocks the world now is the video of George Floyd being murdered right before our eyes and many of you are piss off, hurt and angry like me. Just like millions of people from all races and walks of life. Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin putting his knee maliciously into George Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes as George Floyd begged for his life. George Floyd yelled out that he could not breathe. Nearing the end of his life he also cries out for his mother as he was dying. The bystanders yelled at all four of the cops they were killing George Floyd. While videotaping all four of the cops holding down George Floyd killing him. None of the police officers listen to these young black people who had more fucking commonsense than four police officers who played judge, jury and executioners. For allegedly trying to pass off a fake twenty-dollar bill and if you looked at the video good, you can tell this dirty motherfucker been doing this kind of shit to black people for a very long time. Even before they brought up his lengthy record of abuse. This took me back to the times of me growing up in Philly because no cops were worse than the Rizzo cops in the 1970s and 1980s who had a free hand of beating and killing black & Hispanic people in Philadelphia for years. Now with the protest after they killed George Floyd this time what is incredible is that the people who are unaware why everybody across the country are rioting in the streets.

To me you have to have your head up your ass not to know but I’ll break it down to you if you don’t know. Here are a few names that add to all of our heartache and deep pain as being a black person here in America. Eric Garner who also cried out I can’t breathe while the cops choked him to death on video tape. They stopped Sandra Bland for a so-called routine traffic check in Texas but they found her hung dead in her cell the next day. Breonna Taylor shot down and killed in her own home in Kentucky went to the wrong house on a no knock drug warrant. How about Ahmaud Arbery who was jogging when some white men rode up in the truck and shot him down as if he was some kind of hunting game in the woods?

What about Tamir Rice playing with a toy gun in the park by himself? Shot dead by cops. Even when the caller told the police it was a toy gun? What about Walter Scott who also shot in the back while running away from the cop who lied and said, “Mr? Scott attacked him, and he feared for his life until the video tape popped up on his ass. Freddie Gray was beat down when the cops said he had a knife on him, and he died in police custody. All the cops got off for killing him.

Michael Brown 2014 in Ferguson Missouri with his hands up in the air as the cops shot him down like a dog in the streets. And Trayvon Martin who was killed with a hoodie on his head a bag of skittles and an Arizona ice tea in his hand as neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman with a loaded gun came up and murder Trayvon Martin walking home to his father’s house. Before George Zimmerman ran up on Trayvon, he was on the phone with the police who told him not to follow him and George Zimmerman was found not guilty for killing an unarmed teenager. I wrote a six- or seven-page blog and I can’t even put down all the names that are murdered from out-of-control cops and crazed white people. All of them pulling their white privilege card to kill people of color in the US of A.

What kills me is that these people on the news talking about people are on edge about more protest after the last five days of violence. What these people don’t know is that we live in that kind of world on the edge every day. A person of color in this country is just walking down the street, driving our cars, going shopping, being watched and scrutinized. I do not advocate for the looting or the violence, but I sure do fucking understand it. Why after time after time that we as a people are seen as if we have no value. What’s really going on is that some of these people don’t see us as equals or even human beans, trust me, I get it all the time. Now where were the cops when all of them right wing white men protesting to reopen the country back up with AR-15, AK-47’s, machine guns and long guns. I saw this with my own eyes where were all the teargas and police then?

You already know the answer to what I’m asking right? They were white! And they view them as more American than most black& brown people who build this country literally. Some of these people never went to war for this country like the punk as a liar and Chief but my father went to Vietnam and fought proudly. Yet, he could not find a job when he got back to the world as they called it, and millions of Black men like him. What’s a shame is that George Floyd’s death and the protester's bail’s out Trump sorry ass because of the incompetent job he’s been doing with the Coronavirus with over 100,000 people dead and counting. With more black, brown, and poor white people who are suffering from this deadly disease with no end in sight so far.

I don’t know the names of the other police officers that killed George Floyd, but they should all be locked up right now! If it was the other way around and that was a white man or white woman they would have locked all the black cops up and haft dead before they got to the police station. I have to say this generation they are not the Rodney King type of rioters with one city takedown. They are doing this in every city across the country. The status quo doesn't know this, but it times up for them to kill black men and women without accountability. When all this crazy shit going on in the middle of a coronavirus with over 40 million people out of work and don’t know where their next paycheck is coming from, people are really hurting bad and destitute.

Times have not been this horrific since the great depression back in the 1930s. People standing in lengthy lines for food while the local church & community leaders are feeding people now. Not our so-called government. Why can’t they give people more food stamps to help people out in this troublesome time here in America? What about expanding Medicaid for people, how about making the unemployment insurance for another 40 or 50 weeks? We can do it after Trump gave all the top 1% people the super-rich who did not need it a tax cut giving them an extra twenty million in their pocket. How about when they bailed out the auto industry and the crooked ass wall street bankers? Why can’t they help hard-working American people down on their luck right about now by no fault of their own with the Coronavirus shutting down people's jobs?

I say this in closing: America needs to wake up; we don’t need this flag-waving, feel-good slogans, we need jobs and money right now, a better healthcare system immediately for everybody. That will make America work a hell of a lot better, so would a nation's infrastructure, a bill to get everybody working again not a stimulus check for 1,200 an onetime deal bull shit to reelect Trump’s sorry ass.

And I said this in one of my other blogs if you’re going to say someone is an essential worker fucking pay them like they're one! Give them hazard pay with this coronavirus is going around killing people. Police officers along with the prison system, senators, congressmen, judges along with big-time captains of industry people in so-called top authority need to see us as people instead of inhuman or another species on this planet things will not change.

What we need is for this racist system here in America to see all people of color as an asset, not a liability, and stop being the nation's boogieman and woman. Will America wake up before it is too late soaked in deep fear and hate? Or will America go down in flames with the Russians laughing their ass off knowing they helped put in the weakest president we ever had number 45 here in the united states that none of the world’s leaders do not respect?

Gil Scott Heron said that the revolution will not be televised, that's where he was wrong. The world has seen it despite all the pain and the dystopian future they plan for us. We will shine, progress, and grow beyond belief no matter what the white folks with a God complex. We know it’s a real God ready to hit reset with all of our talent, our brilliant ingenuity, and genius. We will wipe out all of this evil, hypocrisy and injustice right off of the set and make America live up to its true words. Its the promise of hard-working people of all colors working together living correctly.

Well, it’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. The underground novelist superstar. I write truthfully thought-provoking blogs super hard. I spit hot novel books, not bars. aka Deeluciano the Don dropping bombs like Vietnam! If you like what I just dropped on your dome, you can hit me up on all the social media do-dads, you can hit me up on my Facebook author’s page Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m on twitter@ Dartanyasr. I’m also on Instagram Dartanyasr. And you can go to my banging ass website Dartanyaawilliamssr.com where you can get one of my hot ass Gangster Angel’s T-shirts. Now I’ve been working hard editing my new street masterpiece Almasi 2 Queen of the streets that will be out this month. So get ready for the ride of your life! It will be available on Amazon & Kindle. And if you didn’t get the first one Almasi aka Glock Mommy, you need to go out and get that right now my super-hot street classic once you read it you won’t want to put it down trust me! Until next time stay focused, work hard, and always be on your grind and never let a hater try to stop your shine!

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