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Writer's Block is a Myth!

To all my writing friends, Blog Divas, Homies and to all my enthusiastic mega maniacs everywhere. I want to thank all the new people who signed up for my newsletter and if I can’t help you on whatever your pursuing. I can least make you laugh or give you some inspiration to rock the world boys & girls. Well it’s a new year and it's time to do whatever you do best get yourself into high gear. Because is thick,jumping and pumping in the atmosphere and this is your year. Forget all your self doubts, setbacks, and disappointment from last year right out of your mine. Just blaze up put your pedal to the metal and get busy right on your grind.( Get down and dirty until it’s time to shine)

So if you do art, design clothes, Rap or sing all of what I’m writing about can apply to you to do your thing to become the new queen or king. I’m a writer and I love what I do. I’ve been at it for a long time now but I study other writers do tons of research and I really put my heart and soul into it and it shows when I’m done writing a blog, books, or even a newsletter, I never mail it in my friend putting my mad flavor and twisted sense of humor until the end . The main thing about whatever you do is consistency. The more you do it the better you get at it. But you have to find your niche.( Something Unique)

What I mean by your niche is to find something nobody do what you do better or really different than anybody else in the world. For example, if you sing that your music is not a carbon copy of what’s already out there. Because everybody sounds like T- Pain songs to me for the last ten years if you ask me and Roger Troutman(From Zap) is turning over in his grave. This is why the music industry is in a dismal slump and will never recover from it because everyone wants to sound the same electronic clones. It is very few good people who stand out that I’m feeling in a over flooded market place.

So you know what I’m saying and once you find what your good at stay in your lane. Don’t change, and maintain. Like myself, I write crime fiction but my characters are so real and off the hook it drives the story and that’s what I’m really good at plus telling a hard core story from the streets you can feel . Pick up any of my books and you will see what I’m talking about my new book Almasi aka Glock Mommy. But you get what I’m saying right?

Now I want to talk about writers block to me it’s a myth. And why I say that is because it’s stories all around you everyday. In the news on TV, in the newspaper your friends and family around you. Man you can over hear a really good stories at work or the bus or subway. I found out by me studying other writers something really fascinating about myself is that I work just like Charles Dickens he use to work on two or three stories at a time. I wish I can be a household name like him one day. if I’m not flowing on one story I go to the next one that happen to me the other night. When my wife interrupt me just to many times wrecking my super hot flow. While I’m working on Killadelphila Two. So, I when to my other story called Death Rides a steel horse. And my flow came back after knocking out eight pages and I when back to Killadelphila two.

If that would not have worked I would have wrote a back story on one of the characters of one of the three stories I’m working on. I’m giving you a really good hot tip on how to beat the so called writers block. And why I say writers block is a myth to because maybe I run into so many people who masquerade as writers Its was the same thing when I was deep into music as well. I make time to write if you love or really want to do something you make time for it. I heard all the excuses in the world I had to work raise my son and pay bills shop for food clean my house just like everybody else. I made sacrifices getting up early to write not going out as much when I was off work what every I had to do.

Ask any person who strive for greatness was it easy and they all will tell you the same thing no! Find things that give you inspiration a good old movie, a book, or a very good documentary of the subject your writing on this works really good too. And please for God sake make it more different than the what you just seen or read because it too many copycats in this world today put your own spin and perspective to it. I away copy write anything I tell people about because some people could not come up with a original ideal to save their life.

These are the fake writers they want all the prestige and accolades of what some writers get but don’t want to put the real work in one the best tools a writer must have is a great imagination.(That goes for singer, artist, Rapper or clothes designer) I hate to say this but some people have it and there lazy and some people just have the gift of finding good stories no matter what there doing like myself but I can make them up from anywhere I’m at . One night I was watching the news about a woman in New Haven Connecticut who is a real estate agent lost a check for 10,000 dollars. And this homeless man found it looked the woman up and gave it back to her. She rewarded him by finding him an apartment and paying his rent for seven months the man got clean from drugs and he works with her now. Their building homes for homeless teens and young adults because the woman knew how it feels to be homeless. She worked her way out of poverty raising her son by herself. To me that’s a really good book or screenplay for a movie that goes to show you that truth is stranger than fiction. Or the story of the 15 year old girl From North Philly who killed her baby and tossed in the dumpster this is a heartbreaking tragedy but stories like this could be number one best sellers from the door.

And it just like the Tupac song Brenda got a baby. It don’t have to be the same thing but something similar and making it fictional. So if any of you take these ideals I just gave to you for free just know where you got it from my newsletter. So I gave you some really good ideas to get working on. This is why I say writers block is a myth and if someone tell you that this is not true than they are not real writers. Their just people who put words together on a page and calling their self a writer in disguise. In my next newsletter I will talk about the books, films and people who give me the inspiration to write. And if your one of them people I was talking about just find something else to do other than writing. An old saying people say all the time is writing is easy just sit down at the typewriter open up one of your veins and start bleeding. Man this is Gawds only truth to me it’s my life blood and I thank the creator everyday that I be in my right mind to write what I’m feeling and I don’t take none of it for granted.

It’s your boy Dartanya A. Williams Sr. aka Deeluciano the Don if you like what I just dropped on you go to my website and check out any of my books. I have for sale Dark Secrets, Killadelphila Soldiers and my new book coming out called Almasi aka Glock Mommy its going to be fire for real trust me. Or get a Gangster Angel T- shirt and please I want to hear from some people out there to tell me what you think about my newsletter. I’m on Facebook Author Dartanya A. Williams Sr. Twitter at @DartanyaSr. And Instagram DartanyaSr. I love to hear from you 2019 come join the team. Like what I put on every newsletter books or any of my social media platforms work hard on your dreams just don’t dream! #GoGetTheBag.

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